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Sunrise Medical Mobility Scooters available through ILSAU

Not only the aged but also the young has to sometimes face some difficulties when they are suffering from some kind of a physical condition which limits their ability to move. Sure, age affects every one of our bodies quite brutally. However, some medical conditions can be equally brutal when they are hurting us and limiting our ability to move on our own.

Most of the time, when such a time in our life comes we have to get the help of a family member or a caregiver who can be there for us all the time. However, all of us want to be able to be independent without being dependent on someone all the time. But what can one do when such physical inabilities are there? At such a moment, you can use the help of Independent Living Specialists and choose some devices which can help you to move with ease inside and outside your home.

Moving Outdoors

Most of the time moving while we are indoors is not that hard. We can use a walker as support. However, we really need something more reliable to support us fully when outdoors. ILS offers those who are interested in moving outdoors without anyone’s assistance, a number of mobility scooters. These scooters are quite easy to use and even can be customized to fit your exact needs. Some will offer you the ability to go short distances while others are ideal for long distances.

Invacare Colibri Scooter

Moving Within the House

You can be someone who finds it difficult to move around inside the house too. You may be wishing to stay comfortably seated most of the time.  You can get necessary home care solutions from ILS too by purchasing a lift chair from them. These chairs also come with a variety of options. All of them are basically designed to help the user stay as comfortable as possible. At the same time, these chairs help the person using it to stand up without anyone’s help as the chairs lift you and help you to get to a standing position. With such a chair you can be comfortably seated while you are away from the bed and get up without falling down, or without getting anyone else’s help.


Deals to Rent or Buy

At ILS you also have the option of using these amazing items which can make your life more independent and easier, for rent too. If you think you need a particular item for only some time you can hire the item through an online booking. If you are buying any of these wonderful items you can even enjoy some special deals such as getting free delivery throughout Australia (as long as you are ordering the item online). Moreover, with ILS you do get the chance to shop for the items which can give you your freedom back from the comfort of your home as the online ordering process is not at all complicated.


ILS has been around to help people such as you, who want to find the independence in their life by using some reliable products. These ILS products can help the user to do their own work without depending on others. Therefore, if you are also determined to find the freedom you had lost due to age or any kind of a medical condition, you can use the assistance ILS has to offer. These professionals only provide what is best for you.

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The Top 6 Scooters from Independent Living Specialists


Independent Living Specialists have always been there for people who are in need of products which can help them live comfortable lives. As one of the most recognizable companies dedicated to helping and caring for each customer’s needs, Independent Living Specialists has introduced a number of mobility scooters into the market over the years. Among a large number of mobility scooters which are just a mouse click away from anyone looking for them here are the scooters that are the top six according to their popularity among customers. These are mobility scooters that will meet your requirements in terms of daily living and care.

GoGo LX Mobility Scooter with CTS Suspension

This is one of the most highly recommended mobility scooters used by ILS customers. Since this comes with CTS or Comfort Trac Suspension it gives you the ability to travel, without feeling any discomfort. This is known as one of the most advanced travel scooters, that allows easy transportation.


Pathrider ES10 Mobility Scooter

This mobility scooter comes with its own specific features such as ease of use when it comes to outdoors, adjustable tiller and even a bright headlight.

Pathrider ES10

Scout Style Plus Mobility Scooter with Quad Suspension

This is one of the most advanced and one of the best additions to the mobility scooter collection at ILS. It has a more comfortable cushioned seat, delta type handlebars that provide easier control, and a swivel seat as an added advantage.


S19 Quest Folding Mobility Travel Scooter

This is one of the lightest mobility scooters available in the market. It is also powered by a Lithium battery which is a reason for its light weight. That battery also allows you to drive the longer distance. Since this is easily foldable you can take this anywhere you want without any problem.


140XL Pathrider Mobility Scooter

Also known as the ultimate outdoor mobility scooter it comes with a brilliant braking system, wonderful and luxury style, wraparound easy drive tiller and even LED lighting. You can even get a crutch holder and rear bag for free when you buy this beauty.

Pride Pathrider 140XL Scooter

130XL Pathrider Mobility Scooter

This mobility scooter comes with great features such as solid wheels, front and rear suspension, a seat with the reclining feature and padded armrests. This is especially suitable for uneven terrain and any outdoor use.


