Although a lift chair resembles a normal reclining chair, most people are not aware of what a lift chair exactly does or who actually benefits from this device.

A lift chair has additional features than a normal reclining chair and it is considered as a medical equipment which can be used in an upright or reclined position with just a push of a switch. Its distinctness is that it has a powerful lifting system capable of triggering to tilting the base and back of the chair forward enabling the user to easily get into a standing position. The user is also able to operate the device by pushing buttons on a remote instead of using a lever or switch manually. These kinds of chairs are known in various terms but it all refer to the same chair. Most importantly, whether it is a Smokey Dawson, Lift homecare, medical lift, adjustable lift, or electrical lift it all refers to the same thing.

Lift chairs can be customized to suit your exact needs as it is available in different sizes and styles with many optional features.

Benefits of a Lift Chair

A lift chair is the best choice for anyone having difficulty transferring from a seated position to standing due to limited mobility or issues with balancing. In addition to assisting to simply standing up and sitting down its benefits are beyond limits. The optional feature of heat and massage provides therapeutic benefits to those with back pain, arthritis, stiff or sore joints, and many other related conditions. It could also be used for relaxing purposes such as watching television, read or exercise related activities. Some people even prefer to sleep on it rather than their bed due to the different positions available. Most lift chairs can be reclined to a flat position and also modified to different angles and elevated for better comfort. It is also the best solution for people who need to keep their feet elevated while seated or asleep.


The Place to find a Lift Chair

Lift chairs are available at all stores of Independent Living Specialists Australia wide, tailor-made to suit any need of the user, even if it is a compact chair to fit into a tight space or larger twin motor chair for much stronger usage. The chair could also be covered in the available material according to the customer’s liking and room décor depending on the brand. ILS assures reliable, great pricing, and friendly delivery service whether it is on hire, rent or bought outright.



Independent Living Specialists has more than 30 lift chairs in their stores from some of the leading brands such as Days Healthcare, Drive Medical, K Care, Pride, Royale, S.M.Homecare and Topform. Furthermore, Mayfair select recliner electric chair, Stella electric recliner chair, and Pride C5 electric recliner chair are some of the most popular lift chairs available at ILS. The lift chairs available vary to suit persons weighing 100kgs to 225kgs. Online customers are provided free shipping to the door Australia wide.

A quiet and smooth three position single motor lift system. The Price C5 is an excellent choice for an affordable medium to large chaise lounger.

A quiet and smooth three position single motor lift system. The Price C5 is an excellent choice for an affordable medium to large chaise lounger.

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Lift chairs are generally known in various names but they all refer to the same device. Although it is often referred to as lift aged chairs, people of all ages are able to use these chairs to suit their immobility or handicap with boundless relaxation, comfort, freedom, and independence.

Independence Living Specialists have lift chairs to suit the budget of the users and some of the lift chairs are priced below $1000 to make it affordable.


Mayfair Select electric recliner lift chair, Pride C5 electric lift chair, Pride C-101 electric recliner lift chair and Indiana recliner lift chair are some of the branded lift chairs priced below $1000, available at all stores of Independent Living Specialists’ stores Australia wide.

Mayfair Select Electric Recliner Chair

This chair is the most popular product of the Royale brand priced at $798.99. Its features include a perfectly comfortable 3 section waterfall backrest design for excellent relaxation and upper, middle and lower back brace. The quality foams and no sag springs used in manufacturing it provides absolute postural support. It is also fitted with backup power supply along with quality actuators and American branded mechanisms providing the chair with an effortless and safe operation.

Mayfair Select lift chair

Pride C-5 Electric Lift Chair

This device is filled with very best features which include a frame of steel and armrests entirely cushioned and upholstered for extra relaxation. It is also fitted with a combined emergency battery backup. Currently priced at 896.99 for a limited time for online customers.

