The Best Walkers For Sale At ILS


Walkers are simple mechanisms that allow people who are having difficulty balancing themselves while walking to walk safely without injuring themselves by falling. Losing balance and dizziness when walking are common to those of us who are aging. And using a walker to protect one’s self from harm is the wisest thing to do.

Benefits of a good walker

Owning a good walker that suits you can mean that not only gain your independence but also your health. By continuing to walk you fill gain enough exercise necessary to keep your organ functioning well. Your health will visibly improve with the increased blood supply and the burning of extra fat deposits that otherwise would turn into phlegm. Your lungs will also be very active making you feel fresh and content.

Seat Walker with Basket

Types of walkers

There are several brands and models of walkers out today. Brands offered for sale by Independent Living Specialists include Alpha, Ausmedic, Care Quip, K Care and Trust Care.  They are carefully selected as to offer customers with only the best products from reputable manufacturers. Among them are indoor and outdoor walkers and the most popular of all; the seat walkers, which allow the person walking an intermission to rest. These walkers have wheels making it easy to push them along your path. However, there are old style walkers without wheels too, such as the Ball Walker Coopers Walking Frame. There are also forearm walkers, tri-wheel walkers, knee walkers and walkers with trays that suit different personal needs of the customer. Walkers are distinguished into separate weight categories as well, allowing a customer to pick one according to his or her weight.

Top rated walkers

The Tourer Seat walker is actually on the top in terms of rating in the market. It has large wheels making it easy to maneuver through the outdoors. The handbrakes, backrest and padded seat make it a comfortable and safe resting position, mid walk. It is also foldable like many other walkers making it convenient for travelers and for space saving at home. The handles are height adjustable according to the height of the user and the seat carrier underneath a basket to carry your necessities when going for a walk. The Heavy Duty Trekker seat walker is quite similar in built but able to support a heavy built person due to its sturdy structure. The seat walker and basket by Auscare are also worth considering as it is usable both indoors and outdoors and slightly cheaper as well in price. The most common pick in the market among walkers seems to be the seat walkers. The popularity may be attributed to the care and support that they have in their built to offer anyone who needs it.

Next in line in terms of customer rating is the Days 240L Lightweight Aluminium Folding Three Wheeler walker, which as the name implies carries only three-wheelers. Three wheeled walkers are smaller in structure and need less space to maneuver.

Days 240L Lightweight Aluminium Folding 3 Wheel Tri Walker_BLUE

Walking Frames

Though less in popularity than the seat walkers, the simple walker frames still have their charm. They are appreciated for being simple, helpful and space saving. The folding walking frames are fitted with anti-slip rubber tips on their legs to for the purpose of stability and extra grip when walking or resting. And as the name implies they are foldable making it easy to put away when not in use or to pack when traveling.

Whatever the brand or type Independent Living Specialists only offer the safest walkers with ergonomically designed backrests and handlebars that ensure minimum risk of injury. So you should not doubt yourself when purchasing your walker with Independent Living Specialists.

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Hospital Beds in Australia


Hospital beds are a welcome sign to many facing and combating illnesses of any kind. Finding comfort when one is sick is very difficult and hospital beds which are adjustable to one’s preference help you get there. This is why it is a good idea to own a hospital bed when one is sick and infirm. Owning a hospital bed will make sure that you get the good night’s sleep that will provide you with the morning vigor that you exercise at doing what you please.

Hospital beds in Australia

Hospitals beds of many type and brand are available in Australia through Independent Living Specialists. Brands available include Invacare, Eurocare, Betten Malsch, I Care and K-Dee. These are all well-known companies and that promise sturdy and reliable hospital beds for you. We are situated in Sydney with after sale service centers all around the continent so there is no lack of facilities available for you to purchase a hospital bed.

Goodness in owning a hospital bed

As discussed earlier hospital beds will help anyone who is ailing with long term sicknesses or aging. When one is infirm it is hard to move around all the time and it is harder to sit still. Hospital beds will allow you to adjust your position to find your comfort spot. It will also make it easy for your family and your caretakers to care for you. Hospital beds can also be pushed when necessary or during an emergency as they have wheels attached.

Things to consider when buying

It is advisable to think through your options when buying a hospital bed. One is to find one fit your budget. Next to pick a suitable weight category. There are beds that can support heavy weight like the Bariatric Octave hospital bed which can safely support a weight of 385 kilograms. The weight category has to be decided based on your weight. There are separate mattresses and side rails that can be picked according to your necessity as well.


