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Aging and ailment are said to be experiences common to everyone. There can be many situations in your life, where you fall sick and experience pain and ailment in your body. In these situations, you and the loved ones will do anything to make things better and overcome the pain with positivity. The tens machine is one way to do it.

What is a tens machine?

The tens machine is a small, portable, battery-operated machine that acts as an alternative to painkilling medication. It transmits small electrical pulses through the sticky pads that can be attached to your body. The results vary from individual to individual but overall they have gained in popularity among many users as an effective way to reduce pain and help them get on with life. A tens machine can be used to treat muscular pains like knee pains, arthritis, migraine headaches, period pains, sports injuries and insomnia among others.


Benefits of using a tens machine

The tens machine is known to reduce pain by interfering with the pain signals that are sent to the brain through nerve endings of the affected area. So you just have to stick the stick pad of the machine to the affected area and it will work to reduce your pain so that you can carry on with your work. Working at low pulse rate the tens machine is thought to stimulate the production of endorphins in the body itself with the same result of reducing pain. Another benefit of the tens machine is the lack of side-effects. Using pain-killers over time is known to result in various harmful side-effects like gastritis or damages to one’s other organs. However, by using a tens machine now you can avoid that.

How to use the tens machine

The tens machine is portable and light and easily fit inside a pocket, so you can use it while traveling or working. And you should make sure that the machine is working properly and that the skin that you are attaching it to does not have any abrasions and is dry. After use, you should clean the skin with water and soap.

Safety Precautions

Safety precautions when using the tens machine is basically not to use it close to water and not to use it while driving or using heavy machinery. Also be cautious as not to place the electrode pads on the front of your neck or close to your eyes or in the mouth.

The Protens & Ems dual unit

Independent Living Specialists now feature the Protens & Ems dual unit which comes with four free pads. It comes with a premium display and the ability to store your treatment times and schedules which can be helpful to check later. By purchasing your tens machine at Independent Living Specialists you can get it under a wonderfully long warranty period of five years and under great deals and prices so that you can save cash in hand whilst purchasing it.


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