There are many ways to ease multiple aches and pains and physiotherapy is one such mode that can help a person to lessen the pain instead of increasing the intake of prescribed medicines. Physiotherapy takes care of the physical part of the inflammation, soreness, and stiffness with exercise and massage. It also assists in healing the body by supporting the body to produce natural pain-relieving chemicals.

Independent Living Specialists has some unique physiotherapy devices available in all their stores Australia wide.

Introduction to TENS

TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy is a way to control pain without the intake of drugs. This machine executes millions of tiny electrical impulses to manage the pain.

Blocks pain message

It blocks the pain message from reaching the brain. On placing the TENS pads on the pain area, the electrical impulses race to the brain, dominating the pain impulses resulting in less pain.

Blood Circulation

It improves blood circulation which is the usual reason for various kinds of arthritis, aches, and pains.

Choosing the right device

Although this device helps to reduce the pain level, a certain device might suit your needs better than another depending on where the pain is being felt.

Products available at ILS

Digital Tens Machine by ILS: ProTENS

This product is currently being sold 50% off the normal pricing for a limited time. It comes in a hard case with 3 years warranty consisting of free replacement without any query.

This unit is able to store the treatment times and schedules to be examined by your therapist later. It consists of TENS stimulator unit, carrying case 2X TENS leads, 9V battery, operating manual and a pack of 4 electrodes inclusive of a belt clip.

ProTENS Digital ILS

TENS Machine – Pro TENS Machine ILS

This is a classic TENS machine, consisting of adjustable pulse width, pulse rate, intensity, modes and a precise timer of 15, 30 and 60 minutes that stops output at a preset time. It comes with a TENS stimulator unit, carrying case, 2X TENS leads, 9V battery, operating manual and a pack of 4 electrodes inclusive of a belt clip.


ProTENS & EMS Machine Dual Unit I-TENs Quattro

This is a popular and fast moving unit. It delivers electrotherapy practicing electrical nerve stimulating pulses to give pain relief which is completely drug-free. It operates wirelessly with a remote control and a 20-minute timer. This is ideal for those suffering from chronic back pain as it is considered an important method of treatment.


ProTENS & EMS Machine Dual Unit with Premium Display

This device is currently being offered 50% off the special pricing for a limited time only. It is able to stores your treatment times and schedules to be examined by your therapist later. Backed with 5 years unlimited warranty, it consists of a TENS stimulator unit, carrying case, 2X TENs leads, 3XAAA batteries, operating manual and pack of 4 electrodes inclusive of a belt clip.


AllCare ProTENS Machine

This device comes with a free pack of electrodes. Powered with normal battery with adjustable pulse wide, pulse rate, intensity, modes and a precise timer of 15, 30 and 60 minutes capable of stop output at a preset time. It is a portable battery powered device easily adjustable with control dials.

AllCare ProTens Machine

TENs Electrode

Tens’ top quality electrodes come in 5, 10 and 20 packs. The self-adhesive, fabric backed carbon-based electrodes are designed for even distribution over the electrode surface. It is suitable to be used as TENs pad replacement on all machines. It is reusable and provides the best grip and application to the skin surface. The flexible operation allows the electrode to stick comfortably to the skin surface when the current is dispersed evenly to the area that needs treatment.


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Top New Home Care Equipment From Independent Living Specialists


The Independent Living Specialists are a popular supplier of home care equipment. They are well known for their amazing customer service and after sales support. As a service provided in the aged and home care equipment industry, they always want to provide their customers the very best of products. This is why you always come across NEW PRODUCTS. Though they are new they are also high-quality equipment. All of those products are factory-made by the best manufacturers. If you are interested in purchasing the best home care equipment you can always visit the Independent Living Specialists’ website. Right now the following products are in the top five positions.

Topform Luxor Optima Lift chair

A lift chair provides elders great comfort. It helps them to get from a sitting position to a standing position, with no difficulties. The Topform Luxor Optima Lift chair is one such great lift chair. This chair offers real comfort to the user with several foam cushions. You can select the chair in three sizes according to your need. Right now there is even an offer that provides free sheepskin along with the purchase.

