Top 6 Walking Aids At Independent Living Specialists


Independent Living Specialists are experts in the field of providing a wide range of walking aids to the handicapped and aged population. They have 42 types of walkers to suit your budget and give back your independence.

The Seat walker-rollator four wheeled walker, seat walker with basket, travel lite portable outdoor seat walker with seat, bag, and crutch holder, carbon fibre nitro elite super light weight seat walker, trust care outdoor seat walker with backrest and bag and space saver walker are the most popular fast selling products.

Seat Walker –Rollator Four Wheeled Walker

Priced at $99 it is a heavy duty squad seat walker that comes with a 130kg maximum safe working limit certified as per Australian standards. The features are new “light touch” lock brake system, new 15cm flat ridged wheel to minimize wheel wobble and increase grip, and easy fold rounded backrest for comfort. It’s usable indoors and outdoors.The nylon bag conceals visibility of valuable items and it’s foldable without the storage bag being removed.

hero medical walker

Seat Walker with Basket-Auscare

The seat walker with basket is priced at a special price of $165 and available in red, blue, purple, black or champagne colours. It has handbrakes and adjustable as per height. It’s aluminum with lockable loop lever handbrakes and soft rubber hand grips. It also features a curved padded backrest and a cushioned seat for comfort. The cushioned seat could be lifted to allow access to the shopping basket. It is also fitted with six-inch wheels for small turning circles making it easy to be used indoors and outdoors.

Seat Walker with Basket

Travel Lite Portable Outdoor Seat Walker with Seat, Bag and Crutch Holder

This is a new modern seat walker designed by Hero. It is manufactured to give maximum mobility to the user with many important features. It has a handle height which could be adjusted quickly and an easy foldable system. The seating is comfortable with the excellent ability of movement. It could be folded into a compact unit for easy transportation and maintenance is very low. It is available in silver and blue and priced at a discount rate of $249.

Travel Lite Portable Outdoor seat walker_silver_front

Carbon Fibre Nitro /elite Super Light Weight Seat Walker

This product has luxurious super lightweight carbon fibre frame with sleek nitro elite CF rollators designed for fast and smooth mobility. The big 10” front wheels with a sturdy braking system are designed for ideal steering and control. The handle height could be adjusted easily with a push of a button and the seat is comfortable and quite durable.It could be folded easily to an ultra-compact size and for convenient storage on the go, it has a deluxe zippered bag. It is sold at a special price of $599.99.


Trust care Outdoor Seat Walker with Backrest and Bag

The trust care outdoor seat walker is better known as the “let’s go out walker”. This walker has a light and elegant design featuring an X frame cross folding system which enables it to stand alone when folded. The large front and rear wheels along with a spring system help to ensure an easy journey. The height adjustable rubber handles are soft and comfortable with a manageable brake that can be locked. It has an artificial soft leather seat and removable bag. This walker adds to a patient’s quality of life as they are able to walk outdoors under comfortable and safe conditions. It is available in black and silver and priced at a special rate of $494.99.

Trust Care Outdoor Seat Walker

Space Saving Walker

The space saver walker is a portable walker which can go anywhere. It is fitted with wheels only on the front and could be quickly and easily folded up for storage in small spaces. The four-inch wheels and rear glides help to walk without difficulty. It is available at a special price of $114.95.

Foldable Walker in use

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Most of us at a certain point of our life is very likely to be hospitalized due to an injury, surgery or age related illnesses which may sometimes keep you immobile. We all wish to recover fast and regain independence and adjust life in our homes after being discharged from the hospital. There are many mobility solutions such as walking aids, walkers, mobility scooters and lift chairs to cope with managing your conditions and regaining your independence to get back to your normal life.

Walkers/Walking Aids

There are various types of walkers in the market but a space saver Walker is the most ideal and convenient equipment. It can be folded quickly and easily for storage in a small area. The four-inch wheels and rear glides assist you to move without difficulty.

This Seat Walker is a heavy duty quad seat walker that can be used indoors and outdoors. It’s equipped with the latest light touch lock brake system, 15 cm flat ridged wheels to increase grip and minimize wheel wobble and easy fold rounded backrest for comfort. It could be folded without removing the storage bag and the nylon bag prevents valuable items such as wallet, handbags from being seen.

Quickly and easily folds up for storage in small spaces. Four inch wheels and rear glides help move you effortlessly.

Quickly and easily folds up for storage in small spaces. Four inch wheels and rear glides help move you effortlessly.

Lift Chairs

A lift chair is a comfortable equipment which provides maximum comfort and satisfaction to the elderly and handicapped. The powered lifting mechanism pushes the chairs up from the base to a standing position helps a person to stand up easily from a sitting position without any difficulty. There are various types of lift chairs available in the market to suit your budget.

