Top 5 reasons you need a power chair


Power chairs are the trending walking aid right now due to their usefulness and versatility. There are many forms and designs of power chairs available in the market now to help any need of the customers. Power chairs are battery operated and aid those who are suffering from mobility issues due reasons such as aging, hereditary factors, accidents or any other disease condition to be independent and move around on their own will. There are many reasons that validate owning a power chair but we will be listing the top five.

Number One: To Move Around the House

With certain mobility disabilities, you can face a difficulty to move around the house as well. In that situation what you need is a three-wheeled power chair that can take the tight corners in your house and help you to attend to your daily tasks. Power chairs are often very useful for the elderly as they can be controlled with a joystick and do not need strength.

Number Two: To Move Outdoors

Most often even if you are facing mobility issues, there are certain tasks that may require you to step outside, especially if you live alone. This can include going to the post box or to a neighbor’s house for a chat or even a quite ride in the neighborhood. With a power chair, you just have to get on and power on. Outdoor power chairs are much sturdier in structure to handle rough and sloping surfaces.

Number Three: To Travel

Another reason to own a power chair is if you have the desire to travel; abroad or within the country. There are power chairs such as the Pride R-40 Fusion Power chairs are quite compact and can be transported by vehicle, plane or cruise ship; thus allowing your dream to travel. The Pride R-40 also delivers stability over rough terrain and speed of 10km/h, so it is ideal for traveling.

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Number Four: For Children with Mobility Disabilities

The power chair is especially useful for children with mobility disabilities to move around and attend to their tasks. It can facilitate them to go to school and any other place they need to go including the park or the playground. Permobil has designed many power chairs which can be attractive to the children’s needs with colourful and bright outlooks. They include models like the Permobil Koala Scripted and the Permobil K300 PS Jr Scripted. The Permobil C400 VS JR Stander Scripted Power Chair is a beauty that allows the user to drive while both in standing position and driving position.

Number Five: Safety and Comfort

The final and most important reasons are the safety and comfort offered by the power chair. Especially if you are unstable on your feet it is advisable to be in a power chair to avoid falling. It also allows quick movement in case of emergencies. Also with comfortable seating and accessories, it can allow you all the comfort you need.

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The Best Outdoor Power chairs

Power chairs are very useful for those who may be facing mobility disability due to various reasons. They are basically battery powered wheelchairs that are much sturdier and can be easily maneuvered with the help of a joystick. They make both your homely life and your travel life more eventful and carefree.

Suitability of Outdoor Power chairs

The main feature of outdoor power chairs is having four wheels which give them more stability to travel on the rough outdoors. The placement of the wheels is also important in terms of how you plan to drive your power chair. The middle wheel drive is suitable for better maneuverability. The rear-wheel drive for speed and the rear-wheel drive to travel slow over very rough terrain. Outdoor powerchairs will also be sturdier in their build and the wheels will be bigger, especially the castor wheels. Also, attention must be paid to the maximum weight capacity. Ideally, it should carry your weight and some more; especially if the terrain around your home is hilly as the rules of physics requires it. It will also help you to enter buildings and vehicles which have ramparts to aid the users of walking aids. The range or the battery capacity also should be taken into consideration so that you do not run out of power before your destination.

Choosing from many brands

Since the power chair is one of the most famous walking aids available today there are many brands like Pride, Shoprider and Permobil and Days Healthcare. These are designed to suit the varying needs of many consumers so have no fear about not finding your pick. The Pride Jazzy Select 6 power chair for example is very comfortable with elegant seat covers and motor technology that provides efficiency, torque, and range. Independent Living Specialists provide a wide range of power chairs with the friendliest and most accommodating customer service. The Shoprider Puma 14D is also a very elegant looking power chair with both a headrest and footrest and comfortable seating. There are also power chairs designed to fold and stand that you can choose according to your necessities.


Outdoor Power chairs for Children

The Permobil K450 MX scripted powerchair is one of the best child chairs available in the market to accommodate kids to enjoy the outdoors. Because of its intelligent control system, all functions are linked to a press of a button. The seat is adjustable to take you from standing position to seating position as well. There are more options available as well such as the Permobil K300 PS Jr. scripted and the Permobil Miniflex scripted which come in attractive designs that can be the hit among the neighborhood children.

