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A mobility scooter is the safest and easiest mode of transport for the aged or those with limited mobility. This product is gaining popularity rapidly due to the new and technically improved products being introduced to the market.

Those who are on the heavy side need not be worried as Independent Living Specialists have some of the best heavy duty scooters in the stores Australia wide to suit your special needs.

How to Choose

Ensure to select a well-known brand and weight capacity before purchasing. Shop rider is the most popular and preferred brand due to the availability of spare parts and reliability of the product.


The most popular heavy-duty scooters are Shoprider rocky 889 gold mobility scooter, Shoprider 889 double seat mobility scooter, Rocky 4 Shoprider mobility scooter and Invacare comet ultra mobility scooter. These brands have a weight capacity of over 200kg.

Shoprider Rocky 889 Golf Mobility Scooter

This is ideal for the outdoor person. Although. like all other mobile scooters it could move you around the home, it can also help you to travel outdoors especially those golf lovers who need to navigate themselves on the golf course. It has a weight capacity of 225kg and maintains a reliable and comfortable ride.

Shoprider Rocky 889 Golf Scooter Rear

Shoprider 889 Double Seat Mobility Scooter

This product has been introduced to meet the demand for a wide mobility scooter. It has been manufactured to suit persons who require added seating width. It is large with a seat to accommodate two persons and has a weight capacity of 225kg. In keeping with its brand image, this model is full of luxury features. The dependability of this remarkable scooter is improved moreover with the rear wheel drive and electromagnetic brake.


Rocky 4 Shoprider Mobility Scooter

This heavy duty mobility scooter is a four-wheel with rear wheel drive, specially designed for traveling in an uneven area. It has a weight capacity of 227kg with front and rear suspension and 330mm pneumatic tires.

Shoprider Rocky 4 Scooter

Invacare Comet Ultra Mobility ScooterInvacare Comet HD

This heavy duty mobility scooter can carry weight up to 220 kg and suitable to be used in rocky and bumpy outdoors. This powerful scooter has many safety features and can take you to your destination safely, faster and comfortably.


Social and Health Benefits

It is now not necessary to miss your social gatherings, invitations, holidays and visiting your friends as there are mobility scooters to suit any need of the customer. Experience a boost in your health and quick recovery of other related ailments with the independence and feeling of contentment with the return of normalcy in your life.

Independent Living Specialists offers free delivery for online customers with reliable service and free roadside assistance for the first 12 months. These products are also available for hire/rent and buy options.

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Terrain mobility scooter is the best mode of transport for a handicapped person who needs to lead an active life. So, their wish of enjoying the countryside or driving a larger or heavier than the usual mobility scooter can be fulfilled with the purchase of a terrain mobility scooter. These scooters are manufactured to be used in rugged terrains, such as rough paths, uneven ground or grass, and climbing hills. These could also travel up to 50 miles.


Independent Living Specialist has a good range of terrain mobility scooters especially selected for the disabled people of Australia. These products are available in all the stores countrywide and delivered to the door for online customers. Free shipping is also offered country-wide.



Predator 4-wheel drive mobility scooter, Rocky Shoprider mobility scooter and All-New 2016 Viper mobility scooter are some of the scooters that could be used on rough terrains.

Predator 4-wheel drive scooter

The Predator terrain mobility scooter could be driven on the road and pavements without restrictions. It is equipped with independent suspension, disk brakes and 500W motor in each of the 4 wheels make it perfect for off-road driving. This product is considered to be a perfect investment for those looking for a unique mobility scooter to go on an outdoor vacation.

Rocky 4 Shoprider Mobility Scooter

The Rocky four-wheel scooter is also designed for rough terrain with a long wheelbase and rear wheel drive.

All New 2016 Viper Mobility Scooter

The Viper Mobility Scooter has a solid platform with a great deal of comfort and reliability and an excellent sporting design. Special concern has been given to safety on the manufacture of this scooter. It also features an anti-roll structure to avoid difficulties in climbing hills along with a manual handbrake for emergency power stoppage.

Easy Operation

Current technology has improved the manufacture of mobility scooters resulting in the products being more comfortable and much easier to operate.

People with limited upper body strength could easily move the handlebars and the basic control switches help to easily learn how to operate the device. Although some people learn to operate it fast, it is best to be confident to control and stop the device for an emergency.


