The Top Five New Scooters at ILS

Mobility scooter

Mobility scooters are apparatuses that greatly help anyone who in encumbered by mobility difficulties to get around on your own. They are battery operated and designed to carry you around at the start of the engine, with no effort on your part. There are many varieties of mobility scooters to tailor different needs of customers. Mobility scooters have become increasingly more popular in the past few years, aiding many to regain their independence and opening possibilities that were unreachable to them in the past. Before you buy a mobility scooter you must consider whether you need an outdoor or indoor scooter, the size of the scooter and the maximum weight capacity it is able to bear.

New Scooters

There are many brands and models of mobility scooters out in the market today. Independent Living Specialists offer most of these brands including Pride, Invacare, Shoprider and Drive Medical with prices ranging from $1099 and $9175. In this article, we will go over the newest additions to the mobility scooter market which includes the Revo mobility scooter, the Pegasus mobility scooter, the Envoy 8 Plus mobility scooter, the Pride Sportsrider and the Scout Portable mobility scooter.

Revo mobility scooter

The Revo mobility scooter is a handsomely structured, homely scooter and very affordable in terms of price. It is easily disassembled into five lightweight packages with a removable battery pack as well. In addition, it is lightweight, weighing up to only 136kgs. So it is very conveniently transported from place to place. It also offers a microprocessor based motor controller that guarantees a smooth ride. The height adjustability, swivel chair, flip-up armrest and adequate amount of leg space allow the user maximum convenience.  In addition to all of this it also offers headlights and taillights for security purposes so deficiently Revo is a smart pick.


The Pegasus mobility scooter

The Invacare Pegasus is a sturdy and reliable machine that is designed to give the user maximum independence and security. It is styled to be sleek and comfortable with security features that will allow you to travel anywhere during any time of the day.


The Envoy 8 Plus mobility scooter

With pneumatic tires, a dashboard, hydraulic tiller adjustment, delta bars and 40ah gel batteries, the EnvoyPlus8 offers a superb ride of 48kms. Exceptional suspension and LED headlights provide safety to cruise anywhere at any time.


The Pride Sportsridermobility scooter

The Pride Sportsrider is a unique motorcycle inspired, three wheeled mobility scooter. It is fully an outdoor and sporty mobility scooter included with digital displays of speedometer and odometer, full suspension, powerful lighting system and an adjustable high back seat. It offers a maximum speed of 8mhp for you to cruise in style and speed. If you purchase soon you can get it at a price cheaper by more than 1000 dollars, so hurry up.


The Scout Portable mobility scooter

The Scout portable mobility scooter is sleek and light weight. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, however not for rough terrain. It is disassembled to five parts with the removable battery system and is easily portable. With and adjustable and swiveling chair it allows comfort and convenience to its user and allows a maximum range of 21kms in distance. It too is available at a wonderful sale price so order quickly before the stock runs out.


Why you should own a scooter

The freedom of owning a scooter can be life changing.You can use it within the indoors or outdoors according to your necessities. You will be mobile but safe from falling or being too exhausted. Especially an outdoor scooter will help make your life eventful whether it is shopping or cruising for fresh air or traveling to places.

Purchasing your mobility scooter at ILS

Independent Living Specialists allows its customers the best customer service and forever ready to guide your decision with friendly and trustable advice. Their very informative blog will allow you to answer all your questions with regard to mobility scooters. There are nine Independent Living Specialist showrooms Australia wide and they offer free delivery for online purchases country wide. You can even request roadside assistance according to the brands. Make sure to order fast in time to spend your time leisure and happiness during the coming Christmas season.

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Choosing the Right Mobility Scooter for You

A mobility scooter is a second chance in life to people with mobility problems all over the world to move at their own pace. Though mobility scooters can enhance life, it is important to first decide the type of mobility scooter that best suits your necessity. Here are some pointers that you may want to consider when choosing a mobility scooter.

1. Suitability for the terrain
There are scooters that are equipped to suit the indoors and those that are equipped to suit the outdoors. Three wheeler scooters that have a high turning radius and can cut tight corners are good for the indoor use, while four wheelers that offer more stability and are less susceptible to damage are suitable for the outdoors. Higher ground clearance models are available for travelling over the rough and mountainous terrain. There are even covered mobility scooters to travel in any weather. Portable travel scooters can be easily disassembled and reassembled in case there is a need to transport it somewhere.

2. Ratio of your weight and maximum weight capacity of the machine
It is very import to check the maximum weight capacity of the scooter. It is the maximum weight that the scooter can take. Make sure that it can accommodate your weight plus some more. Small mobility scooters accommodate from 100 to 149 Kilogrammes, Medium ones from 150 to 199 kilogrammes, and large mobility scooters over 200 Kilogrammes. It is advisable to choose a higher weight capacity than your weight as it allows travelling on the inclined ground. It will mostly increase when using the scooter for the outdoors since in order to access many buildings one has to travel up ramps or inclined entrances that are there for the benefit of wheelchair users.

3. Range
The range is the maximum distance that could be travelled with the given battery capacity. A high range will allow you to travel more at a time without having to recharge the battery. It will also enable you to travel longer distances.

4. Brand Types and Gadgets
Mobility scooters come in many brands in multiple shapes and colours. You can pick out scooters that match your favourite colours and in shapes that feel most accommodating to you. There are also multiple gadgets and facilities offered by each brand to improve your comfort and further help you with your tasks. These include attached baskets, double seats and folding and suspension abilities.

5. Mobility scooter accessories
In case you had to replace an accessory in your scooter, you should be aware that mobility scooter accessories can be purchased separately. These include mirrors, clutch and bag holders, canopies, and water resistant covers.

These are the basic details you have to consider when choosing a mobility scooter. While it is needless to say that the price of the mobility scooter should match with your budget, make sure you pay enough attention to the warranty period given to the mobility scooter package. If all these aspects are properly scrutinised you will surely have the most satisfactory mobility scooter experience.