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A Mobility aid is a piece of equipment manufactured to assist people who have difficulty in moving themselves independently and enjoying freedom.

Incidentally, disability or mobility aids are used by the aged who are at risk of falling, those who have disabilities or injuries. These disability products provide many benefits to users in gaining their independence back, pain reduction and increasing their confidence and self-respect.

Mobility aid equipment is now available in the form of canes, walking aids, wheelchairs to lift chairs, and mobility scooters to meet the disability of the user.

Independent Living Specialists has affordable mobility aids in their stores Australia wide for the disabled and aged people.

Walking Aids

A walking stick or cane is an ideal disability aid for those who need less support to move around and conveniently priced from $19.99 to 99.99. Currently, this device is available in the market in a variety of material and designs to cater to various strengths. Independent Living Specialists provides an array of walking sticks and canes from heavy duty for the heavier persons to lightweight foldable canes/walking sticks for more support and walking sticks with wider bases for improved stability. In addition, the lightweight tripod stick with a seat has been specially designed to rest midway.

Independent Living Specialists assures that disability aids such as walking aids are available according to a person’s height, weight and environment, and mobility requirements. Although a simple but strong cane or walking stick is ideal for minimum support a walker frame or seat walker is favored by some users as it permits to move and stop to rest safely and independently. The most affordable mobility in this range is the folding walking frame with ball and rope priced at 99.99.

Ball and Rope Walker



A wide range of manual wheelchairs is now available at an affordable price for the disabled and aged people in all the stores of ILS. Those with limited mobility can easily get back their independence by using a wheelchair. ILS assures their best to select the correct wheelchair to suit the user’s physique, lifestyle, and budget ranging from lightweight to heavy duty. These disability products are procured from some of the well-known brands in the market. The most affordable wheelchair is the Ultra lightweight portable wheelchair priced at $239.99.


Lift Chair

A lift chair is a mobility aid that suits people of all ages in addition to the elderly, although, it is usually referred to as an adjustable lift aged care chair. It provides great comfort, freedom, and relaxation and the most affordable lift chair available at ILS is the Mayfair Select electric recliner lift chair at a price of $798.99.

Mayfair Select Lift Chairs

Mobility Scooter

This disability equipment has been manufactured especially for people with disabilities to travel on a footpath, turfs or any other place they wish to go. The Scout portable economy mobile scooter is the most affordable mobility scooter available at ILS at a price of $1249.99.

scout mobility scooters

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Walking aid is an equipment manufactured to assist people with limited mobility to move about and enjoy their freedom and independence. The benefits of this equipment are manifold which include reducing pain and increasing confidence and self-esteem.

Independent Living Specialists has various types of walking aids in their stores Australia wide and they presume dissimilar walking aids work well for different people as per their size as well as the living environment and mobility needs. All walking aids have been carefully picked from well-known manufacturers for their distinct benefits and features.

Keeping the budget of customers in mind there are several walking aids below $200 available at ILS stores


Tripod Seat Cane, seat walker-rollator-Four wheeled, Quad seat walker, lightweight aluminum folding 3 wheel tri walker, able life universal stand assist and space saver walker are some of the most popular walking aids priced below $200.

Tripod Seat Cane

This is a lightweight aluminum based device, created as a walking aid for the comfort and efficiency of the user. Priced at $69.99, it can be folded easily for storage and transport and suitable for sitting and resting.

Tripod Seat Stick

Seat Walker-Rollator-Four Wheeled Walker

Priced at $99.99, this device is a heavy duty quad seat walker with 130kg max safe working limit within Australia standards certification. Equipped with the new light-touch lock brake system, 15cm flat ridged wheels to lessen wheel stagger and increase grip, comfortable easy to fold rounded backrest and usable indoors and outdoors.

Seat Walker Compact

Quad Seat Walker

Priced at $155.99, this device is a heavy duty product with 130kg max safe working limit within Australia standards certification. Equipped with the new light-touch lock brake system, 20cm flat ridged wheels to lessen wheel stagger and increase grip, comfortable easy to fold rounded backrest and usable indoors and outdoors. It is foldable without removing the storage bag.


Lightweight Aluminium Folding 3 Wheel Tri Walker

Priced at $199.99, this device is fitted with a lightweight aluminum frame to enable users to move around quickly and easily. The handles are adjustable in height and the handgrips have been manufactured to suit users diagnosed with arthritis. The brakes are lockable easily with a simple push down method. It is also easily foldable with its easy grip handle feature quite appropriate for quick storage and transportation.

Days 240L Lightweight Aluminium Folding 3 Wheel Tri Walker-RED

Able Life Universal Stand Assist

Priced at $199.99, this device is ideal for any couch. It provides dual support with its cushion handles to get to a standing position. It has a universal fit and can be fitted on top of the chair or in between chair cushions if required. This equipment can be adjusted in both height and depth.

