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  • Walking-Stick-with-Swan-Handle
    Walking Sticks

    Walking Stick with Swan Handle

    $39.99 $30.99
    Save up to $9
  • Walking Stick - Coopers
    Walking Stick - Coopers
    Walking Sticks

    Walking Stick Straight Handle – Coopers

  • Walking Stick - T Handle
    Walking Stick - T Handle
    Walking Sticks

    Walking Stick T Handled

  • Walking Stick – Anatomical
    Walking Stick – Anatomical
    Walking Sticks

    Walking Stick – Anatomical


Walking Sticks

A walking stick is the perfect mobility device for someone who requires minimum support to get around. Today’s walking sticks come in a wide variety of materials and styles to meet different stability needs. At Independent Living Specialists you will find an assortment of walking sticks from heavy duty wooden walking canes for heavier individuals to lightweight foldable walking sticks for additional convenience and walking sticks with broader bases for enhanced stability. Looking for a walking stick that lets you rest midway? The lightweight tripod stick with a seat was designed for you. Ausmedic, Invacare and Care Quip are our preferred manufacturers for their high quality products.