The elderly people in Australia will find the lightweight walkers and mobility scooters an excellent manner to get around when they find it difficult to walk. Walking and traveling aids are some devices which come in handy to overcome your disabilities.

Lightweight walking aids.

Space saver walker, Forearm walker and ball walker cooper folding walking frame are some of the lightweight walking aids available at Independent Living Specialists.

Space Save Walker

This lightweight walking aid can be easily folded up and stored in small spaces. The rear glides and 4-inch wheels assist to move easily.

Forearm Walker

The forearm walking aid is perfect for people with limited hand and wrist strength with adjustable hand grips enabling the forearm walker to adapt according to forearm lengths. It is also foldable flat for easy storage and transportation

Ball Walker Cooper Folding Walking Frame

The ball walker cooper comes in three sizes manufactured with lightweight aluminum. The foldable frame does not need buttons or any other complicated mechanisms. Once folded it could fit easily into a smallest vehicle or storage space. It is also height adjustable.


Foldable Portable Mobility Scooters

Likewise foldable and portable mobility scooters also provide the elderly and people with limited mobility better independence and self-confidence to venture out alone and carry out their day to day activities confidently.


S19 Quest folding mobility travel scooter, Scout portable mobility GoGo ultra X mobility scooter are some of the many branded mobility scooters available at Independent Living Specialists. However, selecting the type of mobility scooter depends on your personal requirement. Independent Living Specialists deliver the selected products to the door for online customers.


S19 Quest Folding Mobility Travel Scooter

The S19 mobility scooter  an advanced ultra-lightweight folding mobility scooter with a greater range of drive. It could be folded in a simple movement and takes up very limited space after it’s folded. This could be taken overseas without affecting your luggage allowance as airlines have approved this as a wheelchair.

Scout Portable Mobility Scooter

The Scout Style mobility scooter is best suited for both indoor and outdoor areas. It is portable and could be disassembled to be stored or transported. It is also comfortable, stylish, reliable and maintains a good performance.

GoGo Ultra X Mobility Scooter

The GOGO Ultra X mobility scooter has an auto-latching lockup mechanism that allows the simple frame to be separated with only one hand. The front frame-mounted seat gives maximum support and its modern frame design could be easily disassembled into 5 lightweight parts for storage or transportation.


Public Transport Benefits

Australian public transport permits traveling with a mobility scooter, giving you more courage and if you intend to go on vacation, your mobility scooter could even be taken on an airplane or cruise line.

Customer Service

Independent Living Specialist has an excellent after sales customer service. Exceptionally qualified and trained staff are readily available to help customers choose a product suitable for their need.

Independent Living Specialists is well-known for the unique pre and posts sales assistance inclusive of after sales service and advice on handling, caring and maintenance of the device. Assistance is also provided for urgent repairs or mishaps on the road.

Social and health benefits

Those who are unsteady on their feet can easily lose their confidence in balancing themselves which may subsequently affect mobility movements and social activities. Independent Living Specialists are doing their best to support people overcome these issues by providing a wide range of mobility solutions in their stores spread across Australia.

Although there are many varieties of mobility aids, what is eventually required for you depends on your personal preferences.

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Ranging from light-weight to heavy-duty, all of our wheelchairs are designed with either self-propelled or transit operation for ease of use for either the carer or user.

For those with mobility problems, a wheelchair is an absolute savior. In addition to carrying out daily chores without assistance, a wheelchair can give back freedom to a person with limited mobility as well as contribute to your mental health and social wellbeing. For independence, most users prefer self-propelled units. Independent Living Specialists do their best to provide a wide range of self-propelled wheelchairs.

Types of Wheelchairs

There are several types of self-propelled wheelchairs available at ILS, chosen carefully to suit your lifestyle, budget and body type. Self-propelled wheelchairs are manufactured to be pushed by the user, but whatever wheelchair you prefer to use the benefits are numerous. Breezy basiX wheelchair, Days healthcare whirl chair, and the Drive S1 Steel Wheelchair are some of the fast moving self-propelled wheelchairs.

Expanded Freedom

Any type of wheelchair helps a user to get to a place they need and do their work without assistance. For those with limited mobility or who are not able to walk unaided, a self-propelled wheelchair is an ideal equipment to move around with confidence and reduce the risk of falling indoors or outdoors.