Pride C5 Lift Chair

Pride C-101 Electric Recliner Lift Chair

This lift chair is the best choice if you are looking for a medium to large couch idler. Cushioned full length with upholstered armrests in cocoa, fern or sandal suede and fitted with a combined emergency battery back-up inclusive of 10-year warranty on the strong frame and 2 years on all mechanisms and motor. Currently priced at a special price of $939.99 for online customers.

Pride C101 Lift Chair

Indiana Recliner Lift Chair

The Indiana recliner lift chair is priced at $999.99 giving an excellent value for your money. It is available in small to standard sizes for optimum comfort with color options of graphite, and mushroom. It has a full-length couch with a soft and comfortable seat and cushion at the back for added relaxation. This chair will rise and tilt user to the feet and can also be reclined to snooze position. Other features include a footrest that could be elevated, two button handset with safety feature and a weight capacity of 150kg.


Some of these chairs could be re-cushioned in any material to suit the user’s taste and house décor. However, whether it is bought outright, hire or rent, ILS will provide a reliable and friendly delivery service. Online customers are provided free shipping and delivery to the door Australia wide.


Although a lift chair is the best idea for those who have a problem transitioning from seated to standing position, its benefits are much more than assisting whilst sitting or standing up. This device could be utilized to engage in many recreational activities and also be used as a bed as most models can be reclined to a flat position.

What You Need To Know Before Purchasing The Perfect Lift Chair


Becoming immobile and losing strength is a natural aging process and normal daily chores that were simple in the past become difficult to cope. Simple tasks such as sitting down and standing up will not be that easy especially when your legs are not as strong as they used to be. To overcome these issues and assist the elderly to get back their independence, lift chairs are the best alternative.
Independent Living Specialists has some of the best brands of power lift chairs specifically manufactured for the comfort and support of their customers.


A lift chair is an up to date equipment manufactured to improve a person’s life and increase mobility. Although there is a wide range of lift chairs available in the market, the user should be aware that the final decision of selecting and purchasing the device is the sole responsibility of the user with assistance from a health care professional such as a doctor or physical therapist.
It is important to read the manual and follow instructions mentioned before trying to use the lift chair for the first time. In some instances, as per the medical conditions, it will become necessary to practice operating the lift chair in the presence of a family member or health care professional who has been trained in assisting the user to perform the day to day activities whilst operating the lift chair safely.

Precautions and Safety

Lift chairs have been manufactured to give maximum comfort and service. Yet, it should not be modified, disable, add or remove any feature, part or function of the device. Unwarranted modifications could also nullify the device’s warranty.

Weight Limitations

It is important to use a lift chair according to the weight of the user. Usually, the manufacturer will not hold themselves responsible for any injuries caused or damage to the device by not complying with instructions pertaining to weight constraints.

Mayfair-Select-Electric-Recliner Lift-Chair-Brown-Legrest

The scissor and lift mechanism is defined as pinch/crush point hazards on your lift chair. Keep away from these areas and ensure the movement path is unblocked.

Electromagnetic and Radio-frequency interference

Laboratory tests have proved that electromagnetic and radio frequency interference could have an unfavorable effect on the device’s performance. Cellular phones, walkie-talkie, radio/TV stations, wireless computer links, microwave signals, and paging transmitters are some equipment that can cause damage to the control system of devices that are electrically powered. It is recommended to maintain a minimum distance of at least 3 meters between the lift chair and any handheld device that emits 10W or more power.

Days Healthcare Serena

The riser action will help reduce the stress which would normally occur on your joints and knees when you get up and down. A battery backup also ensures you are able to retain mobility in the event of a power outage.

Shipping and Delivery

It is recommended to ensure the delivery is fully intact before using the lift chair as some parts may be packed separately. If the delivery is not according to the specifications mentioned on the purchase, the dealer should be contacted immediately. In case the packaging or contents have been damaged during transportation, the delivery company in charge should be contacted.