All of these wonderful mobility scooters have some very attractive features in common as well other than the special features mentioned above. They are all available at ILS at amazing rates. If you make the order using our website, we deliver the scooter right to your doorstep. Some of them even offer you the chance to make a color of choice, which gives you the freedom to add a color that you love! If you have a specific question that is not answered in the product description you and actually makes an inquiry through the product question feature and our representatives will get back to you.

This can be the next great choice you make in your life. Choosing any one of these great scooters will let you enjoy the freedom of traveling securely.

Finding Freedom with a Mobility Scooter


No matter what we are going through in life all of us want to have the chance of spending our lives without having to depend on others.  However, sometimes, our freedom is restricted when we have to face some kind of a medical condition that limits our movements. That is where a wheelchair used to come into help us out. However, now there is a better alternative for a wheelchair known as the mobility scooter or the electric scooter.

There are some great mobility scooters in Australia as well if you know where to look for them. These innovative, new electric devices allow you to comfortably sit on them and move around with ease as the way of steering this small vehicle is not that hard for anyone. It is completely safe for use too. If you are in need of such a wonderful opportunity of getting to move around without anyone’s help you should first find the right seller for the job.

Pairing Up with the Right Seller

From among the many sellers of this device, as there are different options available in this category too, the independent living specialists are the best seller you can find. They offer you a number of scooters to choose from. And depending on the way you order you can even be eligible for a free delivery option too.


Choosing What Suits Your Taste the Best

When it comes to  choosing a scooter , you should choose the best device to grant you the freedom you are looking for. If you are looking for an electric scooter that is very easy to use and can even be loaded in and out of your car trunk easily you will be able to find some good brands with those qualities with the help independent living specialists.

Some of these modern electric scooters even offer you the chance to select the color you want to have. They do not just come in the standard black color.

However, before you settle down on just one product make sure to go through all that is available. That way you will be purchasing the best device that suits your taste and your needs. If you do not do so, you will have to regret about the choice you make.


Ordering and Receiving the Electric Scooter to Your Doorstep

Another very interesting aspect of shopping with ILS for this device can be the opportunity you get to buy mobility scooters online. Also, once you make an online order the scooter will be delivered to your doorstep without any delivery fee.

This purchase will be the first step in your life for regaining the freedom to move around without anyone’s help.

The Best Type Of Mobility Solutions In Australia


Mobility solutions help one who is faced with difficulties moving around on one’s own regain their abilities. Walking difficulties can occur at any age due to various causes such as accidents, genetic reasons but it occurs most consistently with aging. It may involve difficulty getting up or sitting down, moving around and maintain one’s balance when standing in one place. Mobility solutions offer support to you to find your balance and strength.

Mobility solutions in Australia

A variety of mobility solutions are available around Australia through Independent Living Specialists. Independent Living Specialists has nine showrooms around Sydney and many after purchase service centers around Australia. In addition, you can book your favorite mobility scooter online now through the ILS webpage. The wide range of mobility solutions showcased on ILS includes walkers, wheelchairs, powered chairs and mobility scooters. It is hard to categorize one type of mobility solution as the best as they offer support for different stages of mobility issues. For example, walkers can be used by those who are facing slight balance issues whereas those with intense mobility issue may opt for a wheelchair or mobility scooter. However, mobility scooters have become increasingly popular among consumers due to the convenience they offer.

Mobility scooters for battling the odds

Mobility scooters are similar to powered wheelchairs. They are battery powered, with easy to steer handlebars with comfortable seats. There are different brands and models of mobility scooters that offer a range of choices in terms of the level of comfort, power, sizes, designs and other needs of the purchaser. There are scooters suitable for indoors and for the rough outdoors. There are also lightweight, compact choices as well as heavy duty ones. So there is a wide variety for you to pick from and one is bound to suit you perfectly, making your mobility issues vanish away. The most famous brands of mobility scooters include Pride, Shoprider, Invacare, Viper and Drive Medical.

Considerations when purchasing a mobility solution

There are many things to be considered when purchasing your mobility appliance. In terms of mobility scooters, ILS offers scooters with prices ranging from 1099 to 9175 dollars. They also offer free shipment around Australia for online orders and free roadside assistance for the first twelve months.  This provides you with a certain security in terms of finance as well as other when purchasing your mobility solution through ILS. You should also consider your needs; whether you will be traveling much and what kind of terrain you will be traveling on mostly. The Scout style plus mobility scooter and Pathrider ES10 models are famous for their reliability as outdoor mobility scooters. The S19 Quest mobility travel scooter, on the other hand, is convenient for travelers to pack alongside their baggage when traveling far.


