The Best Aged Care Seminars in Sydney with Independent Living Specialists


Independent Living Specialists firmly believes in refining the quality of life and educating those who are caregivers at home, in a hospital or even an aged care environments. For over a decade ILS has provided a variety of educational seminars in pressure care, wound therapy, occupational health and safety, rehabilitation. With qualified health professionals running this educational venture, ILS has striven to provide the best care service for the aged and the disabled.

Talking about Real Issues

All of these educational programs organized by Independent Living Specialists focus on talking about real healthcare issues. This July we are focusing on the topic “falls prevention” under aged care. We understand the difficulties faced by caregivers and have put together a very educational seminar that covers many aspects under this topic. At the end of each session, our guest speaker will help you understand how to apply this knowledge practically.


Ideas of Professionals with Experience

Our seminars are conducted by healthcare professionals who will be more than happy to guide you through any questions on the topics discussed. The Falls Prevention Seminar will be conducted by Ms. Anja Hauenschild, an occupational therapist, who believes that providing expert information and advice for people to make informed decisions about their needs is vital in maximizing independence and safety with everyday activities.


Easy Participation

You can easily participate in any of these events. All you need to do is, keep a lookout under the ILS website or facebook page to be informed of any upcoming events. All events can be booked online via the ILS conference portal.

If you plan on working as a caregiver, you may find our seminars important and educational. Whether you join us as a student, a graduate, a health professional, a community care and allied care worker, we believe you can all benefit while connecting with other fellow health professionals alike.

Falls Prevention: A seminar

An introduction to falls prevention plans to cover the following topics and ensure caregivers are well informed in,

  • Taking a falls history
  • Dementia, osteoporosis plus risk factors
  • Consequence of falls
  • Multifunctional risk assessment
  • Effective interventions & coping strategies for community dwelling older people

To book the Falls Prevention Conference on the 18th of July, please click here 

67 Mars Road Lane CoveNSW2066 AU 
 • 1300008267

Quality Education with Independent Living Specialists


Independent Living Specialists or ILS has always been known as the best supplier of home care or mobility solutions. However, home care or health care services of ILS do not end there. The ILS team of health care professionals also offer educational opportunities for those in the health care field. They organize different courses as well as seminars throughout the year. ILS hopes to educate every individual involved in hospital, home, and aged care environments. That way every individual receiving care from professionals gets a chance to receive the best care.

As a reputable name in the patient care field, ILS only offers quality education for those interested. Anyone who enrolls in these courses gets to enjoy the perks of quality education.


Up To Date Knowledge

Every lesson taught and every matter discussed in these sessions is the latest in the medical field. That matters a lot to anyone with an interest in patient care. When you are in the medical field and hope to take care of people you need to know all that is necessary. All of the knowledge we have with regard to that subject always gets updated with new medical discoveries. Therefore, every caregiver should know about new developments. ILS offers exactly that.

Guidance from Industry Professionals

Teaching something about pressure care or wound therapy is something anyone can do by looking at a book or even the internet. However, the best lessons come from those who have practically applied those theories. They are the professionals who work in the medical field. They know how each theory can be used in a practical situation. They also know what adjustments you have to make according to different patients. That is why ILS education comes from the industry of professionals.

Theoretical and Practical Lessons on Medical Equipment

As a caregiver, you have to know all about the use of medical equipment used too. At ILS you can get all the theoretical knowledge about how all medical equipment is used. At the same time, you will be given practical lessons about the use of this equipment.  That way you will know if the right medical equipment is used for the right patient. You will also know how you can operate them to provide proper care for each of the patients. Not knowing the right way to use this medical equipment can make it hard for you to do your job. It will also make it hard for the patient you are taking care of.

Ease of Participation

With ILS getting a chance to receive the education is not hard too. You can easily visit ILS website, browse through the programs there, choose what you want and make an online booking. If you need to know more information you can always call them or message them.

When working in the care giving the field, you have to be very confident about your skills. Your skills will only be honed with proper education and practice. At ILS education, you receive both under the guidance of experienced professionals.