Transporting by motor vehicle

When a lift chair is being transported in a motor vehicle, special care should be taken to ensure the individual parts are kept safe without slipping. The lift chair should also be secured from slipping and being damaged probably when the vehicle brakes due to a mishap.



Most often when a person gets older, the muscles get stiffened or joints begin to ache and it becomes difficult to get about your normal daily activities. Even a least possible chore will be too much for the body to take and at times the person may even lose mobility absolutely due to the immense pain. When this happens, it becomes necessary to look for ways to lessen stress on the body and limit activity. The best device to arrest this situation is the lift and recliner chair. This chair is equipped with mechanisms that lift it up and down enabling the user to sit down and get up easily


This recliner chair is operated electrically which lifts the chair up and tilts it forward controlled with a hand lever on the armrest. On some chairs, it also controls the reclining position of the chair. Some older models have a spring mechanism which is not recommended as sometimes the user could get thrown out of the chair. The electrically operated chair raises slowly, enabling the user to get on the feet safely.


Chair Extent

The size of the chair should be taken into consideration as it is a device that shifts user from sitting to a standing position. The chair’s best performance is based on the user’s height and weight. Checking the height of the chair is very important because if the chair is too tall, it could lift the user off the ground leading to a fall. Therefore, considering the size of the chair should be given prime importance.


Room and Décor

Considering the room where the lift chair is being placed is also important. Although these chairs are the same size as recliners, they take more space when activated. It should also blend with the room décor and many models have a choice of fabric and possibly be able to match the chair to the existing walls and furnishing.

Chair Feature

These chairs come in two-position, three-position, infinite-position, and zero-gravity.
These positions have different types of reclining features to suit the user’s need.


Two-position Lift Recliner Chair

This chair keeps the user upright even when reclining to about 45 degrees. It can really recline to any place between fully upright and 45-degree reclining position.

Portland Recliner Lift Chair
Three-Position Lift Recliner Chair

This position goes back further than 45-degrees to a sleeping position but not a flat position.

Infinite-Position Lift Recliner Chair

This position increase from the reclining to a flat, bed-like position for sleeping. It could further be set to any position between sitting fully upright and the flat position.

Zero-Gravity Lift Recliner Chair

This has all the features of the infinite-position chair plus reclines even further back, putting the legs above the back which relieves stress on the lower back and expands the muscles to relieve the stiffness.


A wide range of reliable branded lift recliner chairs to meet any requirement is available on rental or purchase options at www.ilsau.com.au and at all stores of Independent Living Specialists in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide.




Independent Living Specialists who are pioneers in physiotherapy and home care equipment has begun their autumn sale with exceptional deals at their online store.

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senior_March - June 18

Lift Chairs

Our Autumn sale has further extended with great deals on a range of lift chairs. Here is a list of chairs on sale :

  • Drive titan power chair.
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Mobility Scooters

Our range of mobility scooters give you independence to travel wherever you need. You can choose from quick folding travel scooters to heavy duty mobility units that are now on sale.

  • Sunrise medical S425 mobility scooter.
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Power Wheelchairs

These high quality power wheelchairs provide users great mobility and independence. Our autumn sale extends to these top three power chairs,

  • Cobalt travel power wheelchair.
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Seat Walkers

From lightweight seat walkers to travel rollators, our autumn sale guarantees the best deals in Australia. Check out deals now:

  • Hero Economy 6” seat walker.
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Home equipment

We have also extended the sale to a range of home equipment such as,

  • Shower trays
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  • Adjustable bed rail.
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  • Drop-side bed rail.


Latest Portable Oxygen Therapy

  • Inogen One G3HF + 1X single cell battery.
  • Inogen One G4HF + 1X single cell battery.

Home Oxygen Therapy

  • Devilbliss 5L oxygen concentrator
  • Inogen at home.

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Expert Advice

Independent Living Specialists has a network of occupational therapists to give expert advice on your purchases.

The discount pricing is valid only until stocks last, therefore, make use of these offers keeping your comfort, satisfaction, health and social benefits in mind.