Top New Products At Independent Living Specialists

Independent Living Specialists or ILS has always been popular among people of Australia. This popularity comes from the quality products and services they have to offer. People understand it is always good to shop with a reliable supplier. A supplier who works with experts is always a good choice. That is why ILS keeps on being one of the best suppliers of quality products.
At every season you can find a variety of new products at ILS. These new products range from home care equipment to even mobility scooters one can use. They are all aimed at offering you your independence back. There are good new products in every category.

Lift Chair Choices

Life chairs are widely sought out by the elderly community. They are the ones with the most difficulty in getting up once they are seated. Therefore, this demand can be understood. Now with ILS, you have some new lift chair choices such as the Standard Comfort Bed Daily Chair and Air Comfort Deluxe Small V2 Princess. The Standard Comfort Bed Daily Chair offers the user comfort from their head to toe. This chair is made of materials which are easy to clean. It is also quite a durable product. As to Air Comfort Deluxe Small V2 Princess, it allows you to sit on the chair for a long time without any discomfort. It also comes with adjustable leg rest, seat, back, etc.

daily chair

Mobility Scooter Choices

The newest mobility solutions offered to you by ILS contains products such as Genie plus Travel Mobility Scooter Automatic Folding and Scout Sport Quattro Mobility Scooter with All round Suspension. The Genie plus Travel Mobility Scooter Automatic Folding is an electronic scooter which is fully automated. You can easily fold and unfold is depending on your need. It also comes with a special remote control. You can easily take this scooter during air travel too. The Scout Sport Quattro Mobility Scooter with All round Suspension comes with features to ensure a relaxed ride. It has an impressive electromagnetic braking system. It is also known as the most powerful portable scooter in the market.

solax genie mobility scooter remote

Bedroom Help Choices

The Universal Swivel TV Tray Table is for anyone who loves to sit with something to hold what you need. This table can swivel 360 degrees. You can use it while sitting on the sofa, while you are on your lift chair or even on the bed. There are also products like Dropside Bed Rail Tall which can help someone on the bed. You can easily turn on the bed getting help from this.


These are just some of the top new products at the ILS at the moment. ILS always tries to get the best products and provide them to you. They are always trying to make things easier for you. You can easily shop for these products using their website. At the same time, once you make the order, they deliver the product to your home. You can even hire certain products from them without buying them.


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The Best Lift Chairs to Get This Season


Once you have reached the golden years of your life you have probably gone through stressful times throughout the years. This time becomes the period you should enjoy freedom. You get to relax as there is no employment to engage in. However, these years can be somewhat challenging too. Mostly, these years can make it hard for your body. After so many years of use, it will start showing signs of wear and tear.  However, since we live in a modern age all those discomforts have an answer. Especially, standing up easily once you are seated is now easy as you have lift chairs to use.

From a reliable supplier such as ILS, you can easily shop for a good lift chair during this autumn sale. You will find the best chairs for the lowest rates.

Topform Ashley Arm and Head Rest Cover Set

This is a simple lift chair to support your back and head comfortably. This comes as both a single as well as a twin motor powered chair.

Topform Ashley Mini Lift Chair

Manor Electric Recliner Lift Chair

This is quite easy to use as lifting and meeting the ground can be controlled from a remote. The backrest comes in a waterfall style providing enough comfort and support. The chair even has a magazine pocket so you can keep all your reading material and use them easily.


Pride C101 Electric Recliner Lift Chair

This is one of the best affordable life chairs for anyone in need of such. Along with the long warranties, the chair even comes with a color choice for you. It also has an emergency battery backup.

Pride C101 Lift Chair

Monarch Recliner Electric Recliner Lift Chair

This life chair comes with a seamed backrest to provide more back support. It also has a padded leg rest. Controlling the chair is made easier with the handheld remote. It also comes with eleven color choices.

Monarch Lift Chair

Pride C5 Electric Recliner Lift Chair

An emergency battery backup makes sure the chair is powered all the time. You will also have the comfort of a fully padded chair. The chair is strong with a steel frame. That means you do not have to worry about its strength. There are three fabric color choices to choose from too.

Pride C5 Lift Chair

If you look at the ILS website you will see that among the many lift chairs in Australia ILS features the best. All the lift chairs featured on the website are created by reliable manufacturers. Also, some of these chairs are even provided at amazingly low prices.

When you make your pick from the collection of a trustworthy supplier you will get the best satisfaction. You will definitely get a quality product which lasts long. At the same time, it will be delivered to your home. They will even be ready to customize the chair to suit your needs. Therefore, always make your choice from a category presented by a good supplier.

A Quick Guide To Selecting The Right Lift Chair


Once you reach the golden years of life you want to spend a happy and peaceful life. You have already fulfilled all your responsibilities to your loved ones and the society. You have worked so hard in life up to that point. Therefore, wanting to enjoy life and be at peace at that time is quite normal.

However, most of the time, when we are reaching the golden years of life, we are tired of all the work we have done. Because of all the work we have done up to that point, we can be physically weak. That means as elders we may have to get help to do our day to day work. We may also have to get some help to stay comfortable. That is where a lift chair becomes useful.

In your golden years, you will like to spend most of your time sitting and watching television or even reading. However, you may find sometimes, getting up from your chair, is rather difficult. With a recliner/ lift chair, you can get up easily, as the chair helps you to get back into a standing position. Therefore, having a lift chair can help you feel comfortable, right at home.


