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A mobility scooter is the safest and easiest mode of transport for the aged or those with limited mobility. This product is gaining popularity rapidly due to the new and technically improved products being introduced to the market.

Those who are on the heavy side need not be worried as Independent Living Specialists have some of the best heavy duty scooters in the stores Australia wide to suit your special needs.

How to Choose

Ensure to select a well-known brand and weight capacity before purchasing. Shop rider is the most popular and preferred brand due to the availability of spare parts and reliability of the product.


The most popular heavy-duty scooters are Shoprider rocky 889 gold mobility scooter, Shoprider 889 double seat mobility scooter, Rocky 4 Shoprider mobility scooter and Invacare comet ultra mobility scooter. These brands have a weight capacity of over 200kg.

Shoprider Rocky 889 Golf Mobility Scooter

This is ideal for the outdoor person. Although. like all other mobile scooters it could move you around the home, it can also help you to travel outdoors especially those golf lovers who need to navigate themselves on the golf course. It has a weight capacity of 225kg and maintains a reliable and comfortable ride.

Shoprider Rocky 889 Golf Scooter Rear

Shoprider 889 Double Seat Mobility Scooter

This product has been introduced to meet the demand for a wide mobility scooter. It has been manufactured to suit persons who require added seating width. It is large with a seat to accommodate two persons and has a weight capacity of 225kg. In keeping with its brand image, this model is full of luxury features. The dependability of this remarkable scooter is improved moreover with the rear wheel drive and electromagnetic brake.


Rocky 4 Shoprider Mobility Scooter

This heavy duty mobility scooter is a four-wheel with rear wheel drive, specially designed for traveling in an uneven area. It has a weight capacity of 227kg with front and rear suspension and 330mm pneumatic tires.

Shoprider Rocky 4 Scooter

Invacare Comet Ultra Mobility ScooterInvacare Comet HD

This heavy duty mobility scooter can carry weight up to 220 kg and suitable to be used in rocky and bumpy outdoors. This powerful scooter has many safety features and can take you to your destination safely, faster and comfortably.


Social and Health Benefits

It is now not necessary to miss your social gatherings, invitations, holidays and visiting your friends as there are mobility scooters to suit any need of the customer. Experience a boost in your health and quick recovery of other related ailments with the independence and feeling of contentment with the return of normalcy in your life.

Independent Living Specialists offers free delivery for online customers with reliable service and free roadside assistance for the first 12 months. These products are also available for hire/rent and buy options.

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How To Find Folderble Lightweight Wheelchairs

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These days any person with limited mobility need not worry about not being independent or moving around without a hassle as several brands of ultra-lightweight aluminum wheelchairs which could be folded down for easy storage and transportation are now readily available in all the stores of Independent Living Specialist throughout Australia. These collapsible wheelchairs can easily fit into a car boot and ideally usable indoors and outdoors or when traveling on holiday, shopping, attending social functions etc.

Types of wheelchairs

ILS has the best range of wheelchairs to suit your budget, lifestyle and body type. There are also different varieties of lightweight to heavy-duty wheelchairs manufactured with self-propelled or transit operation for easy maneuvering by the user or care attendant.


The best brands have been carefully selected by the ILS for those with limited mobility. Ultra lightweight portable wheelchair plus carry bag, Omega lite transit chair, Drive medical 18” transit super budget wheelchair and Breezy Basix folding wheelchair are some of the fast moving foldable lightweight wheelchairs available in their stores throughout Australia.

Ultra Lightweight Portable Wheelchair with Carry Bag

This is a strong but lightweight wheelchair which could be folded into the carry bag included. It is ideal for holidays, days out to shopping trips. The carry bag included with the wheelchair is fixed with wheels to make transportation easy.


Omega Lite Transit Wheelchair

The Omega wheelchair has a lightweight aluminum frame removable footrests and back rest that could be folded down. It also features 8 inch rear wheels with attendant brakes and has a weight capacity of 125kg.

Omega Transit Wheelchair Side View

Drive Medical Super budget Wheelchair

The drive medical wheelchair is also a foldable lightweight wheelchair manufactured by keeping user’s comfort in mind. It is a perfect wheelchair for outdoor and indoor use, highly efficient and foldable easily. It could be purchased at an affordable price and is considered to be great value for money.

