Finding Your Freedom with Independent Living Specialists

Sunrise Medical Mobility Scooters available through ILSAU

Not only the aged but also the young has to sometimes face some difficulties when they are suffering from some kind of a physical condition which limits their ability to move. Sure, age affects every one of our bodies quite brutally. However, some medical conditions can be equally brutal when they are hurting us and limiting our ability to move on our own.

Most of the time, when such a time in our life comes we have to get the help of a family member or a caregiver who can be there for us all the time. However, all of us want to be able to be independent without being dependent on someone all the time. But what can one do when such physical inabilities are there? At such a moment, you can use the help of Independent Living Specialists and choose some devices which can help you to move with ease inside and outside your home.

Moving Outdoors

Most of the time moving while we are indoors is not that hard. We can use a walker as support. However, we really need something more reliable to support us fully when outdoors. ILS offers those who are interested in moving outdoors without anyone’s assistance, a number of mobility scooters. These scooters are quite easy to use and even can be customized to fit your exact needs. Some will offer you the ability to go short distances while others are ideal for long distances.

Invacare Colibri Scooter

Moving Within the House

You can be someone who finds it difficult to move around inside the house too. You may be wishing to stay comfortably seated most of the time.  You can get necessary home care solutions from ILS too by purchasing a lift chair from them. These chairs also come with a variety of options. All of them are basically designed to help the user stay as comfortable as possible. At the same time, these chairs help the person using it to stand up without anyone’s help as the chairs lift you and help you to get to a standing position. With such a chair you can be comfortably seated while you are away from the bed and get up without falling down, or without getting anyone else’s help.


Deals to Rent or Buy

At ILS you also have the option of using these amazing items which can make your life more independent and easier, for rent too. If you think you need a particular item for only some time you can hire the item through an online booking. If you are buying any of these wonderful items you can even enjoy some special deals such as getting free delivery throughout Australia (as long as you are ordering the item online). Moreover, with ILS you do get the chance to shop for the items which can give you your freedom back from the comfort of your home as the online ordering process is not at all complicated.


ILS has been around to help people such as you, who want to find the independence in their life by using some reliable products. These ILS products can help the user to do their own work without depending on others. Therefore, if you are also determined to find the freedom you had lost due to age or any kind of a medical condition, you can use the assistance ILS has to offer. These professionals only provide what is best for you.

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The Best Type Of Mobility Solutions In Australia


Mobility solutions help one who is faced with difficulties moving around on one’s own regain their abilities. Walking difficulties can occur at any age due to various causes such as accidents, genetic reasons but it occurs most consistently with aging. It may involve difficulty getting up or sitting down, moving around and maintain one’s balance when standing in one place. Mobility solutions offer support to you to find your balance and strength.

Mobility solutions in Australia

A variety of mobility solutions are available around Australia through Independent Living Specialists. Independent Living Specialists has nine showrooms around Sydney and many after purchase service centers around Australia. In addition, you can book your favorite mobility scooter online now through the ILS webpage. The wide range of mobility solutions showcased on ILS includes walkers, wheelchairs, powered chairs and mobility scooters. It is hard to categorize one type of mobility solution as the best as they offer support for different stages of mobility issues. For example, walkers can be used by those who are facing slight balance issues whereas those with intense mobility issue may opt for a wheelchair or mobility scooter. However, mobility scooters have become increasingly popular among consumers due to the convenience they offer.

Mobility scooters for battling the odds

Mobility scooters are similar to powered wheelchairs. They are battery powered, with easy to steer handlebars with comfortable seats. There are different brands and models of mobility scooters that offer a range of choices in terms of the level of comfort, power, sizes, designs and other needs of the purchaser. There are scooters suitable for indoors and for the rough outdoors. There are also lightweight, compact choices as well as heavy duty ones. So there is a wide variety for you to pick from and one is bound to suit you perfectly, making your mobility issues vanish away. The most famous brands of mobility scooters include Pride, Shoprider, Invacare, Viper and Drive Medical.

