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  • Crash-Mat-Safety-Mat
    Pressure Care

    Crash Mat Safety Mat

  • Air Comfort Chair
    Air Comfort Chair
    Pressure Care

    Comfort Chair

  • FUSION-Response-mattress-systems
    Pressure Care

    FUSION Response Mattress System

  • 145. Star High Profile
    145. Star High Profile
    Pressure Care

    Star High Profile Single Valve Cushion

  • 194. Overlay
    194. Overlay
    Pressure Care

    Action Overlay

  • 24. pilot action cushion
    24. pilot action cushion
    Pressure Care

    Action Pilot Cushion

  • 31. xact cushion
    31. xact cushion
    Pressure Care

    Action Xact Cushion

  • Air-Chair-Deluxe-Maxi-Electric
    Pressure Care

    Air Chair Deluxe Maxi Electric

  • 36. Convoluted
    36. Convoluted
    Pressure Care

    Convoluted Ring Incontinence Proof Cover

    $79.00 $66.99
    Save $12.01
  • chairback cozie recline
    chairback cozie recline
    Pressure Care

    Cozie Recline

  • Varilite-Evolution-Cushion
    Pressure Care

    Cushion Varilite Evolution

    $795.99 $695.99
    Save up to $100
  • Mattress - Forte Sovereign Single Size
    Mattress - Forte Sovereign Single Size
    Hi Lo Hospital Beds

    Forte Sovereign King Single Size Mattress

  • heellift
    Save $6
  • heellift_02
    Pressure Care

    Heel Elevator – Single Wedge Premium Covering

    $175.99 $145.99
    Save $30
  • Invacare-Matrx-Libra-Cushion
    Pressure Care

    Invacare Matrx Libra

  • Jay Easy
    Jay Easy
    Pressure Care

    Jay Easy Cushion Flat Base

    $625.99 $595.99
    Save up to $30
  • Jay Ion
    Jay Ion
    Pressure Care

    Jay Easy Ion Cushion

  • Jay-Fusion-Wheelchair-Cushion-Seat
    Pressure Care

    Jay Fusion Cushion

  • Jay Union
    Jay Union
    Pressure Care

    Jay Union Cushion

  • 41. Matrx Flotech
    41. Matrx Flotech
    Pressure Care

    Matrx Flotech Solution Cushion

  • 57. Flovair Max
    57. Flovair Max
    Pressure Care

    Matrx Flovair Max Contour Cushion

  • 67. Matrx Vi
    67. Matrx Vi
    Pressure Care

    Matrx Vi Cushion

  • 83. Mediano
    83. Mediano
    Pressure Care

    Mediano Cushion

  • Sheepskin Promo
    Sheepskin Promo
    Pressure Care

    Natural Sheepskin Overlay

    $175.99 $150.99
    Save $25
  • 101. Posture-Wedge-Ergonomic
    101. Posture-Wedge-Ergonomic
    Pressure Care

    Posture Wedge Ergonomic

  • 104.
    Pressure Care

    Posture Wedge Standard

  • pucco
    Pressure Care

    Pucco with Air Exchange Cover

  • Heelift-AFO
    Pressure Care

    Suspension AFO Smooth Boot

  • Heel-Lift---Suspension-Bariatric-Smooth-Boot
    Pressure Care

    Suspension Bariatric Smooth Boot

  • Heel-Lift---Suspension-Petite-Smooth-Boot
    Pressure Care

    Suspension Petite Smooth Boot

  • Coccyx Cushion
    Coccyx Cushion
    Pressure Care

    Coccyx Wedge Cushion

  • Posture Wedge - Ergonomic
    Posture Wedge - Ergonomic
    Pressure Care

    Posture Wedge – Ergonomic

  • Talley BASE Cushion
    Talley BASE Cushion
    Pressure Care

    Talley BASE Sequential Cushion


Pressure Care

Reducing the risk of pressure related sores and wounds is a vital aspect of health care, especially after a patient has spent a time in hospital. This is essential across all activities of daily living – in the bed, bath, wheelchair and toilet. Pressure Care devices are especially designed to prevent pressure sores and wounds in the elderly and infirmed who may find it difficult or impossible to change positions independently. At ILS we understand the importance of customised pressure care and offer a wide assortment of specialised mattresses, pressure cushions and recliner air chairs to meet different needs and personal preferences. All of our pressure care devices are sturdy, durable, ergonomically designed and built with user comfort and safety in mind. They have been sourced from reliable manufacturers including Talley, Care Quip, Shear Comfort, Roho, and more.