Outdoor activities

In addition to assisting you to carry out your daily activities, a terrain mobility scooter is an asset for a handicapped outdoor person. A person with limited mobility can easily travel to the countryside or ride on steep and rough roads and enjoy the scenery and fresh air.

Bariatric mobility scooter Shoprider Rocky 4

Social and health benefits.

Most people with limited mobility get easily depressed due to their normal activities being curtailed. With the introduction of these modern all-terrain mobility scooters, people are able to lead a normal independent life, partake in social activities and most importantly get involved in outdoor activities.



The elderly people in Australia will find the lightweight walkers and mobility scooters an excellent manner to get around when they find it difficult to walk. Walking and traveling aids are some devices which come in handy to overcome your disabilities.

Lightweight walking aids.

Space saver walker, Forearm walker and ball walker cooper folding walking frame are some of the lightweight walking aids available at Independent Living Specialists.

Space Save Walker

This lightweight walking aid can be easily folded up and stored in small spaces. The rear glides and 4-inch wheels assist to move easily.

Forearm Walker

The forearm walking aid is perfect for people with limited hand and wrist strength with adjustable hand grips enabling the forearm walker to adapt according to forearm lengths. It is also foldable flat for easy storage and transportation

Ball Walker Cooper Folding Walking Frame

The ball walker cooper comes in three sizes manufactured with lightweight aluminum. The foldable frame does not need buttons or any other complicated mechanisms. Once folded it could fit easily into a smallest vehicle or storage space. It is also height adjustable.


Foldable Portable Mobility Scooters

Likewise foldable and portable mobility scooters also provide the elderly and people with limited mobility better independence and self-confidence to venture out alone and carry out their day to day activities confidently.


S19 Quest folding mobility travel scooter, Scout portable mobility GoGo ultra X mobility scooter are some of the many branded mobility scooters available at Independent Living Specialists. However, selecting the type of mobility scooter depends on your personal requirement. Independent Living Specialists deliver the selected products to the door for online customers.


S19 Quest Folding Mobility Travel Scooter

The S19 mobility scooter  an advanced ultra-lightweight folding mobility scooter with a greater range of drive. It could be folded in a simple movement and takes up very limited space after it’s folded. This could be taken overseas without affecting your luggage allowance as airlines have approved this as a wheelchair.

Scout Portable Mobility Scooter

The Scout Style mobility scooter is best suited for both indoor and outdoor areas. It is portable and could be disassembled to be stored or transported. It is also comfortable, stylish, reliable and maintains a good performance.

GoGo Ultra X Mobility Scooter

The GOGO Ultra X mobility scooter has an auto-latching lockup mechanism that allows the simple frame to be separated with only one hand. The front frame-mounted seat gives maximum support and its modern frame design could be easily disassembled into 5 lightweight parts for storage or transportation.


Public Transport Benefits

Australian public transport permits traveling with a mobility scooter, giving you more courage and if you intend to go on vacation, your mobility scooter could even be taken on an airplane or cruise line.

Customer Service

Independent Living Specialist has an excellent after sales customer service. Exceptionally qualified and trained staff are readily available to help customers choose a product suitable for their need.

Independent Living Specialists is well-known for the unique pre and posts sales assistance inclusive of after sales service and advice on handling, caring and maintenance of the device. Assistance is also provided for urgent repairs or mishaps on the road.

Social and health benefits

Those who are unsteady on their feet can easily lose their confidence in balancing themselves which may subsequently affect mobility movements and social activities. Independent Living Specialists are doing their best to support people overcome these issues by providing a wide range of mobility solutions in their stores spread across Australia.

Although there are many varieties of mobility aids, what is eventually required for you depends on your personal preferences.



Lightweight collapsible portable mobility scooters have been manufactured for daily use, to assist people who are unable to walk due to disability or health issues. These scooters can be used to move around the house or outside and live an independent life.


It will give a person the freedom to visit family and friends or go shopping without being hassled. The small frames of the product make it easy to manipulate and fit any narrow space. It is not heavy and practical for daily use, could be fitted in the back of a car and also suitable to be taken on vacations.

Easy access to public area

Most importantly, a mobility scooter does not need a registration to move around in public spaces and due to public places being continually improving its accessibility, mobility scooter users are finding it much easier to visit these areas just like any other person. The collapsible mobility scooters have been designed to take up less space and better operation to move in a crowd.