Ashley Luxor optima Lift Chair

Standard Comfort Bed Daily Chair

The Standard Comfort Bed Daily Chair has a memory foam cushion finish. This means the user will be comfortable from head to toe. You can also adjust this chair to different positions according to your needs. You can transport this chair wherever you want to. It is quite easy to control and easier to clean when on the go.

Predator 4-Wheel Drive Mobility Scooter

Predator 4-Wheel Drive Mobility Scooter is one of the most popular products for SALE AT ILS. The four wheels are supported by motors that allow you to travel on any terrain. This is one of the best mobility scooters in the industry. This means it is one of the best walking aids you can ever have. You can even control this mobility scooter using a mobile application.

Predator Mobility Scooter

Envoy 4 Plus Mobility Scooter – 2017 New Model

The Envoy 4 Plus Mobility Scooter is an efficient mobility solution for the elderly and disabled. This can also travel on any terrain. Since its batteries last for a long time you do not have to worry about charging them often. This comfortable mobility scooter can accomplish your needs to the fullest.


Protens & EMS Machine Dual Unit I-Tens Quattro Wireless Technology

For anyone who needs electrotherapy Portens TENS machine is a great help. You can get immediate pain relief from the electrotherapy this device offers. Since you can discreetly wear this on your body, you can carry on your work without worrying about pain.

ILS Wireless TENS Machine

All of these products are available at the Independent Living Specialists’ website. You can easily use ZIP MONEY to purchase any product over $2500. ZIP MONEY is an interest-free loan with a six-month payment plan and will help you purchase the right healthcare device you need.




All You Need To Know About the Protens EMS Machine

A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machine or a TENS machine is quite popular. It is popular because it provides a much-needed relief for pain. You can use this state of the art machine and receive pain relief to a targeted area of the body.

The Protens & EMS Machine Dual unit is well-accepted and loved by many users and those looking for a TENS machine, are often recommended to try the unit. If you are looking for some quality electrotherapy, selecting this is the best choice.

ILS Wireless TENS Machine

What It Has To Offer

This Protens EMS TENS machine is made using the latest technology. It takes into account the ability to “use it with ease”. That is why the machine is not bulky and cumbersome. Even with the batteries it only weights 60g. The machine also takes into account the ease of wearing it. For example, you could be having discomfort or pain, when you are heading out for an important meeting. You cannot cancel the meeting. At such a moment this machine offers you the chance to wear it discreetly. No one will know you are wearing it. So, you get to work and get your pain relief at the same time.

It also offers you the chance to get about 150 treatments with the same batteries. That means you do not have to worry about the cost of using it. It also comes with a remote control which makes it easier to use. You can easily take it wherever you go too.

The Reliability of the Machine

The Protens EMS TENS machine is approved by the TGA. At the same time, it is a product sold by the ILS or Independent Living Specialists. Independent Living Specialists has always provided the best of healthcare and home care equipment, keeping valuable consumers in mind. Therefore, you do not have to worry about using this machine. It is completely safe. As long as you follow the instructions given you will have a good experience with it.

Wireless Technology

The TENS electrotherapy practices electrical nerve stimulating pulses to deliver non-offensive, pain relief which is completely drug-free. It is also a wireless device with a remote control and a 20-minute timer.  With new wireless technology, the Protens EMS unit can help lessen complications with use and help assist with pain relief, with zero effort.

new tens machine_remote

How to Buy One

If you are looking for the best electrotherapy machine Protens EMS is the one. It comes with some amazing features. Since it is TGA approved there is no problem with the reliability. Buying the machine is not a problem too. You have to simply visit the Independent Living Specialists website and make an order. Once you have bought the machine you can easily use it to relieve pain. Just make sure to follow the instructions.


How a Tens Machine Can Help Relieve Pain


No matter how safe we try to be there are times in life when we face injuries. Some of these injuries heal over time and leave us well and fit again. Some of them leave some kind of a pain in the injured area even after the wound is healed.  Thanks to modern technology, we have found methods to deal with this pain.

Then, there are other times when some kind of a habit we have, ends up producing pain. For example, if you are someone who spends most of your day seated on a chair in front of a computer then you must feel a lower back pain at the end of the day. This is something that we have to face because of our working environment which is little hard for us to change. Then, how can we find a solution for pain?