Breezy BasiX Wheelchair

This is a self-propelled lightweight wheelchair with improved rigidity, adjustability mixed with a new, elegant look. It also includes seat depth adjustability, tension adjustable backrest and attached with a more robust rigid castor. It is one of the most versatile Eco wheelchairs on the market. It has been thoroughly tested to ensure user’s safety and considered as highly efficient and easy to use.

Breezy Basix Self Propelled Wheelchair

Days healthcare whirl wheelchair.

This has been manufactured to look simple but a flexible wheelchair is an ideal equipment for full or part-time use. It could be used as an attendant propelled or self-propelled. It’s narrow frame and compact dimensions guarantee good movability inside the house and in limited spaces. The puncture-proof tyres provide peace of mind when moving outdoors.

Days Healthcare Whirl

The Drive S1 Steel Wheelchair

This wheelchair is a lightweight and cost-effective product that could be used outside and indoors. Since it is fitted with strong steel frames, this wheelchair is just the right thing for long drives and authenticated as very durable for prolonged use. It is also available in self-propel and transit option.

The Drive S1 Steel Wheelchair
Self-Propelled Super Bariatric Wheelchair

The self-propelled super bariatric heavy duty wheelchair is manufactured with a robust frame to accommodate heavy users and gives maximum comfort. It also has removable armrests and leg rests along with a memory foam cushion and durable upholstery tensioner to add extra support and prevent backrest from sagging. A removable push bar and footrest cover to extend footplate surface are also attached to accommodate large legs and feet.


Social and Mental Health Benefits

There are times when a person with limited or decreased mobility finds it difficult to take part in social activities. It is a well-known fact that socializing is very important for your physical health and emotional wellbeing. This is where a wheelchair and other mobility aids come in handy to help the user to enjoy life, engaging themselves in social activities. A wheelchair improves the lifestyle of the user, resulting in facing life more positively.



Independent Living Specialists provides disability aids to the physically handicapped and aged population all over Australia. Their products are available to suit all sorts of disability at an affordable price. Purchasing your requirements at this moment will be advantageous as the products are shipped free across all states Australia wide.

Their prime intention is to provide very good quality equipment to their customers, with a service to match. Most importantly, aiding your disability and gain your independence back. Lift chairs and scooters are some of the fast moving products available in a wide range of brands and prices.

Lift Chairs

The lift chairs are some well-known brands and noted for their quality and reliability.  Pride C101 electric recliner lift chair, Stella electric recliner lift chair, and Mayfair select electric recliner lift chair are the most popular and sought-after brands available at Independent Living Specialists.

  • The Pride C101 electric recliner lift chairs is currently being sold at a discount price of $935. It is a wonderful choice for an average to large couch viewer. The whole chair is fully padded and available in cocoa, fern or sandal suede upholstery with an emergency battery back and 10 years warranty for the solid frame construction and 2 years on all mechanisms and motor. Online customers, Australia wide could avail themselves of free delivery to your door.

Pride C101 Lift Chair

  • The Stella electric recliner lift chair is a dual motored, fully upholstered, electrically operated leather lounge chair with an all-inclusive 2-year warranty. It is a reliable recliner with additional features such as a seat with foam padding and a two-section padded backrest for legs and head support. It is available at a special price of $1455 with Australia wide delivery free for online customers.


  • The Mayfair select electric recliner lift chair is going at $849 currently along with a limited time special offer of free sheepskin valued at $150. It also comes with a free set of locking casters for transportation. This popular model has a very comfortable backrest design for maximum comfort and upper, middle and lower back support. The backup power supply is also installed. This is also delivered free Australia wide for online customers.

Mayfair Select Electric Lift Chair

Mobility Scooters

This category of vehicle is known by many names but they all refer to the same thing. Although it is often referred to as an aged care mobility scooter, people of all ages use these battery-powered devices to suit their needs.

GO GO LX mobility scooter with CTS suspension, Scout style plus mobility scooter with quad suspension and PathriderES10 mobility scooter are some of the popular brands available at Independent Living Specialists.