Innovations and Improvements

Another reason for the increase in popularity for ILS mobility scooters is the additions to its collection with newer and innovative products that open new possibilities and opportunities to the customers.  The Easy Rider mobility scooter, for example, is one of the newest and belonging to the sports style scooters like the Pride Sportsrider mobility scooter. It can ride up to 15 kilometers per hour and with the relevant safety features to make sure that there are no harmful side effects or accidents. It consists of rear view mirrors, extra hand brakes, rear bumper and anti-tip wheel to maximize passenger safety.  It allows you to ride in style through your neighborhood despite your ailments.


As customer popularity and rating quite aptly points, the best mobility solutions come from Independent Living Specialists who remain forever sensitive to the needs of the humanity. So whether what you need is a hip happening mobility scooter, wheelchair or walker you are guaranteed the best of Australia by purchasing it through ILS.



The Best Mobility Solutions In Australia


Mobility issues can affect the life of anyone at any age may it be due to natural courses or accident. Whatever the course may be mobility difficulties can leave you feeling unhappy and dissatisfied about fulfilling your life purposes.

Act when mobility is at stake

As mentioned earlier mobility issues can be due to many reasons. The importance of recovering mobility is that, mobility is important to one’s life; to attend to tasks as well as for the overall social, mental and physical wellbeing of him or her. This wellbeing is the result of the many opportunities for fresh air, socializing and other leisure that mobility offers. This is why it is important to find yourself a suitable mobility aid.

The varieties of Mobility solutions in Australia

There are many mobility solutions out in the market today, to address the varying mobility issues that are prevalent in Australia and around the globe. These mobility solutions include simple walking sticks, walkers, wheelchairs, power chairs and mobility scooters. These are all available within Australia through the courtesy of Independent Living Specialists. All of these mobility aids are instrumental in addressing walking disabilities in their varying forms, leaving no room for helplessness. The walking sticks and walkers are reliable supporters to those who still prefer to walk despite the extra effort. There are many walkers designed for various contexts such as the knee walker which is instrumental for someone to recover from an injury in one leg or the seat walkers that allow recess in the middle of your journey. The wheeled walking aids, however, are more popular due to the ease they provide. Among them, mobility scooters are especially important and even the best mobility solution today in Australia due to the convenience, reliability, and security they offer.


Mobility scooters

Mobility scooters are battery powered and maneuvered with handlebars available through the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth in Australia. They contain comfortable seats, suspension, and extra features to make your life easier. There are many types of mobility scooters in the market. The differences can depend on the brand and the model of the particular scooter. The famous brands of mobility scooters include Pride, Shoprider, Invacare and Drive medical as the most famous.

Where to buy a mobility scooter in Australia

Independent Living Specialist offers thirty-seven quality mobility scooters of the four brands Shoprider, Invacare and Drive medical. You can pick up your favorite mobility scooter at any of their showrooms situated in Sydney, Port Macquarie, and Brisbane or order online on their delightful web page with free delivery guaranteed where ever in Australia you are situated. There are after sales support centers situated across the country and including Adelaide. So there is no need to worry about owning a mobility scooter of your own in Brisbane, Adelaide or any other city in Australia as support and friendly care is always close by.


Picking the correct mobility scooter

Although there are plenty of mobility scooters, picking the correct one for you needs some consideration and attention to detail. To begin with, you must resolve whether you need an outdoor mobility scooter or an indoor one. There are categories of mobility scooters designed to bear various amounts of weights. You must consider the suitability of the mobility scooter to bear your weight, especially if you plan on traveling on sloping land. There are light weight and portable mobility scooters that can facilitate you to travel. The Shoprider Rainrider is suitable to tolerate rough weather patterns. The Pride Sportsrider or the Easyrider mobility scooter with Gel batteries has the potential to release the sportsman in you. The Shoprider double seat rider even provides you the opportunity to ride alongside your loved ones making mobility thoroughly memorable. You must decide wisely when picking the best out of the best mobility solution to make sure complete satisfaction of yourself and your loved ones.

Shoprider Rainrider Scooter Door

Independent Living Specialists provides all information and cordial customer service at your hand to make this decision. They also offer roadside assistance for the first twelve months of your purchase.