Royale’s Signature Mayfair recliner lift chair  made from High Quality Custom Soft Angora Fabrics features class in any setting and home décor.

Royale’s Signature Mayfair recliner lift chair made from High Quality Custom Soft Angora Fabrics features class in any setting and home décor.

Mobility Scooters

Those who find it difficult to move around in your home, or restrict your movements due to being unable to walk easily, could make things easier in their lives by using a mobility scooter.  A mobility scooter is one of the best solutions for the elderly and disabled patients. These are manufactured to suit any type of ground or landscape. Once you master maneuvering the scooter you’ll be able to accomplish all your requirements and work to your entire satisfaction. There are various types of mobility scooters to suit your budget. Most scooters are equipped with long lasting batteries which save your time and energy from charging it often.

The Envoy series, brings an outstanding addition to the Drive range of mobility scooters, with a brilliant performance similar to much bigger models.

The Envoy series, brings an outstanding addition to the Drive range of mobility scooters, with a brilliant performance similar to much bigger models.

However, it becomes necessary to seriously think of mobile solutions when taking the following into account.

  • Your activities are limited indoors and outdoors due to lack of mobility.
  • Avoiding social events due to walking difficulties.
  • Boredom or depression due to lack of mobility.
  • Difficulty in standing or walking due to a medical condition.
  • Feeling unsteady with a cane or walker.
  • Friends or family remark about your inability of getting around or they fear you may fall.
  • On recommendations of a physician.

The elderly or disabled often change their life style by adjusting to mobility solutions. Many people globally have regained their independence and freedom by these solutions and are now able to visit their near ones, go on leisure trips, do their shopping, visit the doctors and live in a more comfortable manner.


Top New Home Care Equipment From Independent Living Specialists


The Independent Living Specialists are a popular supplier of home care equipment. They are well known for their amazing customer service and after sales support. As a service provided in the aged and home care equipment industry, they always want to provide their customers the very best of products. This is why you always come across NEW PRODUCTS. Though they are new they are also high-quality equipment. All of those products are factory-made by the best manufacturers. If you are interested in purchasing the best home care equipment you can always visit the Independent Living Specialists’ website. Right now the following products are in the top five positions.

Topform Luxor Optima Lift chair

A lift chair provides elders great comfort. It helps them to get from a sitting position to a standing position, with no difficulties. The Topform Luxor Optima Lift chair is one such great lift chair. This chair offers real comfort to the user with several foam cushions. You can select the chair in three sizes according to your need. Right now there is even an offer that provides free sheepskin along with the purchase.

Ashley Luxor optima Lift Chair

Standard Comfort Bed Daily Chair

The Standard Comfort Bed Daily Chair has a memory foam cushion finish. This means the user will be comfortable from head to toe. You can also adjust this chair to different positions according to your needs. You can transport this chair wherever you want to. It is quite easy to control and easier to clean when on the go.

Predator 4-Wheel Drive Mobility Scooter

Predator 4-Wheel Drive Mobility Scooter is one of the most popular products for SALE AT ILS. The four wheels are supported by motors that allow you to travel on any terrain. This is one of the best mobility scooters in the industry. This means it is one of the best walking aids you can ever have. You can even control this mobility scooter using a mobile application.

Predator Mobility Scooter

Envoy 4 Plus Mobility Scooter – 2017 New Model

The Envoy 4 Plus Mobility Scooter is an efficient mobility solution for the elderly and disabled. This can also travel on any terrain. Since its batteries last for a long time you do not have to worry about charging them often. This comfortable mobility scooter can accomplish your needs to the fullest.


Protens & EMS Machine Dual Unit I-Tens Quattro Wireless Technology

For anyone who needs electrotherapy Portens TENS machine is a great help. You can get immediate pain relief from the electrotherapy this device offers. Since you can discreetly wear this on your body, you can carry on your work without worrying about pain.

ILS Wireless TENS Machine

All of these products are available at the Independent Living Specialists’ website. You can easily use ZIP MONEY to purchase any product over $2500. ZIP MONEY is an interest-free loan with a six-month payment plan and will help you purchase the right healthcare device you need.




Top 6 Reasons Why the Leia Walker Is a Good Option for You


If you are facing some difficulty in walking there is no need to worry. It was only in the past that we did not have proper devices or aids to help us walk. Today, there are so many options out there to help us out. From among them, the Leia walker or the Leia rollator holds a special place. It comes with a number of user-friendly options. As a result, anyone who uses it can be quite comfortable about the help they get.

There are many reasons the Leia rollator is the best solution out there. These six reasons highlight how unique Leia rollator is.