  • The Go-Go LX mobility scooter with CTS suspension is going at a special price of $1590. It has a sleek style, feather touch dis-assembly, and standard lighting. It is one of the most advanced travel products available.

Pride GoGo Lx Mobility Scooter Accessories

  • The Scout style plus mobility scooter with quad suspension is going at a discount price of $1399. It is designed for a very relaxed ride with deluxe cushioned seating and wide armrests. It also includes a swivel seat for easy transmission, an electromagnetic braking system and durable handlebars for easy control.


  • The Pathrider ES10 mobility scooter is priced at $1850 is very easy to use and could be used outdoors too. It has a bright headlight, adjustable tiller, and a stylish design. It is delivered free Australia wide for online customers.


The latest terrain mobility scooters provide marvelous features that include all round suspension, long lasting batteries, LED headlights, stylish new designs and capable of a travel range of 48 km. The Envoy 4 Plus mobility scooter of terrain range is 2017 new model and available at a price of $2095 with free delivery Australia wide for online customers.


Happy successful attractive elderly couple reading together outd

The Independent Living Specialists founded in 2004 is one of Australia’s largest home care and medical equipment providers. At present this institution is offering disability aids for their customers at discounted special rates with a view to assisting the handicapped and aged population.

The most popular brands are available at an affordable price now and delivered free nationwide.

Lift Chairs

Lift and recline chairs give people of all ages immense comfort, freedom, independence, and relaxation. Independent Living Specialists can provide a model to suit any need or budget. It could be purchased for hire, rent or cash with a friendly and reliable delivery service.

The Pride C5 electric recliner lift chair and Mayfair select electric lift recliner chair are two popular products on sale at a reasonable price.

  • Pride C5 electric recliner lift chair is being sold at $895 with a saving of $700 at the sale.
  • Mayfair select electric recliner lift chair is priced at $849 with a saving of $546 at the sale.
  • Mayfair electric recliner lift premium leather chair is priced at $1525 to $1699 with a saving of $1096.


Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters have provided miles of freedom for those with limited mobility. Independent Living Specialists are pioneers in supplying compact travel scooter or a robust heavy duty mobility scooter for country areas or long distance traveling. Pride is one of the preferred brands due to its reliability and availability of spare parts. Each brand has a large range of models to suit your specific needs.

Mobility scooters are presently on sale and offered on hire/rent or cash. These are available in a large range of design, size, and comfort backed with reliable service and free roadside assistance for the first 12 months.

Pride Sportsrider mobility scooter, Scout Style Plus mobility scooter with quad suspension and Go GO Lx mobility scooter with CTS suspension are some of the popular mobility scooters.  The new predator 4wheel mobility scooter is also available at a discounted price.

  • Pride Sportsrider mobility scooter is on sale for $5499 with a saving of $1496.
  • Scout Style Plus mobility scooter with quad suspension is available at $1399 which is a saving of $796.
  • GoGO Lx mobility scooter with CTS suspension is priced at $1590 which is a saving of $405.
  • Predator 4wheel drive mobility scooter is being sold at $10409 which is a saving of $2590
  • S19 Quest Folding mobility travel scooter could be taken on your overseas holidays and one of the bestselling products. It could be folded and transported easily around home or outside. It is on sale at $2390 with a saving of $905.



Walking Aids

Selecting a walking aid depends on a person’s height, weight, environment and mobility requirements. Independent Living Specialists have walking aids designed to ensure customers safety and independence. The products are carefully selected from a large range of reputed manufacturers for their distinct features and benefits.

Seat walker rollator-four wheeled walker, Space saver walker and travel lite portable outdoor seat walker are some of the popular walking aids on sale at an affordable cost.

  • Seat walker rollator-four wheeled walker is on sale for $79 with a saving of $46
  • Space saver walker is available for $99 with a saving of $106.
  • Travel lite portable outdoor seat walker is on sale for $249 giving you a saving of $146

Travel Lite Portable Outdoor seat walker_silver_front

Wheel Chairs

Independent Living Specialists do their best to supply a large range of manual wheelchairs to suit your budget, body type, and lifestyle. All their products are currently on sale and could be purchased for hire, rent or cash with country wide free delivery.

This is the best opportunity to avail yourself of a mobility solution at an affordable price.