Able Life Universal Stand Assist_V1

Space Saver Walker

Priced at $99.99 this device can be easily and quickly folded up for storage in small spaces. Its 4” wheels and glides behind assist to move the user safely.

ils_2018 (2)

All online customers of ILS are eligible to get these products delivered free Australia wide.
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Independent Living Specialists who are pioneers in physiotherapy and home care equipment has begun their autumn sale with exceptional deals at their online store.

They are providing the best price guarantee with an offer of 5% discount on any item price found lower than the stocks at their stores.

This is the best opportunity to buy the equipment you need to suit your requirements.

senior_March - June 18

Lift Chairs

Our Autumn sale has further extended with great deals on a range of lift chairs. Here is a list of chairs on sale :

  • Drive titan power chair.
  • Royale Mayfair Select lift chair.
  • Royale Mayfair signature lift chair.
  • Royale Mayfair leather lift chair.
  • AAL Single motor Mayfair lift chair.
  • AAL space saver single twin motor signature lift chair.
  • AAL twin motor Mayfair luxury lift chair
  • AAL Stella electric recliner leather lift chair with twin motor.
  • AAL Studio luxury lift chair.
  • AAL C1 single motor petite lift chair.
  • AAL C5 single motor lift chair.
  • AAL C6 twin motor lift chair.

Mobility Scooters

Our range of mobility scooters give you independence to travel wherever you need. You can choose from quick folding travel scooters to heavy duty mobility units that are now on sale.

  • Sunrise medical S425 mobility scooter.
  • Sunrise medical S700 mobility scooter.
  • Scout Portable economy mobility scooter.
  • Scout sports Quattro mobility scooter.
  • S19 Quest folding mobility travel scooter.
  • Leo mobility scooter.
  • Envoy 4 plus mobility scooter.
  • Pathrider140XL mobility scooter.


Power Wheelchairs

These high quality power wheelchairs provide users great mobility and independence. Our autumn sale extends to these top three power chairs,

  • Cobalt travel power wheelchair.
  • Drive Titan power wheelchair.
  • Travel lite electric folding power chair.

Seat Walkers

From lightweight seat walkers to travel rollators, our autumn sale guarantees the best deals in Australia. Check out deals now:

  • Hero Economy 6” seat walker.
  • Travel lite portable outdoor seat walker.
  • Hero Nitro walker
  • Drive Nitro carbon fibre seat walker.
  • Leia lightweight rollator seat walker.

Home equipment

We have also extended the sale to a range of home equipment such as,

  • Shower trays
  • Collapsible range portable shower chair.
  • Portable over toilet aid.
  • Portable shower stool.
  • Padded shower stool with back.


Products come with a life time guarantee on rust and discount up to 40%.

  • Adjustable bed rail.
  • Removable bed rail
  • Cobra red stick.
  • Over bed table.
  • 1-care IC 222 luxury hospital bed base and mattress
  • Drop-side bed rail.


Latest Portable Oxygen Therapy

  • Inogen One G3HF + 1X single cell battery.
  • Inogen One G4HF + 1X single cell battery.

Home Oxygen Therapy

  • Devilbliss 5L oxygen concentrator
  • Inogen at home.

These products are sold with confidence, satisfaction, guaranteed quality assurance and discounts up to 40%.

All online purchases above $125 are provided free shipping Australia wide.

Expert Advice

Independent Living Specialists has a network of occupational therapists to give expert advice on your purchases.

The discount pricing is valid only until stocks last, therefore, make use of these offers keeping your comfort, satisfaction, health and social benefits in mind.



Face of elderly female looking at camera with smile

Taking the user’s hand strength and mental ability into consideration is very important when choosing a seat walker. A walker with wheels, seat and brakes is excellent, but if the user does not have the strength and presence of mind to use it safely it could be dangerous.

Consulting a Physical Therapist

 It is best to consult a physical therapist before buying a walker. A physical therapist can teach how to use it safely and also regulate the walker’s size to suit your needs. This is important when a walker is needed due to an injury. If you are unable to consult a physical therapist it is recommended to adjust the level of the walker’s handles with the crease of your wrist. This could be identified by standing with your arms hanging straight at your side.

Check doorway size

Some walkers may not fit through doors. Check especially the width of the home bathroom entrance as most doors are only 24 inches wide.


It is important to check whether the handlebars and seat are adjustable to fit your body. Ensure the width of the seat and frame are wide enough for the user and also maximum weight capacity. When sitting the feet should be flat on the floor.

The Hero 2 in 1 Wheelchair/Rollator combines the specific features of a rollator or seat walker and of a Transit / Transport Chair. Operation of the unit is simplified due to its unique design. Users can simply flip down the footrest and convert the unit into a transit chair whenever required.

