Should you register your motorized wheelchair?

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A motorized wheelchair cannot be used on a footpath or road if it is not registered according to rules and regulations laid down by the Government.

In order to register a motorized wheelchair, the following requirements have to be met.

• It should have an electric meter.
• It should be manufactured to suit a person with mobility disabilities.
• Should not weigh more than 150kg
• Should not be able to travel at more than 10km/h on flat ground.

A person shifting base from another state to Queensland has to register a motorized wheelchair within 14 days. However, visitors to Queensland are not subjected to registration.

It should also be noted that the user of the motorized wheelchair should be able to operate the device safely.

Registering a motorized wheelchair

When registering a motorized wheelchair, a transport and motoring customer service center will do the needful. In case the person lives in a rural area, a QGAP office, Magistrates Court or the local police station may provide vehicle registration services. However, it is recommended to get a confirmation by calling before going there.

It is not necessary to complete a vehicle registration application form when registering at a transport and motoring customer service center.

However, if the registration is done in QGAP, Magistrates Court or local police station that does registration services, a vehicle registration application (F3518) has to be completed and if it’s the first time you are registering, a new customer application (F3503) has also to be completed.


Documents required for registration:

• Duly completed vehicle details form (F3529).
• Duly completed Motorized wheelchair statement (F4414).
• Proof of address in Queensland where the wheelchair will be parked. (It could be Queensland driving license, property rates notice, gas, phone or electricity bill indicating Queensland address).
• Proof of identities such as evidence of being an adult or Queensland driving license.

In the event a motorized wheelchair needs to be registered under the name of an organization such as a nursing home, shopping center, education institute or a hire company, testimony of the organization has to be produced.

Identification Proof

• Office of Fair Trading’s Certificate of Incorporation.
• Australia Securities Investments Commission’s business registration.
• Australia Securities Investments Commission’s certificate of registration of a company.

In addition to the above, proof that the person is acting on behalf of the organization should be also be produced.

Organization’s Identity

• Be clad in the organization’s uniform
• Possess a business card or business testimony.
• Documentation on the organization’s official letterhead.

Although a registered business is not an association, proof regarding the nature of the business is required.

Registration of motorized wheelchairs is free of charge including no transfer, number plate or compulsory third party insurance fees.


Completion of Registration

Once a motorized wheelchair is registered, ensure a number plate, registration certificate and an information document indicating Queensland road rules with regard to a motorized wheelchair is received.

Usage of a Motorized Wheelchair

When a motorized wheelchair is used outside the home on a footpath or pavement, the user is considered as a pedestrian under the Queensland road rules. Therefore, a motorized wheelchair or a mobility scooter can only be driven where a pedestrian can move about, known as a pedestrian travel route.

The Pride Jazzy Select 6 Power Chair features an in-line motor technology for increased efficiency, torque and range coupled with a PG GC 2 Controller. Built with ease of service in mind and easy side access batteries, the Pride Jazzy has been built for ease of use and comfort.

The Pride Jazzy Select 6 Power Chair features an in-line motor technology for increased efficiency, torque and range coupled with a PG GC 2 Controller. Built with ease of service in mind and easy side access batteries, the Pride Jazzy has been built for ease of use and comfort.

Motorized vehicle/pedestrian route
A motorized wheelchair could be used only these stipulated areas.
• A footpath or available nature made space.
• In case a footpath of pavement is not available, or it is necessary to avoid any blockades, the wheelchair has to be ridden as close as possible to the left or right side of the road and may sometimes face oncoming traffic too.
• Crossing the road should on a road crossing wherever available.

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Discover The Travel Lite Electric Folding Power Chair


Lightweight electric wheelchairs play an important role in not only improving the independence of wheelchair users but also beneficial when it comes to traveling and adaptability.
Old age, lifelong illness or temporary handicap issues can affect upper limb support and the strength to be able to use self-propelling wheelchairs. This immobility could lead to an adverse blow on a person’s mood, dignity, and independence leading to being isolated socially due to total dependence on caregivers.

Travel Lite Electric Folding Power Chair-Phosphate Lithium Battery

This is a new and exclusive lightest electric folding power wheelchair guaranteeing a comfortable ride. Weighing 15kg and manufactured to carry a maximum weight of 150kg with a longer travel mileage. It is also equipped with a highly efficient brushless hub motor and joystick controller with 50% battery saving power. The battery cycle has been invented for 1000 charging cycles and manufactured out of tainted free material.


