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Mobility Scooters, Lift Chairs and Portable Oxygen Concentrators

  • bc2

    Height Adjustable BC2 – Highback

    $625.99 $582.99
    Save up to $43
  • Bariatric Day Chair
    Bariatric Day Chair

    Day Chair Bariatric

  • Highback-chair_forest-green_front

    Chair Highback Royale

    $399.99 $385.99
    Save up to $14
  • Utility Chair Wide
    Utility Chair Wide

    Utility Chair Wide

  • Franklin Chair
    Franklin Chair

    Franklin Chair


Chairs and Seating

For the elderly and disabled, it can become increasingly difficult or even impossible to use conventional seating. Depending on the challenges you are faced with, you may need a chair that is specially designed to provide enhanced comfort or additional lumbar support or one that is designed to facilitate eating, reclining or moving in and out of the dining table with ease. At Independent Living Specialists, you are sure to find a specialist chair that meets your needs perfectly. All of our chairs are sturdy, comfortable and durable and manufactured by some of the most reputed brands including Care Quip, Atama and Legend Care.