Drive Medical 18 Transit Super Budget WheelChair

Breezy BasiX Folding Wheelchair

This is a trustworthy collapsible lightweight wheelchair as it has been thoroughly tested to make sure the ride is stable. It also provides caregivers and users great satisfaction in terms of dependability, quality, and easy operation. It is a self-propelled wheelchair with improved adjustability and toughness, together with a new clean look. Greater seat depth adjustment, tension adjustable backrest are some of the improvements included The Breezy Basix wheelchair is usually preferred by the Allied Health Professionals and considered to be the most versatile eco wheelchair in the market.


Social and Health Benefits

Any person with limited mobility who chooses to use a lightweight foldable wheelchair will definitely see an improvement in their lifestyle. The low feeling of being handicapped and missing social activities could also be easily overcome. Being able to participate in social activities and leading a normal life will also help to ease stress and mental stability.


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Modern branded lift and recliner chairs in Australia are a popular mode of relaxing and reaching to a standing position for those with limited mobility.

Once you decide investing in a lift and recliner chair hoping to improve your own lifestyle or maybe someone close with limited mobility, it is important to understand the function and necessity it provides. All lift chairs are operated electrically by a hand control. It can be manipulated to recline as well as gently assist a person to a standing position.

How to Choose

There are four types of lift chairs and it is important to decide on which position feature you prefer.

Two Position Chair

This chair has one motor to control the rear and leg rest at the same time which means that if the back reclines, the leg rest will also move. It also reclines to a comfortable angle for reading or viewing television.

The Pride C6 Lift Chair is a quiet and smooth twin motor lift chair that features a three position lift system.

The Pride C6 Lift Chair is a quiet and smooth twin motor lift chair that features a three position lift system.

Three Position Chair

This type of chair also has one motor but gets back to about to approximately 45 degrees, great to take a short light sleep in a partially upright position.

Infinite Position Chair

This chair has been built with two motors to operate independently and also provide an unlimited range of positioning benefits. The leg rest could be raised and the back angle adjusted according to your preference. Many prefer to sleep in these chairs as they can lie back, almost flat like a bed. This chair could also be reclined to have your feet elevated slightly above your heart. This is called the Trendelenburg position, usually recommended for those with swollen ankles and legs.

Zero Gravity Chair

This chair has a seat box which raises and tilts almost like an adjustable car seat. With the lifting of the lower back, zero gravity chairs put minimum pressure on the spine. This zero gravity lying down position adjusts the spine accurately, relaxing muscle tension, improving circulation and lung capacity expansion.

Chair to fit your Size

Reclining lift chair is available in various sizes to suit petite to heavyweights. So, you can easily find a chair to fit your size. Ensure to check if the chair is comfortably fit to enable your feet to rest on the floor when you stand upright whilst your back is against the backrest of the chair. The seat should be wide enough to fit your hips to the broadest point. Those with long legs should look for a chair with footrest extensions to support your ankle and foot comfortably. Weight capacity should also be checked.

The Super-soft fabric finish means friction with skin is reduced and extra warm through Cold Winter’s and more breathable through Hot Summer’s.

The Super-soft fabric finish means friction with skin is reduced and extra warm through Cold Winter’s and more breathable through Hot Summer’s.


The chair could also be modified according to personal expectations. Fabric and color could be used to match your interior décor. Other options such as warmth and vibration for added luxury could also be considered.

Lift reclining chairs in various models are readily available at all showrooms and the online store with free delivery Australiawide.



Feeling unsteady on your feet or losing confidence in your balance could be easily overcome with the various kinds of aid equipment readily available in the countrywide stores of Independent Living Specialists.

Starting from simple canes, walking frames to lightweight walkers, ILS is able to give your all the support and care you need to live your life to the fullest.

Types of Walkers

Various types of walkers have been designed by leading brands to suit the needs of the elderly or disabled with limited mobility of limbs. Out of which the lightweight walkers are the best suited for the elderly.

Auscare- seat walker with a basket, Days- 240L lightweight aluminium folding 3 wheel tri walker, seat walker-premium, Rollator 4 wheel walker, space saver walker, travel lite portable outdoor seat walker with seat, bag and crutch holder are some of the most popular lightweight walkers available at Independent Living Specialists’ stores countrywide.

