Introduction to Height Adjustable Lifting Systems for use in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms and many other applications

Inclusive Living (Australian distributor of Granberg Height Adjustable Electric Lifting Systems) will present this workshop to provide awareness, education and practical solutions to individuals and organisations on how the use of height adjustable electric lifting system can help to create more accessible and adaptable functional living and working environments.

These products make is easier, safer and more convenient for everyone to perform everyday tasks or activities, whilst promoting participation and independence to meet the changing needs of individuals and facilities.

Who Should Attend

Professionals involved with minor or major building modifications including:
Occupational Therapists, service providers, architects, builders, designers, organisations or individuals involved with community facilities for disabilities and rehabilitation, government departments, associations or other professionals prescribing/recommending modifications for home, education, workplace and community environments.

Area of Use

Healthcare – hospitals, rehabilitation, disabilities (individual or group/supported homes), agedcare (homes or facilities), retirement living (home or multi-site facilities), education facilities (science, cooking, technology), workplace applications including return to work or new employment opportunities, hospitality and community environments.

Kim Johnstone is the director of Inclusive Living which is a division of Strategic Design Focus Pty Ltd. Inclusive Living are a distributor of Height Adjustable Electric Lifting Systems which are frames/products that move up and at the touch of a button. These products help to create adaptable and accessible home, education, workplace and community...
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This course will earn you 1 hour towards your CPD.

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