The Top Five Things That You Need To Know About Tens Machines

Tens machines use a low voltage electrical shock as a method of pain reliever. Tens stand for transcutaneous nerve stimulation and the tens machine constitute of a small battery powered machine of the size of a pocket radio. Two electrodes that can be attached to the point of pain in your body convey electricity from the machine to your body. The electric shocks are said to block or scramble the pain signals that are sent to the brain from the affected area. They can also affect the production of endorphins in your body that naturally block pain. This article will share top five things that you must know about tens machines before purchasing one.

What is the tens machine used for?

As mentioned earlier the tens machine is used as a substitute for painkillers to relieve any pain in your body. It can be used to subside any pain in your muscles like muscle cramps, muscle strains, and tearing. They can also be used for diseases that cause joint pain and bone pain like osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. Tens machines have also been used to treat pains like labor pains and pain of cancer patients.


How to use the tens machine?

It is best to use your tens machine according to the prescription of a physician or doctor. When using the tens machine you should make sure that the skin area that you intend to attach the electrodes are clean and dry. You should also not use the machine near where there is water. The frequency of the electric wave can be adjusted through the settings of the machine to either steady flow or bursts of current. You may listen to your physician or acupuncturist on what frequency and intensity are best suited for your condition.

Benefits of using a tens machine

Being in pain can make life gruesome for you and your close ones. Taking away that pain is the truest blessing that tens machines give to you. It can allow you to regain your leisure hours. Another benefit is it does not have any side effects on your body as it is used externally. Using pills as painkillers are known to have negative side effects such as acid reflux, gastritis, and heartburn. Using the tens machine will remove such costs on your body.


How to get yourself a tens machine?

You can easily order your favorite tens machine now from Independent Living Specialists at the lowest cost possible. We are offering a special deal on our premium tens machines. You can pick one up from any of the showrooms, situated in Sydney or from our online store. We also offer free shipping for online orders so go check out our web page and benefit from this wonderful opportunity.


Types of tens machines at ILS

There are several types of tens machines at ILS that you can pick from. All our products are reliable and safe, so you need not worry about going home with anyone of them. The Protens and EMS dual unit with the premium display is at the top of the market. It comes with a tens stimulator unit, a carrying case, 2 tens lead, 3XAAA batteries, an operating manual and a packet of four electrodes. This digital tens machine has the ability to store your treatment times and schedules to be accessed by your chiropractor or physician.


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