The Hero 2 in 1 Wheelchair/Rollator combines the specific features of a rollator or seat walker and of a Transit / Transport Chair. Operation of the unit is simplified due to its unique design. Users can simply flip down the footrest and convert the unit into a transit chair whenever required.

Warranty and Availability of Parts

Using a walker with damaged, worn out parts or not adhering to manufacturer’s instructions on the use of specific parts can be dangerous and bring about a risk of injury. Therefore, if a walker is used often, some parts may have to be replaced from time to time especially the wheels. Warranty of the product may differ according to the brand. Customer service and availability of parts may also vary accordingly.

Safety and Ease of Folding

In order to ensure the user is comfortable with the process of folding and unfolding, practising the procedure whenever possible is recommended. The trigger style release on a folding frame could accidentally grip the release instead of the walker handle resulting in the collapsing of the walker. It is also advisable to have a clip or strap wrapped around the walker to avoid unfolding once it’s closed up.

Wheels and glides

Tires that are too rough might slip, therefore, soft tires are safer although these waste faster. Small wheels of 3 to 5 inches in diameter are ideal for indoor use and larger wheels of 6 to 8 inches are better for outdoor use. It is recommended to read reviews or test before purchasing to ensure the wheels doesn’t scratch the floor when gliding.

The Rollator Mobyles is a new modern seat walker design by Hero.

The Rollator Mobyles is a new modern seat walker design by Hero.

Knowing the difference

A walker is not a wheelchair and sometimes users get tempted to use it as a wheelchair or roll around the room while seated. It is best to keep in mind that rollators are not designed to cope with such use. Improper usage of the walker can make the wheels, seat or frame give way and cause a breakdown.


Checking all parts of the walker for tear and wear at least weekly is vital for your safety. Always ensure to repair before using. If a user is unable at least someone else should examine the frame, joint, brakes and even lean on the seat hard and check if it is not cracking under stress.



A sick elderly staying at a hospital

Independent Living Specialists have some of the best walkers in all their stores Australia wide.  Use of a walker depends on a person’s height, weight, environment and mobility requirements. Although a simple and strong walking cane may provide minimum support for controlling your balance, it is preferable to use a walker or seat walker if you need more support while walking. Walkers available at ILS have been selected from a large range of reputed manufacturers for their varying features and benefits including safety with minimum risk of injury and excellent comfort.

A walker can be used to help reduce the stress on a painful joint or limb and also assist as a backup when there is a decline in your strength, stability in joints and limbs.

A walker comes in helpful when you need to start walking after a surgery or leg injury. It is the best source of support to start walking again while your leg is healing.

Types of Walkers

There are many types of walkers available at ILS and it is important to choose it according to your surgeon or physical therapist’s recommendation.

The Leia is lightweight (7.5kg ) and is very easy to manoeuvre  whilst also offering maximum stability and a SWL of 150kg

The Leia is lightweight (7.5kg ) and is very easy to manoeuvre whilst also offering maximum stability and a SWL of 150kg

Best Walkers at ILS

Rollator four-wheeled seat walker, seat walker with a basket, travel lite portable outdoor seat walker with bag and crutch holder and carbon fire nitro elite super lightweight seat walker are four of the most popular walkers.

This heavy duty quad seat walker comes with a max safe working limit 130kg, and is Australian standards certified.

This heavy duty quad seat walker comes with a max safe working limit 130kg, and is Australian standards certified.

Important Mechanics

  • A walker without wheels has to be lifted and placed in front in order to move forward and walker with wheels needs to be pushed forward.
  • Make sure all four wheels are on the ground before your place your weight on it.
  • Always look ahead when walking and not at your feet.
  • Adjust the walker to your height and ensure handles are on level with your hips and slightly bend elbows when holding the handles.

Precautionary steps

  • Ensure your house is fall proof by making necessary changes to prevent falls.
  • Clear messy litter and always ensure floors are clean and dry.
  • To begin walking use the leg you had surgery or injured.
  • Use the good leg to start climbing a step or stairs and use the injured leg to start descending a step or stairs.
  • Keep a distance between the walker and you with the toes inside the walker. Getting too close to the tips, front or wheels might affect your balance.
  • Refrain from wearing shoes with heels or leather soles and wear rubber-soled shoes or slippers or other soles that are non-skid.
  • Ensure cords, loose rugs or corners of rugs that stick out are held down to the floor to avoid getting tangled or tripping over them.
  • Replace worn out tips and wheels of the walker.

Health and Social Benefits

Using a walker will definitely improve a person’s health as the main aim is to encourage the use of the injured leg to get back to normal. Further, being able to move independently in an upright position paves the way to interact socially leading to a higher sense of well-being. It also improves a person’s self-image and self-esteem with the ability to communicate and interact in a natural manner.