Features and accessories

• Equipped with the latest market technology brushless motors which are capable of saving more energy, compact, low sound and powerful
• Works on phosphate lithium batteries which has 10 times the working life of a standard lithium battery and a platinum lifespan of more than 1000 + charges.
• Capable of seating up to 150kg comfortably
• Large travel range of up to 28 km.
• Tilt recline – x 5 multi-adjust settings.
• Quick and slick folding for easy storage or transportation.
• Self-adjustable armrest
• Low maintenance on tires due to being solid and puncture proof.
• In the event of transportation, it is compatible with the Hercules lifter.
• Width adjustment kits included.
• Airline friendly
• Tested according to CE international standards.
• 2 years warranty


Social and Health Benefits

A lightweight electric wheelchair assists a user by increasing mobility power and independence to be able to travel far without getting tired by operating the manual wheelchair unit. This device is also easy to fold or dismantle while traveling and the best solution for a holiday or vacation usage.
Owning a lightweight electric wheelchair is beneficial when it comes to visiting friends and family, going on a holiday or engaging in activities that were restricted earlier. Users are able to participate in their normal social activities resulting in leading a happy life.
Leading an independent and happy life plays an important role in a person’s health and a user’s health is most likely to improve for the betterment.



The Travel Lite Electric Folding Powerchair is available in all Independent Living Specialists stores  while Australia wide free shipping and delivery is offered to all online purchases.



Power chairs or electric wheelchairs are also known as power wheelchairs and these have been manufactured for people who are able to walk only a short distance and for those who are not able to walk at all. This device helps people to be independent within their own home, retirement home or nursing home environment and also venture outside. It is operated by two motors to power the main drive wheels and can be driven by the user via a joystick control.

Although a license is not required to ride a power wheelchair, getting professional advice from your doctor or healthcare professional with regard to the safety of driving one is recommended.

When the necessity arises to purchase a power wheelchair, there are many aspects to be considered. Independent Living Specialists has a wide range of well-known products in all their stores Australia wide. Although there are various types of wheelchairs on the market ILS does its best to choose the correct power wheelchair to match your body type, lifestyle and budget.

How to Choose

The first thing to consider when choosing a power wheelchair is whether it is within .your budget. Thereafter check whether the seat fits you, legs are comfortable and the right weight capacity to fit your size. Consider the landscape of the area where you are living and if so, be sure if the power chair has sufficient weight capacity to be used on if it is a hilly area.

Consider how long you intend to use the chair daily and if you need to use it every day, ensure it can handle regular use over a long period of time.

Ensure your hand is strong enough to operate the device and also ascertain if it is easy to use a joystick or another control system.

Rear Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair

Travel Lite Folding Power Chair

The Travel lite electric folding power wheelchair is a lightweight, easy folding mobility solution that will guarantee a comfortable ride



This chair has its drive wheels at the rear with castors in the front. It’s very strong and ideal for active people. It is quite suitable for outdoor areas and drives smoothly at high speed outdoors.

Mid Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs

The Cougar PowerLift is also equipped with smooth motors, comfortable seating and mid wheel maneuverability which provides users a secure and comfortable ride.

The Cougar PowerLift is also equipped with smooth motors, comfortable seating and mid wheel maneuverability which provides users a secure and comfortable ride.

These power chairs have its drive wheel in the centre. It has an extraordinary tight turning circle and easy to manoeuver which makes it ideal for indoor use. The front and rear castors support a stable outdoor drive.

Front Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs


The Titan Powerchair is perfect for users on the go as it can be disassembled, without tools, and loaded easily into a car for easy transportation. Its ultra-manoeuvrable and compact size makes it ideal for around the home and in busy shopping centres.

The Titan Powerchair is perfect for users on the go as it can be disassembled, without tools, and loaded easily into a car for easy transportation. Its ultra-manoeuvrable and compact size makes it ideal for around the home and in busy shopping centres.

Due to drive wheels in the front, these power chairs can drive over terrain and obstacles such as bumpy turfs. It is powerful and very strong especially when driven on an uneven outdoor ground. Since there are no castors in the front there is more space for positioning the foot.

Social and Health Benefits

Social and health benefits are manifold. Being seen on a sophisticated device of this nature will definitely boost your ego and the enthusiasm of making best use to gain your independence will help you to enhance your lifestyle and help improve your health to your utmost happiness.



Independent Living Specialists is an institution pioneering in providing some of the best solutions for the handicapped and aged population.

The mobility solutions provided by them are available at your door for online customers countrywide.

Wheel Chairs

There are more than 31 types of high quality wheel chairs to suit your budget and requirement.