Foldable mobile scooters availability

Genie Plus Travel Mobility Scooter automatic folding, Quest folding mobility scooter and GoGO Lx mobility scooter with suspension are some of the foldable mobility scooters available at Independent Living Specialists. These are also on offer on hire or rent and buy options. They offer reliable service and free roadside assistance for the first 12 months. In addition, free delivery is available to the door Australia wide for online customers.


Genie Plus Travel Mobility Scooter with Automatic Folding

The Genie travel mobility scooter is an out of the ordinary mobility machine which folds and unfolds automatically when you need to store or transport it on the move. The special remote control operation helps the user to operate the scooter easily to suit your satisfaction. It can accommodate a person with a maximum weight of 136kg. This scooter is airline friendly and well within regulations due to its lithium dry cell battery. Since it is only 25kg it could be taken as a wheelchair when traveling overseas without affecting your luggage allowance. This unique mobility scooter priced at $4,475.00 is one of the best ways to transport yourself without any inconvenience.

solax genie mobility scooter remote

Quest Folding Mobility Travel Scooter

Quest folding mobility travel scooter is another unique product available at Independent Living Specialists priced at $2,390.00. It is an ultra-lightweight, collapsible mobility scooter. This model is one of most advanced lightweight mobility scooter available. It can be folded up easily in a simple movement and needs very little space once folded. This mobility scooter is also airline friendly and could be taken overseas as a wheelchair without affecting your luggage allowance.

Pride S19 folding mobilty scooter

GoGo LX Mobility Scooter with CT Suspension

The GoGO LX mobility scooter with CT suspension is priced at $1,590.00. This product could be dismantled and re-assembled and has a new level of performance features and value to travel mobility. Having a sleek style, feather tough disassembly and standard lights the GoGO LX mobility scooter is one of the most advanced travel products available.


Social and Mental benefits

When a person suddenly becomes immobile, a mobility scooter can provide you improved independence and well as enable you to carry out daily chores without assistance. It also helps overcome all your social and mental health issues. You will be able to lead a normal life, participate in your usual social activities and lead a happy life.



According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics over four million Australians are estimated as being disabled.

Independent Living Specialists is an organization which provides a wide range of special disability aids and support to the large disabled community in Australia. Their prime intention is to assist the disabled to live an independent life in comfort.

Out of their largest product range, mobility scooters are one of the most popular equipment among their customers and these are available to suit a person’s budget, size, weight and personal requirements.

Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are available on rent/hire or purchase at Independent Living Specialists and whether you buy or hire, these scooters provide miles of freedom for those with limited mobility. It could also be designed to suit all needs such as a hardy heavy duty mobility scooter for country areas or long distances or even a solid travel scooter.

GoGo LX mobility scooter with CTS suspension on sale at a special price of $1590, Scout sport Quattro mobility scooter with all round suspension going at a special price of $1399 and Pathrider ES10 mobility scooter being sold at a special price of $1850 are some of the most popular and fast moving mobility scooters of Independent Living Specialists.

Pride Mobility GoGo Ultra

Mobility Scooter Accessories.

Mobility scooter accessories are also an important feature of a mobility scooter. These attachments are an asset to the user. There are various accessories available at Independent Living Specialists to enhance user’s ability.

Mobility scooter bag and crutch holder, mobility scooter canopy, mobile scooter flag, mobility scooter water resistant cover, Seat walker holder for scooter are five of the popular accessories.


Mobility Scooter Bag & Crutch Holder

The mobility scooter bag and crutch holder is currently being sold at a discount rate of $195. It is a large shopping bag attached to the back seat with a strong Velcro strap, which could be removed easily for daily shopping requirements The canopy could also be attached easily to the scooter bag.


Mobility Scooter Canopy

The mobility scooter canopy is priced at $180. It is a canopy to give shade from the sun made out of good waterproof canvas and fits easily into a carrier bag.


Mobility Scooter Flag

The mobility scooter flag is $16 and this bright orange flag assist in increasing visibility of scooter users.


Mobility Scooter Water Resistant Cover

The mobility scooter water resistant cover is priced at $110 is used to cover your mobility scooter to prevent accumulation of dust and dirt. It is also water resistant.


Seat Walker Holder for the Scooter

The seat walker holder for the scooter is priced at $195. It is attached to the rear bracket of the scooter or merged with the rear carry bag. The walker is strapped tightly to the scooter with Velcro straps to ensure it is secure while driving.