Lightweight collapsible portable mobility scooters have been manufactured for daily use, to assist people who are unable to walk due to disability or health issues. These scooters can be used to move around the house or outside and live an independent life.


It will give a person the freedom to visit family and friends or go shopping without being hassled. The small frames of the product make it easy to manipulate and fit any narrow space. It is not heavy and practical for daily use, could be fitted in the back of a car and also suitable to be taken on vacations.

Easy access to public area

Most importantly, a mobility scooter does not need a registration to move around in public spaces and due to public places being continually improving its accessibility, mobility scooter users are finding it much easier to visit these areas just like any other person. The collapsible mobility scooters have been designed to take up less space and better operation to move in a crowd.


Foldable mobile scooters availability

Genie Plus Travel Mobility Scooter automatic folding, Quest folding mobility scooter and GoGO Lx mobility scooter with suspension are some of the foldable mobility scooters available at Independent Living Specialists. These are also on offer on hire or rent and buy options. They offer reliable service and free roadside assistance for the first 12 months. In addition, free delivery is available to the door Australia wide for online customers.


Genie Plus Travel Mobility Scooter with Automatic Folding

The Genie travel mobility scooter is an out of the ordinary mobility machine which folds and unfolds automatically when you need to store or transport it on the move. The special remote control operation helps the user to operate the scooter easily to suit your satisfaction. It can accommodate a person with a maximum weight of 136kg. This scooter is airline friendly and well within regulations due to its lithium dry cell battery. Since it is only 25kg it could be taken as a wheelchair when traveling overseas without affecting your luggage allowance. This unique mobility scooter priced at $4,475.00 is one of the best ways to transport yourself without any inconvenience.

solax genie mobility scooter remote

Quest Folding Mobility Travel Scooter

Quest folding mobility travel scooter is another unique product available at Independent Living Specialists priced at $2,390.00. It is an ultra-lightweight, collapsible mobility scooter. This model is one of most advanced lightweight mobility scooter available. It can be folded up easily in a simple movement and needs very little space once folded. This mobility scooter is also airline friendly and could be taken overseas as a wheelchair without affecting your luggage allowance.

Pride S19 folding mobilty scooter

GoGo LX Mobility Scooter with CT Suspension

The GoGO LX mobility scooter with CT suspension is priced at $1,590.00. This product could be dismantled and re-assembled and has a new level of performance features and value to travel mobility. Having a sleek style, feather tough disassembly and standard lights the GoGO LX mobility scooter is one of the most advanced travel products available.


Social and Mental benefits

When a person suddenly becomes immobile, a mobility scooter can provide you improved independence and well as enable you to carry out daily chores without assistance. It also helps overcome all your social and mental health issues. You will be able to lead a normal life, participate in your usual social activities and lead a happy life.

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