Provides the Perfect Walking Support

If we are using a walking support it should allow us to move without a problem. The Leia rollater creates a big enough walking space in front of you. This gives you the chance to walk with comfort. You get a chance to follow a walking pattern that is good for your shoulders as well as your back.

Easy to Handle

Some rollators are quite hard to handle because they are too heavy. Unlike them, Leia walker is designed to be a lightweight rollator. That means it is quite easy for you to use it and move it around as you walk. You do not need to have any superhuman strength to move it.



Easy to Transport and Store

The Leia rollator comes with a cross-folding design. This makes it easy for anyone to fold it. After you fold it you can easily transport it wherever you want to. You can easily store the rollator after folding too. When you place it in storage, the rollator can stand without falling down. It will even take the smallest space when stored.

Provides Comfortable Resting Space

The Leia rollator also focuses on providing you a comfortable resting space while walking. The seat that is equipped with this walker is a padded and cushioned seat. When you sit on it, you will be comfortable as you can be on a rollator. You can also buy a padded backrest as an accessory if you want to.


No Cable Dangers

Most rollators have their cables out in the open. Since they are not properly covered they can attract danger. When you are moving around these cables can catch on objects around. However, the Leia rollator has a solution for these troublesome cables. The cables in this rollator are hidden. Therefore, you do not have to face any cable dangers.

The Great Design with Choices

A good design is always done by the professionals. Therefore, the Leia rollator was also designed by industrial designers. Because of that, you are able to enjoy all of these advantages. Also, this perfect design offers you the chance to select a rollator from three different heights. There are also three different colors available. You can choose what suits you the most.

The Leia rollator is one of the best seat walkers in the market and provides the best of comfort. You can always purchase the Leia rollator from any of the Independent Living Specialists stores in Sydney or browse the website for online deals.

The Best Seat Walkers at Independent Living Specialists

As we grow old our bodies become weaker. As a result, most of the aging citizens suffer from difficulty to walk. Even though they are able to walk, they require an aid or support at most times. That is where walkers come into use. These walkers cover a person from the front and the sides. The person has to hold the walker, put their weight onto it and walk. With every step you lift the walker, set it down a short distance away and take another step. However, though these kinds of walkers are the traditional ones they may be cumbersome to most users. That is why we now have rollators or seat walkers.

With the seat walker, you have four wheels attached to the contraption. That means you do not have to lift the frame but rather push it forward as you walk. At the same time, as the name implies there is a seat too. This seat allows the person using the walker sit down and rest if he or she is tired while walking. At ILS there are several interesting options for good quality seat walkers.

Seat Walker with Basket – Auscare

This rollator is height adjustable. It also comes with well-functioning brakes. You have a comfortable seat with a comfortable backrest too. If you want to you can install a shopping basket to this. The small wheels allow you to use it with comfort both indoors and outdoors. There are also several color options available for you.

Seat Walker with Basket

Seat Walker – Rollator – Four Wheeled Walker

Made of heavy duty construction this seat walker is special because of the new lock brakes structure. It fits the Australian standards. The wheels are installed to prevent any wobbling. There is also a storage bag under the comfortable seat. This storage bag made of nylon allows you to keep your valuables there without visibility due to its cover.

Seat Walker - 6 inch Deluxe Adjustable Height 130kg - Freedom Healthcare Features

Seat Walker – Push Down Brakes and Curved Backrest

This particular seat walker comes with push down brakes. You also get rubber hand grips that are soft. This allows it to be cleaned quite easily. That is not a feature you can find with most walkers which are affordable.

Seat Walker Push Down Brakes

Trust Care Outdoor Seat Walker (With Backrest & Bag)

This was a creation specially made for the outdoor. With rather larger wheels it promises to keep you safe while using it. When not using you can easily fold it and it will stand on its own. You also have easy to use brake system. The seat on the walker is quite comfortable.

Trust Care Outdoor Seat Walker

Carbon Fibre Nitro Elite Super Light Weight Seat Walker

Here you have super lightweight seat walker which is perfectly designed for easy use. You have two large front wheels coupled with two small back wheels. The large front wheels and the perfect brake system make sure you are safe while using it. It also allows you to move swiftly and without effort. You also have a nice bag to put your belongings in while using the walker.


Deluxe Seat Walker with Adjustable Height

If you are looking for a height adjustable seat and handlebars this could be the one. You also have light touch brakes to ensure your safety. There is also a storage bag. You can fold the seat walker without removing the bag.

Seat Walker - 6 inch Deluxe Adjustable Height 130kg - Freedom Healthcare Adjustable Height

These are just few of the best seat walkers provided to you by Independent Living Specialists. All are manufactured by respectable brands. You can easily order any one of these by visiting the ILS website. You have the complete freedom to choose what you want