Top heavy duty wheelchairs for daily use

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A wheelchair is very common walking aid throughout the world helping millions to get where they want and not let age or other causes of mobility disabilities get in the way of you living your life. As such wheelchairs come in many varieties and with different capabilities to help you. The lightweight wheelchairs are mainly transit wheelchairs that are suitable for a person who travels a lot and has someone for personal care. The heavy duty wheelchairs are the ones that can be manually operated with front wheels or powered wheelchair which operate on a motor on battery power. Both are quite heavy because of the extra equipment they carry; however they also carry with them opportunity to be more independent and free.

Strengths of Heavy Duty

Heavy duty wheelchairs are usually much more durable and stronger. This means they can a heavier weight capacity and also handle rough terrain more than the weaker models of wheelchairs. Manual wheelchairs basically have bigger rear wheels that help them to be easily maneuvered. They also include footrests and headrests for your convenience and comfort. The powered wheelchairs run on battery and are controlled by a joystick needing the least hustle on your part.

How to pick your Manual Wheelchair

The manual wheelchairs include the Breezy EC2000 HD Wheelchair which is very dependable with a strong iron frame. It can quite easily be maneuvered by someone who is having weakening leg muscles but good arm muscles. There are also brands such as Day Healthcare Link Wheelchair and Pride C550 Recliner Wheelchair. With the new technology, there are even manual wheelchairs that are designed sports. These are very efficient with the ability to take fast turns. So those with walking disabilities can freely engage in their choice of sport or hobbies without speed getting in the way. You can even become a pro basketball player with sports wheelchair. When picking your manual wheelchair it is good to pay attention to details like the dimensions you need and whether you need footrests and headrests.


Powered Wheels!

The powered wheelchairs are the easiest and mainly convenient for people facing overall weak muscle; both in their arms and legs. They can be easily maneuvered with the help of the joystick to go whichever direction you need. The maximum weight capacities, battery range, turning radii are among the factors that you have to pay attention to when getting yourself a powered wheelchair.

The Pride Jazzy Select 6 Power Chair features an in-line motor technology for increased efficiency, torque and range coupled with a PG GC 2 Controller. Built with ease of service in mind and easy side access batteries, the Pride Jazzy has been built for ease of use and comfort.

The Pride Jazzy Select 6 Power Chair features an in-line motor technology for increased efficiency, torque and range coupled with a PG GC 2 Controller. Built with ease of service in mind and easy side access batteries, the Pride Jazzy has been built for ease of use and comfort.


One may think that traveling with a heavy duty wheelchair is going to be a headache. But there are models of manual wheelchairs that can be folded or disassembled for the journey. Even power wheelchairs can be disassembled and reassembled with proper guidelines so you need not change your travel plans based on your choice of a wheelchair.

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Mobility with wheelchairs


Wheelchairs are there basically to help those who are unable to move around, may it be due aging, illness, injury or disability. There are many models and types of wheelchairs to choose from in the market today, allowing customers to pick the perfect one to suit their needs.

So why is it smart to own a wheelchair?

It is smart to own a wheelchair if you have trouble with movement mostly because it allows you to move and be independent. It can give you a sense personal freedom and happiness by allowing you to attend to your daily tasks. It also makes easy for others around you to help you to move, as it is more convenient to push a person’s weight than carry it. Also for those who are aging and feeling feeble being in a wheelchair could prevent accidents by falling or fainting.

Mobility at your hand

Mobility by wheelchair comes in different modes. They could be manually propelled by the person sitting, or pushed from the back by another person or even electrically propelled in the case of electric wheelchairs. It could help you to travel both indoors and outdoors. Most buildings and public areas have ramps and other features to facilitate wheelchair users. Most wheelchairs are foldable so that it is easy to transport it with you when you travel. There are electric wheelchairs that can also be assembled and disassembled so that they can be taken along when traveling by a vehicle. One could even travel around the country and abroad with the help of a wheelchair.


Wheelchairs are equipped for safety with arm and leg rest. Persons prone to fainting could be safer on a wheelchair than on their feet or on a normal chair. The wheelchair cushions are designed to allow stability, comfort, posture aid and shock absorption.

Powered Wheelchairs

Powered wheelchairs are certainly easier as they require no manual power and can be easily controlled with a joystick. This is helpful to persons lacking upper body strength to turn the wheels manually. The maximum weight capacity, dimensions, speed, wheels, turning radii and battery range are important factors to consider when buying a powered wheelchair.

Modern trends

There are many new trends in the wheelchair industry as it evolves to further accommodate those suffering from mobility difficulties. There are sports wheelchairs that allow users to engage in games for the differently abled and smart wheelchairs that replace user control with artificial intelligence. There are also wheelchairs with different wheels to suit different terrains like beach sand and snow.

So the wheelchair certainly is a smart life choice to overcome physical and mobility difficulties. And it will give you an upper hand in controlling your life and living it the way you want to.

Travelling with a Wheelchair

Travelling with a Wheelchair Manual or Power Wheelchair

For those who suffer from mobility issues due to an illness, disability or old age, they may not consider travelling a possibility. However, with the help of mobility solutions such as with manual wheelchairs or power chairs, travelling has become more accessible!

