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  • Max Mobility Blue
    Max Mobility Blue

    Omega Lite Transit Wheelchair

    $379.99 $329.99
    Save up to $50
  • Breezy Wheelchair - Transit - BasiX
    Breezy Wheelchair - Transit - BasiX

    Breezy BasiX Transit Wheelchair

    $795.99 $489.99$695.99
    Save up to $306
  • Days Healthcare Swift Wheelchair
    Days Healthcare Swift Wheelchair

    Days Healthcare Swift 18″ Wheelchair

    $495.99 $465.99
    Save $30
  • Auscare Shopper 12 Wheelchair
    Auscare Shopper 12 Wheelchair

    Auscare Shopper 12 Wheelchair


At ILS we do our best to provide a wide range of manual wheelchairs. When you have limited mobility a wheelchair can give you back your freedom which is what we strive to do. You will find many different wheelchairs on the market, which is why at ILS we will do our best to choose the correct wheelchair to suit your body type, lifestyle and budget.
Ranging from light-weight to heavy-duty, all of our wheelchairs are designed with either self-propelled or transit operation for ease of use for either the carer or user. With many featuring durable and reliable aluminium frames, we can ensure that you will get years of quality use and mobility. We offer a wide range of well-known brands including Auscare, Pride, Breezy, Days Healthcare and Invacare.