Seat Walker with Basket

Featuring a curved padded backrest for comfort and a cushioned seat, which lifts to allow access to the handy shopping basket. Six inch wheels for a small turning circle allowing ease of use for both indoors and outdoors.


The lightweight walkers are an asset for the elderly or disabled as it is not heavy and gives them the freedom to get about in confidence by themselves. Minimum support or care by an aid will be required once the patient masters the art of using the equipment. Being able to do daily tasks independently will help them to live their life on their own terms.



It is not necessary to be housebound or confined to an immobile position when your mobility is limited. Lightweight walkers help and support lack of mobility. So, grab this opportunity and regain your imbalance or unsteadiness by availing a lightweight walker and getting back to your normal self.

Mental health and Social benefits

Most handicapped or elderly persons look forward to socializing and when they realize the reality of the limited mobility it affects their mental health too. A lightweight walker comes in very handy in this aspect. They are able to get out of their homes and do shopping, visit friends, attend functions and even travel on excursions. A happy content life is also a good remedy for mental health.

. The handgrips are perfectly designed for users diagnosed with arthritis. The wheel walker’s brakes are easily lockable with a simple push down technique. The Days lightweight walker is easily foldable using its easy grip handle feature and is suitable for quick storage or transportation.

. The handgrips are perfectly designed for users diagnosed with arthritis. The wheel walker’s brakes are easily lockable with a simple push down technique. The Days lightweight walker is easily foldable using its easy grip handle feature and is suitable for quick storage or transportation.

It is important to remember to look into the safety, durability, comfort, and ease of using when selecting an equipment. Speak to customer service agents at Independent Living Specialists for assistance to select a walker to suit your particular needs.



Terrain mobility scooter is the best mode of transport for a handicapped person who needs to lead an active life. So, their wish of enjoying the countryside or driving a larger or heavier than the usual mobility scooter can be fulfilled with the purchase of a terrain mobility scooter. These scooters are manufactured to be used in rugged terrains, such as rough paths, uneven ground or grass, and climbing hills. These could also travel up to 50 miles.


Independent Living Specialist has a good range of terrain mobility scooters especially selected for the disabled people of Australia. These products are available in all the stores countrywide and delivered to the door for online customers. Free shipping is also offered country-wide.



Predator 4-wheel drive mobility scooter, Rocky Shoprider mobility scooter and All-New 2016 Viper mobility scooter are some of the scooters that could be used on rough terrains.

Predator 4-wheel drive scooter

The Predator terrain mobility scooter could be driven on the road and pavements without restrictions. It is equipped with independent suspension, disk brakes and 500W motor in each of the 4 wheels make it perfect for off-road driving. This product is considered to be a perfect investment for those looking for a unique mobility scooter to go on an outdoor vacation.

Rocky 4 Shoprider Mobility Scooter

The Rocky four-wheel scooter is also designed for rough terrain with a long wheelbase and rear wheel drive.

All New 2016 Viper Mobility Scooter

The Viper Mobility Scooter has a solid platform with a great deal of comfort and reliability and an excellent sporting design. Special concern has been given to safety on the manufacture of this scooter. It also features an anti-roll structure to avoid difficulties in climbing hills along with a manual handbrake for emergency power stoppage.

Easy Operation

Current technology has improved the manufacture of mobility scooters resulting in the products being more comfortable and much easier to operate.

People with limited upper body strength could easily move the handlebars and the basic control switches help to easily learn how to operate the device. Although some people learn to operate it fast, it is best to be confident to control and stop the device for an emergency.


Outdoor activities

In addition to assisting you to carry out your daily activities, a terrain mobility scooter is an asset for a handicapped outdoor person. A person with limited mobility can easily travel to the countryside or ride on steep and rough roads and enjoy the scenery and fresh air.

Bariatric mobility scooter Shoprider Rocky 4

Social and health benefits.

Most people with limited mobility get easily depressed due to their normal activities being curtailed. With the introduction of these modern all-terrain mobility scooters, people are able to lead a normal independent life, partake in social activities and most importantly get involved in outdoor activities.