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When you’re recovering from an injury or lack a certain level of mobility, daily aids are a must so you go about your day-to-day. At Independent Living Specialists, we offer a variety of daily living aids for use in the bathroom and for getting dressed and grooming too. There are many items that are essential for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.

Bath and Shower Daily Living Aids

When it comes to daily living aids and products to for your bath or shower, there are various options from Bath Aids to Shower Chairs to ensure your safety and stability, as well as offering independence and privacy. There are many types of bath aids serve various purposes and specifications. Some of these items include the likes of grab rails (of varying sizes), shower chairs, bath boards, over toilet aids and self-propelled mobile shower commodes.

Bath boards are to be fitted into baths, which allows you to sit and shower. The contoured bath boards allow the water to drain away from the seated surface and fall into the bathtub. Alternatively, you can also use a bath seat to descend further down into the bathtub. If you lack the strength to lower or lift yourself, then you can choose a Bath Lift that does it for you. When it comes to bathing itself, you are offered the option of using bathing sponges that come with a long handle for better reach, as well as tap turners to make opening a tap easier. If you have a shower, then the safest option would be to choose a shower chair that allows you to sit under the showerhead, where the water will drain away.

When it comes to commodes, there are varieties of options, such as the three-in-one transit wheelchair that is fitted with a commode and can be used as a shower chair. You can also utilize an over toilet aid that folds away, raised toilet seats, bidet bowls (fitted onto existing commodes). As hygiene accessories, you get a variety of bottom wipers too.

Tap Turner Bath Lift Folding Shower Chair
Daily Living Aids for Getting Dressed Everyday 1 Daily Living Aids for Getting Dressed Everyday 2 ILSau Daily Living Bathroom Shower Chair Folding

Dressing and Grooming Daily Living Aids

When it comes to make yourself presentable to start the day, it can be a little difficult when you are restricted in terms of mobility or it’s difficult to get a grip on certain items necessary for grooming and dressing. That’s why Independent Living Specialists offers everything from scissors that offer an easier grip, long handled brushes, nail clippers, hair washing trays, toe washers and more for grooming daily living aids. When it comes to dressing, if you have the mobility of one arm, these items such as dressing sticks, stocking aids, and buttonhook handles are the perfect solution.

Button Hook – Handle Long Handled Brush Hair Washing Tray for Sink
Daily Living Aids for Getting Dressed Everyday 3 Daily Living Aids for Getting Dressed Everyday 4 Daily Living Aids for Getting Dressed Everyday 5

With daily living aids such as these for bathing, grooming and dressing, you will find yourself living a more independent life.

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