The Independent Living Specialists do their best to provide a wide range of manual and electric wheel chairs. Those with limited mobility will find their freedom and independence back with the use of a wheel chair. Their wheel chairs range from light-weight to heavy-duty manufactured to suit any body type, lifestyle, and budget. All the wheel chairs are made with self-propelled or transit operation for easy use of the carer or user. The products are durable and reliable and assured of long quality use and mobility. A wide range of well-known brands such as Auscare, Pride, Breezy, Days Healthcare, Otto Bock, Ausmedic, and Invacare are available.


Power Chairs

The power chair is another product made available by Independent Living Specialists. Considered to be one of the most comfortable, user-friendly and easy-moving chairs available for users of all ages ranging from young children to seniors offering exceptional mobility and independence to move around within the home and outdoors.Indoor power chairs are manufactured to be more rounded and compact to enable maneuvering easily on tight corners and small spaces inside the home. Outdoor power chairs built more sturdily wide-tread and extra large tires and increased ground clearance for a safe and smooth ride on rough outdoor surfaces.

Independent Living Specialists also offers a wide range of fully customizable power chairs from leading manufacturers and brands such as Permobil, Shoprider, Pride and Days Healthcare and Royale.

All power chairs have an adjustable arm, leg, and seating to suit all types of users. Independent Living Specialists can provide a lightweight indoor power chair or a heavyweight outdoor model suitable for whatever purpose you may need.


Mobility Scooters

A mobility scooter is a product that is moving fast and popular among the handicapped and aged. It is often referred to as “aged care scooter” but in reality, people of all ages enjoy their independence and freedom when using this battery powered device. Although there are various names given to this category of vehicle, they all refer to the same thing

Independent Living Specialists have approximately 42 types of mobility scooters and some of the best brands such as Pride, Shoprider, Invacare and Drive Medical with prices ranging from $1099 to $10499. They are also able to tailor a model to suit all needs. Each brand has a wide range of models to suit your personal needs. The most preferred brands are Pride and Shoprider scooters due to their reliability and spare parts availability.

Independent Living Specialists offer a rent/hire or buy option in their mobility scooter range. The scooters are now available in a variety of sizes, power, comfort, and design and whether you hire, rent or buy the electric mobility scooter from Independent Living Specialists, they will support you on every kilometer of the way with their affordable prices, reliable service and free roadside assistance for the first 12 months.




Top 5 reasons you need a power chair


Power chairs are the trending walking aid right now due to their usefulness and versatility. There are many forms and designs of power chairs available in the market now to help any need of the customers. Power chairs are battery operated and aid those who are suffering from mobility issues due reasons such as aging, hereditary factors, accidents or any other disease condition to be independent and move around on their own will. There are many reasons that validate owning a power chair but we will be listing the top five.

Number One: To Move Around the House

With certain mobility disabilities, you can face a difficulty to move around the house as well. In that situation what you need is a three-wheeled power chair that can take the tight corners in your house and help you to attend to your daily tasks. Power chairs are often very useful for the elderly as they can be controlled with a joystick and do not need strength.

Number Two: To Move Outdoors

Most often even if you are facing mobility issues, there are certain tasks that may require you to step outside, especially if you live alone. This can include going to the post box or to a neighbor’s house for a chat or even a quite ride in the neighborhood. With a power chair, you just have to get on and power on. Outdoor power chairs are much sturdier in structure to handle rough and sloping surfaces.

Number Three: To Travel

Another reason to own a power chair is if you have the desire to travel; abroad or within the country. There are power chairs such as the Pride R-40 Fusion Power chairs are quite compact and can be transported by vehicle, plane or cruise ship; thus allowing your dream to travel. The Pride R-40 also delivers stability over rough terrain and speed of 10km/h, so it is ideal for traveling.

Independent LIving Specialists Australia Power Chairs

Number Four: For Children with Mobility Disabilities

The power chair is especially useful for children with mobility disabilities to move around and attend to their tasks. It can facilitate them to go to school and any other place they need to go including the park or the playground. Permobil has designed many power chairs which can be attractive to the children’s needs with colourful and bright outlooks. They include models like the Permobil Koala Scripted and the Permobil K300 PS Jr Scripted. The Permobil C400 VS JR Stander Scripted Power Chair is a beauty that allows the user to drive while both in standing position and driving position.

Number Five: Safety and Comfort

The final and most important reasons are the safety and comfort offered by the power chair. Especially if you are unstable on your feet it is advisable to be in a power chair to avoid falling. It also allows quick movement in case of emergencies. Also with comfortable seating and accessories, it can allow you all the comfort you need.