Making a Selection

With a renowned supplier such as Independent Living Specialists, you will be able to find a number of lift chairs. The Manor Electric Recliner Lift Chair, Pride C101 Electric Recliner Lift Chair, Pride C6 Electric Recliner Lift Chair – Twin Motors, Monarch Recliner Electric Recliner Lift Chair and Stella Electric Recliner Lift Chair are some of the top most popular lift chairs at ILS. Each of these recliners, are basically equipped to let you stay comfortable while seated and help you to get up when needed. However, each of these chairs have their own special qualities. For example, Manor Electric Recliner Lift Chair has a backrest which imitates a waterfall. It provides extra comfort for the one using the chair. Some come with additional head and lumbar support.


Purchasing a Lift Chair

Purchasing a lift chair is quite easy. You can visit any of the 9 showrooms located in Sydney Or you can simply visit the ILS website, go through the catalog, choose a lift chair and buy the lift chair online.

Hiring a Lift Chair

If you only want to have the lift chair with you for a short period you can hire the chair as well. Here again, you can first select the lift chair of your choice. Then, you can contact ILS and make arrangements to hire the chair for the period you need to have it.


If you are unable to visit any of the showrooms, free delivery is always available for online purchases. It’s as simple as that!

Finding Your Freedom with Independent Living Specialists

Sunrise Medical Mobility Scooters available through ILSAU

Not only the aged but also the young has to sometimes face some difficulties when they are suffering from some kind of a physical condition which limits their ability to move. Sure, age affects every one of our bodies quite brutally. However, some medical conditions can be equally brutal when they are hurting us and limiting our ability to move on our own.

Most of the time, when such a time in our life comes we have to get the help of a family member or a caregiver who can be there for us all the time. However, all of us want to be able to be independent without being dependent on someone all the time. But what can one do when such physical inabilities are there? At such a moment, you can use the help of Independent Living Specialists and choose some devices which can help you to move with ease inside and outside your home.

Moving Outdoors

Most of the time moving while we are indoors is not that hard. We can use a walker as support. However, we really need something more reliable to support us fully when outdoors. ILS offers those who are interested in moving outdoors without anyone’s assistance, a number of mobility scooters. These scooters are quite easy to use and even can be customized to fit your exact needs. Some will offer you the ability to go short distances while others are ideal for long distances.

Invacare Colibri Scooter

Moving Within the House

You can be someone who finds it difficult to move around inside the house too. You may be wishing to stay comfortably seated most of the time.  You can get necessary home care solutions from ILS too by purchasing a lift chair from them. These chairs also come with a variety of options. All of them are basically designed to help the user stay as comfortable as possible. At the same time, these chairs help the person using it to stand up without anyone’s help as the chairs lift you and help you to get to a standing position. With such a chair you can be comfortably seated while you are away from the bed and get up without falling down, or without getting anyone else’s help.


Deals to Rent or Buy

At ILS you also have the option of using these amazing items which can make your life more independent and easier, for rent too. If you think you need a particular item for only some time you can hire the item through an online booking. If you are buying any of these wonderful items you can even enjoy some special deals such as getting free delivery throughout Australia (as long as you are ordering the item online). Moreover, with ILS you do get the chance to shop for the items which can give you your freedom back from the comfort of your home as the online ordering process is not at all complicated.


ILS has been around to help people such as you, who want to find the independence in their life by using some reliable products. These ILS products can help the user to do their own work without depending on others. Therefore, if you are also determined to find the freedom you had lost due to age or any kind of a medical condition, you can use the assistance ILS has to offer. These professionals only provide what is best for you.

Best electric lift chairs for senior citizens


Electric chairs are a great help for the elderly who have trouble raising themselves from sitting position due to weak arm or leg muscles or facing the lack of stability in their lives. They provide comfort, convenience, and daily security. They also can fit in nicely along with your home decorations as they come in various designs and colours and you can pick the one best suited for your particular style. You may need to study some of the different brands available to pick one best suited for your needs.

Details to consider

The main details to consider when buying a lift chair is the positions they offer and the motor options they provide. There are three main types of lift chair according to the positions they offer. The 2-position or TV recline type of lift chair is for those who prefer to be seated upright when engaged in reading, watching television or when conversing with someone. The 3-position or full recline type of lift chairs offer the all three positions of standing, sitting and reclining. This is more convenient to shift your body to any position according to your needs and moods. The infinite position or sleep recline type of lift chairs are even more convenient to take naps or even extended sleep as they recline fully. The motor options are available in single motor and double motor. In the single motor, your footrest will be raised first before reclining the backrest and incoming upright the backrest will first come up followed by the footrest falling to its place. However a dual motor lift chair functions without such an order thus letting you control the footrest and backrest independently.


As mentioned above, style and design can be picked in accordance individual tastes. There can be gender component within these tastes that some brands have taken into consideration. The Pride D30 Lift Chair, for example, is an excellent choice for an affordable medium to large chaise lounger, with a timber and metal frame, that could be attracting for a senior gentleman’s taste. It includes great features including a solid frame made of steel and timber and a full foam padded seat with contoured backrest and comes with a ten-year solid frame construction warranty and a two-year warranty on all mechanisms and motor parts. The Floreat Recliner Lift Chair is a model designed with a beautiful floral design; much suited for a senior gentlewoman. This chair offers a sublime level of comfort and the dual motor mechanism allows you to independently adjust the angle of the footrest and backrest to find the position that is best for you.


Find the best collection of lift chairs

Independent Living Specialists offer many models of lift chairs suited all needs, in many brands. They also offer great prices, and reliable, friendly delivery service.