Accessories to help the Journey

Powerchair accessories such as an umbrella holder, cup holder or baskets can be very helpful when you are travelling outdoors to carry all of your essentials that you may need for the journey as well as for an emergency like a sudden change in weather.

You can pick the best power chair out of these categories to suit your own journey and enjoy your independence at the Independent Living Solutions.

How to travel with your power wheelchair.

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One of the best things to be in life is a travel junky, to enjoy life in motion and as a continuing journey. Travel is a great opportunity to feast your eyes on new things, meet new people and taste life in different flavors. But as you grow older you may find this more and more difficult as you face physical difficulties in moving. It is not only a component of aging but of many other reasons like illnesses, surgery or disabilities. The power wheelchair is a rescuer to all these situations and a reliable partner to your life in motion. Controlled by a joystick, it needs minimum effort from you, giving you more freedom to enjoy your surroundings.


The most important thing to check off when buying a power wheelchair to travel is its portability. Most powered wheelchairs are bulky, but you can transport it with the use of a ramp or a lift. If not you can even pick lightweight portable power wheelchair option that can be assembled and disassembled for transport.

Buying a model to suit the journey

There are many models of power wheelchairs to pick from when shopping. However if you hope to travel it will be wise to power chairs that are modeled to travel outside. These are sturdier and can travel on rougher terrain. Also, when buying a model it is good to buy with a gap between your weight and the maximum weight capacity of the power wheelchair so that, in accordance with the rules of physics, it can support your weight up slopes and mountains if necessary. It will be also helpful to opt for a one with longer battery capacity to cover a long distance. In terms of adjustability, some powered wheelchairs offering recline and standing features which could come handy for a user.

Maneuverability, speed, and terrain

Attention should be paid to the number of wheels and their placement; located in the front, middle, and in the back. You should choose based on the drive feature you require. Middle wheel drive are suitable for better maneuverability, rear-wheel drive for better speed and front wheel drive to travel slow on uneven terrain.  The type of wheel is also important, whether it is solid or pneumatic. If you are looking at using the power chair outdoors, the castor wheels, which are the non-drive wheels, should not be too small as it will not be suitable.


With consideration and safety, you are on your way!

There are many things to consider and reconsider when buying a powered wheelchair for travel. It is also good to make sure they are handled and secured carefully during transportation to avoid damage. However, all these efforts are worth as it will give you the opportunity to enjoy travel independently.

Mobility with wheelchairs


Wheelchairs are there basically to help those who are unable to move around, may it be due aging, illness, injury or disability. There are many models and types of wheelchairs to choose from in the market today, allowing customers to pick the perfect one to suit their needs.

So why is it smart to own a wheelchair?

It is smart to own a wheelchair if you have trouble with movement mostly because it allows you to move and be independent. It can give you a sense personal freedom and happiness by allowing you to attend to your daily tasks. It also makes easy for others around you to help you to move, as it is more convenient to push a person’s weight than carry it. Also for those who are aging and feeling feeble being in a wheelchair could prevent accidents by falling or fainting.

Mobility at your hand

Mobility by wheelchair comes in different modes. They could be manually propelled by the person sitting, or pushed from the back by another person or even electrically propelled in the case of electric wheelchairs. It could help you to travel both indoors and outdoors. Most buildings and public areas have ramps and other features to facilitate wheelchair users. Most wheelchairs are foldable so that it is easy to transport it with you when you travel. There are electric wheelchairs that can also be assembled and disassembled so that they can be taken along when traveling by a vehicle. One could even travel around the country and abroad with the help of a wheelchair.


Wheelchairs are equipped for safety with arm and leg rest. Persons prone to fainting could be safer on a wheelchair than on their feet or on a normal chair. The wheelchair cushions are designed to allow stability, comfort, posture aid and shock absorption.