There are actually traditional methods to deal with this problem of pain as well as a modern and more useful method.

Using Traditional Methods

The traditional methods that we use to solve the problem of this recurring pain are generally using the help of some medication or herbs that are accepted in our cultures. We also use the help of massage therapists. However, the first solution does not guarantee full recovery from the pain. The second solution, though it can be helpful, can also end up being harder to get as that requires us to find a competent massage therapist to help us out. However, now you can get a good treatment by using a very accepted and result delivering method.

Using the Modern and More Easily Usable Method – The TENS Machine

This device is also known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation device. It provides small electrical shocks to the area of your body that is suffering from pain. By doing so it can relieve you from the pain you are suffering from by stimulating the nerves in that specific area.

Since TENS machines in Australia are now even accessible to anyone through Independent Living Specialists, you can purchase online, if you would like the opportunity to find a way to relieve yourself from the pain you are suffering from on your own. The device comes with a manual and it is battery operated. You do not have to worry because the electrical shocks are going to be not too high to harm your body in any way.


As this device comes in both analog and digital format you can easily choose the one you find much easier to use. The digital device even allows you to keep your treatment times and schedules stored in it too. That can be help for you if you are someone very busy.

Therefore, use this kind of new and modern opportunity that has come your way to help you overcome the pain you are daily suffering from.

AllCare ProTens Machine

Top Ways A Tens Machine Can Relieve Your Pain

Tens machines are compact devices uses to generate currents of electricity that act as a painkilling mechanism in your body. It is known to have little side effects, unlike the oral pain killers. The tens machine can be used treat short term pain like muscle strains and tear and stomach cramps as well as long term discomforts such as pain due to osteoarthritis or even cancer. Being in pain affects your wellbeing and mentality. So the reduction of that of pain is a great service to anyone.

How to use a tens machine

Usage of the tens machine is quite straightforward. It constitutes of the small box-like apparatus which generates the electric currents and the four electrodes which are soft pads that can be stuck to your body at the place of origin of that pain so that the currents are transported into your body. Then you must adjust the settings so that the current frequency and intensity suits you. It is good to listen to the advice of a physician or chiropractor in terms of these settings. And since you are working with electricity you must make sure that the surface of your body is clean and dry and that you do not use this machine near places with water like the bathroom. You should also avoid the use of tens machine over injured skin and over your eyes or lips.

ProTENS Digital ILS

Top ways the tens machine relieves pain

The tens machine acts in two main ways to relieve you of your pain. One is when the electric currents are released to your body from the point of origin of that pain it scrambles the pain signals that are sent to your brain from the affected area. This blocks the brain neurons from reading pain signals thus effectively cutting off any awareness or feeling of pain.

Second way by which the tens machine relieves pain

Secondly, the electric currents can stimulate the production of endorphins in your body. Endorphins can act as natural painkillers in your body, relieving you of your pain and making you feel good and positive. The tens machines like the Protens and EMS dual unit at Independent Living Specialists has the ability to store treatment times and schedules, which can be accessed by you or your chiropractor. This can be useful in making your treatment more organized bringing better outcomes.

AllCare ProTens Machine

Thirdly the lack of side effects

The counterparts of the tens machines, like oral painkillers are known to have painful side effects such as gastritis or other stomach pains. Another benefit of the tens machine is that it is completely devoid of such side effects as it is applied externally. With proper care, you can say goodbye to pain in all its forms.

Current deals on ILS

Independent Living Specialists are currently offering unbelievable deals for the tens machines in their range of offers so it is a good time to purchase your own tens machine. The Protens and EMS dual unit with the premium display are available at 50% off on its price just at the ILS e-store. You can save up to hundred dollars by purchasing it right now. It includes batteries and packet of four electrodes and also comes with a five year long, unlimited warranty. In addition, the DigiTens- TENS and EMS machine also come with the same deal of 50% off on its price. With this deal, you can save up to ninety dollars on your purchases. ILS also offers cut downs on prices of extra packs of electrodes. It addition to these wonderful deals ILS also offers free shipping around Australia, secure online shopping, expert advice and friendly customer service so it is time to grab what you need.

metron digiten machines