Considerations when purchasing a mobility solution

There are many things to be considered when purchasing your mobility appliance. In terms of mobility scooters, ILS offers scooters with prices ranging from 1099 to 9175 dollars. They also offer free shipment around Australia for online orders and free roadside assistance for the first twelve months.  This provides you with a certain security in terms of finance as well as other when purchasing your mobility solution through ILS. You should also consider your needs; whether you will be traveling much and what kind of terrain you will be traveling on mostly. The Scout style plus mobility scooter and Pathrider ES10 models are famous for their reliability as outdoor mobility scooters. The S19 Quest mobility travel scooter, on the other hand, is convenient for travelers to pack alongside their baggage when traveling far.


Innovations and Improvements

Another reason for the increase in popularity for ILS mobility scooters is the additions to its collection with newer and innovative products that open new possibilities and opportunities to the customers.  The Easy Rider mobility scooter, for example, is one of the newest and belonging to the sports style scooters like the Pride Sportsrider mobility scooter. It can ride up to 15 kilometers per hour and with the relevant safety features to make sure that there are no harmful side effects or accidents. It consists of rear view mirrors, extra hand brakes, rear bumper and anti-tip wheel to maximize passenger safety.  It allows you to ride in style through your neighborhood despite your ailments.


As customer popularity and rating quite aptly points, the best mobility solutions come from Independent Living Specialists who remain forever sensitive to the needs of the humanity. So whether what you need is a hip happening mobility scooter, wheelchair or walker you are guaranteed the best of Australia by purchasing it through ILS.



All you need to know about our Tens machine

Aging and ailment are said to be experiences common to everyone. There can be many situations in your life, where you fall sick and experience pain and ailment in your body. In these situations, you and the loved ones will do anything to make things better and overcome the pain with positivity. The tens machine is one way to do it.

What is a tens machine?

The tens machine is a small, portable, battery-operated machine that acts as an alternative to painkilling medication. It transmits small electrical pulses through the sticky pads that can be attached to your body. The results vary from individual to individual but overall they have gained in popularity among many users as an effective way to reduce pain and help them get on with life. A tens machine can be used to treat muscular pains like knee pains, arthritis, migraine headaches, period pains, sports injuries and insomnia among others.


Benefits of using a tens machine

The tens machine is known to reduce pain by interfering with the pain signals that are sent to the brain through nerve endings of the affected area. So you just have to stick the stick pad of the machine to the affected area and it will work to reduce your pain so that you can carry on with your work. Working at low pulse rate the tens machine is thought to stimulate the production of endorphins in the body itself with the same result of reducing pain. Another benefit of the tens machine is the lack of side-effects. Using pain-killers over time is known to result in various harmful side-effects like gastritis or damages to one’s other organs. However, by using a tens machine now you can avoid that.

How to use the tens machine

The tens machine is portable and light and easily fit inside a pocket, so you can use it while traveling or working. And you should make sure that the machine is working properly and that the skin that you are attaching it to does not have any abrasions and is dry. After use, you should clean the skin with water and soap.

Safety Precautions

Safety precautions when using the tens machine is basically not to use it close to water and not to use it while driving or using heavy machinery. Also be cautious as not to place the electrode pads on the front of your neck or close to your eyes or in the mouth.

The Protens & Ems dual unit

Independent Living Specialists now feature the Protens & Ems dual unit which comes with four free pads. It comes with a premium display and the ability to store your treatment times and schedules which can be helpful to check later. By purchasing your tens machine at Independent Living Specialists you can get it under a wonderfully long warranty period of five years and under great deals and prices so that you can save cash in hand whilst purchasing it.




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Invacare mobility scooters in Australia


The mobility scooter is a relatively new hit in the walking aid department, letting you or any loved one facing mobility difficulties to travel in style and comfort. Mobility scooters help you to enjoy your independence at any age. There are many brands of mobility scooters out in the market. The Independent Living Specialist provides an array of these brands of mobility scooters including the Invacare mobility scooters.

Why is Invacare Special?

Invacare itself offers a range of different wheelchairs from you to pick from to suit your needs and desires. Invacare mobility scooters are also available for great deals right now so you better hurry and order right away. The Invacare Colibri Mobility Scooter, for example, is offered with a twenty-four month warranty period and twenty-four seven roadside assistance in Australia. The roadside assistance is especially useful in In addition there are also a free carry basket and a safety vest to make your purchase sweeter.