Powered Wheelchairs

Powered wheelchairs are certainly easier as they require no manual power and can be easily controlled with a joystick. This is helpful to persons lacking upper body strength to turn the wheels manually. The maximum weight capacity, dimensions, speed, wheels, turning radii and battery range are important factors to consider when buying a powered wheelchair.

Modern trends

There are many new trends in the wheelchair industry as it evolves to further accommodate those suffering from mobility difficulties. There are sports wheelchairs that allow users to engage in games for the differently abled and smart wheelchairs that replace user control with artificial intelligence. There are also wheelchairs with different wheels to suit different terrains like beach sand and snow.

So the wheelchair certainly is a smart life choice to overcome physical and mobility difficulties. And it will give you an upper hand in controlling your life and living it the way you want to.

Selecting your Powered Wheelchair


If are looking to make your life or the life of a loved one easier, choosing a powered wheelchair is a great stepping to their independence. These electric (or power) chairs come with a variety of options and features that can truly help someone with mobility difficulties. These power chairs can be controlled with the help of a joystick. If the user is able to use their hands to makeover the joystick, regardless of the other mobility difficulties, selecting a powered wheelchair is a great option over the likes of a mobility scooter or a manual wheelchair, which will require more effort in terms of upper body strength.

When trying to decide which powered wheelchairs to buy, consider the following; weight capacity, dimensions, battery range, speed, turning radius, portability, adjustability, and wheels.


Power Wheelchair Weight Capacity or Max SWL

If you were looking to purchase your power wheelchair, one of the most important factors to consider would be the weight capacity of the maximums safe working limit (SWL). This is an important specification of a power wheelchair. It can affect the performance and not to mention, the safety of the user too. If you are below the weight capacity, that is ideal, however, there should be a significant gap or range between the user’s weight and the capacity. This is because if you are to “climb” a hill or a surface with a certain angled incline, the powered wheelchair should be able to easily help you up without a problem.

Dimensions of a Powered Wheelchair

The dimension of this power chair will let you know how wide and long it is which is a necessary requirement to make sure the user can manoeuvre it inside their home. By measuring the width of corridors and doorframes, you will be able to decide which models of power chairs are ideal for the user in question.

Electric Wheelchair Battery Range and Speed

If you plan to use your powered wheelchairs outdoors, you should know how far or long you can go before your battery is drained. This makes sure you are not put in a difficult situation without help by calculating and accounting for the distance in mind. One thing to keep in mind that weight is an influencing factor (as the heavier the weight, the extra battery juice is needed to stay mobile). Other factors include battery age and type of terrain.

In terms of speed, it is a good idea to check out the maximum speed the power chair model can handle. If the user would like to use the wheelchair at maximum speed, then opting for rear drive power chairs is an option.


Electric Wheelchair Portability and Adjustability

Most powered wheelchairs are bulky, but that does not mean you cannot transport it. You can use the likes of a ramp or a lift, or even opt for a lightweight portable power wheelchair option that can be assembled/disassembled for transport.

In terms of adjustability, add-on features make power wheelchairs extremely popular. With some powered wheelchairs offering recline/tilt features as well as to stand, it has many benefits for a user.

Power Chair Wheels

One of the notable physical features of a power chair is the number of wheels and its placement that are located in the front, middle, and back. Based on the drive feature you require (middle wheel drive for better manoeuvrability, rear wheel drive for better speed, front wheel drive for uneven terrain  but slow),  you are able to make a purchase based on the need. In addition, the type of wheel is also important, whether solid or pneumatic (which means that it is filled with air). If you are looking at using the power chair outdoors, the castor wheels, which are the non-drive wheels, should not be too small as it will not be suitable.


By considering the above features and comparing them against the specification of the power chair in mind, you can make an informed decision when selecting and purchasing a powered wheelchair. One of the Independent Living Specialists store best powered wheelchairs is the Pride Jazzy Select 6 Power Chair. Take a moment to check out this interactive image highlighting its features – Jazzy Select 6.

Pride Jazzy Select 6 Power Wheelchair Specifications

Pride Jazzy Select 6 Power Wheelchair Specifications