If you’re looking to explore various attractions in your own country or overseas, travelling with a wheelchair can be just what you need! Here are some things to keep in mind along with some tips for when travelling to certain parts of the world!

Types of Wheelchairs for Travel

When it comes to travelling with a wheelchair, you should be wary of the types of wheelchairs to choose from when you want mobility solutions while travelling. These include the likes of manual wheelchairs (that can either be self-propelled or transit/transport), and power wheelchairs.


Preparations for Travelling with a Wheelchair

One of the key factors to take care of before you travel is to check whether your wheelchair is in proper working order. You can avoid a lot of stress and hassle in the event it breaks down while travelling. It’s always best to remove any detachable parts of the wheelchair, and label the wheelchair with your name and address too while travelling too. If you are using a power wheelchair, then packing a small repair kit for the likes of pneumatic tires would be a good idea too!

Travelling with a Wheelchair on an Airplane

With manual wheelchairs, you have the option of purchasing foldable options that are lightweight which allow you to easily carry on-board with you on airlines as hand luggage. These are usual lightweight transit wheelchairs.


Power wheelchairs, can also be classified by the types of battery they use (wet acid/dry cell). Wet acid battery operated power chairs may be dangerous to transport on airlines and will require various preparations before it can be boarded. Most new models of power wheelchairs come with dry cell batteries that are safe to be carried onto an airline and won’t require too much hassle.

Cruise Travels with a Wheelchair

When it comes to going on a cruise, you should be wary of the types of boarding offered by the cruise line. If it is by tender, then you are looking at a small ferry carrying the passengers to the cruise ship and having them board. At this point, assistance will be provided however, it’s always best to inquire whether what limitations are associated with this type of boarding and what is indeed offered. In terms of docking, it’s much easier where passengers travelling with a wheelchair can simply wheel themselves or be wheeled someone down the gangway. In the event you are travelling with a power wheelchair, you will may be transferred to a manual wheelchair and the power wheelchair will be transported separately.

hether you are planning to travel with a wheelchair by air or by sea, you need to ensure the safety of yourself, others, and your equipment. By heeding the above tips and insights, you can make sure that you can enjoy new sights and independence!

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The Independent Living Specialists Wheelchair Buying Guide


For a person who is experiencing limited mobility, a wheelchair can be a valuable investment to get your freedom to go about your day. There are many types of wheelchairs available to you in the market, however at Independent Living Specialists we believe in offering our customers only the very best with options and models based on their lifestyle, budget and preferences. With a great range of manual wheelchairs available for purchase and hire, at ILS you are assured of variety and being able to find a mobility solution that will be what you are looking for. With the different types of wheelchairs options available to you, we are here to help advise you in making a buying decision based on the options and functionalities available to you.

When looking to buy or even hire a wheelchair; the type and use, the budget and even the weight capacity are factors you need to put into consideration. When browsing the ILS website, you will come across the “Shop Wheelchairs” section that allows you to browse the various options and models for sale (some are also available for hire). One of the first things you should look at doing is knowing how much you are willing to spend on the wheelchair purchase. By setting a budget, you are setting a price limit. It’s also a good idea to also think about the features you want to have in your wheelchair that are absolutely necessary to have.

By setting these specifications, you are able to define the scope of the features you are after and narrow down your options when shopping for wheelchairs. These priority or core necessary features should be documented so you are able to refer back to them.

Essentially, one of the things you should understand is that there are two types of wheelchairs available in the mobility solutions market; transit wheelchairs and self-propelled wheelchairs. The decision you make is also reliant on how you plan on using the wheelchair and you should ask yourself a few questions that will make it easier to decide on whether you need a transit or self-propelled wheelchair. These include the likes of the following;

  1. a) Will you be using the wheelchair independently (on your own) or will you require assistance?
  2. b) Will you be using the wheelchair to go out alone often?
  3. c) Do you possess the upper body/arm strength to self-propel the wheelchair to get places?
  4. d) How often do you plan on using the wheelchair?
  5. e) Will you need both features of both self-propel/transit wheelchairs?

The objective of answering the following questions is to determine whether you will be needing a Transit or Self-Propelled Wheelchair.

Transit Wheelchair

Independent Living Specialists Transit Wheelchairs

A transit wheelchair, also known as a transport wheelchair, is one that requires another person to push and guide the wheelchair to its route/destination. The rear wheels are often either the same size or slightly larger than the front wheels. A person sitting in the wheelchair cannot use it without the assistance of another.

Self-Propelled Wheelchair

Independent Living Specialists Self Propelled Wheelchairs

A self-propelled wheelchair comes with big rear wheels so that the person sitting in the wheelchair is able to reach and makeover. They must possess enough upper body/arm strength to be able to propel the wheelchair to its travel course.

Based on the above, you will be able to understand which of these will suit you best. After which you can look into other features such as will they require a headrest or a foot rest. Often a headrest or foot rest are good choices when sitting in a wheelchair for long periods of time.  In addition, the dimensions of the wheelchair will also be a factor to make sure you are comfortable. Knowing the dimensions will also help in understanding how much space is required for storage.

There are many more factors when considering buying a wheelchair (or even hiring one),speak to our friendly customer service team by dialling 1300 008 267,