The Invacare Colibri Mobility Scooter

The Invacare Colibri Mobility Scooter is the 2014 winner of Red Dot Award for the High Design Quality. You can pick a colour to suit your preference when you buy. Another highlighted feature of the Invacare Colibri Scooter is the LiteLock system that makes it easy to be taken apart and to be put together. So it is easily portable and can be taken with you when you travel by vehicle, plane or even ship. It also guarantees physical safety and comfort. Padded seating and an additional seat suspension kit are helpful to keeping you sitting comfortable and the ergonomic handles make sure there is no stress on your wrists as you turn and maneuver the scooter.


The Invacare Comet HD Mobility Scooter

The Invacare Comet HD Mobility Scooter is an outdoor scooter suitable to those weighing up to 220kgs in terms of the maximum weight capacity. It is very efficient and suitable for you to travel on rough terrain in a hurry with full safety guaranteed. You can also save up to 1505 dollars in cash if you buy it soon.


Leo Mobility Scooter and Comet Alpine Mobility Scooter

The Leo Mobility Scooter and the Comet Alpine Mobility Scooter are also quite sturdy outdoor mobility scooters that will empower you to travel outdoor and see your neighborhood and surroundings in comfort.


Mobility Scooter Accessories

Make sure to make an opportunity of the great deals on mobility scooter accessories when you are purchasing your favorite Invacare mobility scooter as well. They include mobility scooter bags, crutch holders, mobility scooter flag and canopy. They will come in handy when you are frequently using the mobility scooter to cruise around.

Once you have purchased your Invacare and any accessories there is only to hop on and enjoy your new found freedom. And with road assistance close by you need not worry about being on the scooter for the first time either. You just have to enjoy the maximum independence is offered by Invacare.

Caring for a Dementia Patient

Young and senior women holding hands

The progressive deterioration of mental functionality is known as Dementia, and can be caused to the loss and/or damage of nerves cells or neurons in the brain. There are several diseases and causes that affect the brain, including Alzheimer’s Disease and also traumatic brain injuries, and usually occurs over a period of time One of the most important elements of caring for a dementia patient is to understand it, and that’s what we will be doing in the following sections.

What is Dementia?

There are many types of dementia, but in the end it all leads to various substantial losses (of memory, reasoning, judgement), as well personality, behavioural and physical changes. However, it should be mentioned that each person might experience dementia differently as it be based on various factors including age and other underlying issues that they may be presented with.

There are various stages of dementia, and once a person has been diagnosed with it, the symptoms and characteristics will worsen over time it (as neurons/brain cells loss or damage cannot be reversed).  The following include the different stages of dementia as it progresses over time.

Mild Dementia

Mild Dementia is the first stage, whereby it often starts with the patients being unable to recall things as easily as they used to. Remembering words and names is one of the first signs, along with retaining new information and recalling them.  One of the functional tasks that they will be unable to do would be to drive by themselves. Patients also start to show signs of depression, including sadness and anxiety.

Moderate Dementia

During this stage, you will find that the onset of judgment and physical functional difficulties as well sensory processing starts to be impaired.  Due to this fact, personal hygiene, use of inappropriate language and even wandering may start to occur. This has been noted as one of the most challenging of times for caregivers, where modifications to homes is called for including the installation of locks or safety latches to prevent the patients from wandering out of the house.

Severe Dementia

Severe dementia involves extensive memory loss, often coupled with lack or limited mobility issues requiring mobility solutions to aid in the process. In addition, bowel and bladder control is impaired. You may look at Palliative Care at this point and caregivers may need to look for daily living aids or nursing aids to make it easier to care for their dementia patients.  During this stage, the patient may not be able to recognise people, including family and caregivers alike.

Causes of Dementia

Whilst Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common causes of dementia, brain injury can too cause it, including the after effects of a stroke, heart attack or even a brain tumour. However, there are other diseases or disorders that may affect your brain leading to dementia such as the following, including neurodegenerative diseases.

  • Cerebrovascular Disease
  • Prion Disease
  • HIV Infection
  • Dementia with Lewy bodies
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Hungtington’s Disease
  • Pick’s Disease
  • Posterior cortical atrophy
  • Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (water on the brain)
  • Down’s Syndrome (likely to develop young on-set Alzheimer’s)

Caring for Dementia Patients

When it comes to being a caregiver for dementia patients, you may experience high levels of stress and emotions. As a caregiver, you should consult with palliative care to come up with the best solutions and seek help when needed, especially in trying to understand the various stages and adapt and prepare yourself for what should be expected.