Innovative hospital beds

The world of hospital beds keeps changing and shifting into better modes to assist the ailing. The Invacare 1600 for example, is engineered to prevent infection by dropping the buildup of moisture and microbial contamination. The advanced slat based system it is equipped with keeps skin clean and dry, preventing the development of pressure sores or any other skin dilemma. So purchase the hi-low hospital bed and mattress that will bring you comfort and happiness now and enjoy your life n care and joy of its caresses.

Invacare 1600 Bed


A guide to the top new hospital beds in Australia

invacare bed

Selecting a hospital bed for use in your home can be a very overwhelming task. The thought of restyling your bedroom, getting rid of your lovely bedroom suite and only having to swap it with a hospital bed, is certainly devastating. It’s hard to imagine a situation like this, but it is also unavoidable in many cases. It is important to keep your loved ones in good care. Finding a bed that will make sure they get enough rest and pressure care is something that should be at the top of the list.

With the development of modern technology, there are many types of hospital beds to choose from. Here are the top new hospital beds in Australia,

The Bariatric Octave Hospital Bed

The Bariatric Octave Hospital Bed is designed to ensure the highest patient care while implementing a state-of-the-art electrical profiling system. The Octave Bed is ideal for bariatric clients desiring easy, straightforward and self-directed hand-control to adjust heights without making it difficult for the carer. The patient can be easily transferred in and out of the bed and it comes equipped with a fully electric four-sectioned mattress.

invacare octave

The Astute Bed

The Astute Bed is designed for bariatric patients and comes with fitted storage and extension, two handsets equipped with lockout functionality, battery backup, and CPR function. It has removable head and foot bed ends. The bed is also able to adjust its height, backrest and knee for superior comfort.

blcare astute

The K-Dee II High-Low King Single Bed

The K-Dee II bed is a great option for patients who are seeking superior comfort. The bed is designed with full-length steel side rails to for added safety of the patient during transportation. It also guarantees the safety of the patient while they sleep.


Casa Med Classic FS Standard Bed

The Casa Med Classic bed offers an outstanding design that is eye-catching and modern at the same time. The bed is engineered with enclosed motors and a curved wooden head and footboard. The Casa Med is adjustable in height (which helps with patient’s heights), allowing caretakers and nurses to care for patients effectively, without causing any back injuries.

Casa Med Classic FS Standard

The Invacare 1600 Bed

The Invacare 1600 nursing bed is designed to assist the control of infection by dropping the build-up of moisture and microbial infection. The progressive slot based system helps to keep the skin in a dry and clean condition and reduces the possibility of developing pressure sores. Invacare offers comfort and efficient functionality and makes sure both patients and caretakers receive the best conditions and support they need.

Invacare 1600 Bed

At Independent Living specialists, we offer the best hospital beds in Australia to ensure patients receive the right care they need. Our stores offer a carefully selected range of Hi-Lo beds to suit a multiplicity of needs, flavors, and finances. Factory-made by well-known companies, all of our beds are securely built, stylishly designed and can be adjusted to ensure ultimate comfort.

The Best Mobility Solutions In Australia


Mobility issues can affect the life of anyone at any age may it be due to natural courses or accident. Whatever the course may be mobility difficulties can leave you feeling unhappy and dissatisfied about fulfilling your life purposes.

Act when mobility is at stake

As mentioned earlier mobility issues can be due to many reasons. The importance of recovering mobility is that, mobility is important to one’s life; to attend to tasks as well as for the overall social, mental and physical wellbeing of him or her. This wellbeing is the result of the many opportunities for fresh air, socializing and other leisure that mobility offers. This is why it is important to find yourself a suitable mobility aid.

The varieties of Mobility solutions in Australia

There are many mobility solutions out in the market today, to address the varying mobility issues that are prevalent in Australia and around the globe. These mobility solutions include simple walking sticks, walkers, wheelchairs, power chairs and mobility scooters. These are all available within Australia through the courtesy of Independent Living Specialists. All of these mobility aids are instrumental in addressing walking disabilities in their varying forms, leaving no room for helplessness. The walking sticks and walkers are reliable supporters to those who still prefer to walk despite the extra effort. There are many walkers designed for various contexts such as the knee walker which is instrumental for someone to recover from an injury in one leg or the seat walkers that allow recess in the middle of your journey. The wheeled walking aids, however, are more popular due to the ease they provide. Among them, mobility scooters are especially important and even the best mobility solution today in Australia due to the convenience, reliability, and security they offer.


Mobility scooters

Mobility scooters are battery powered and maneuvered with handlebars available through the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth in Australia. They contain comfortable seats, suspension, and extra features to make your life easier. There are many types of mobility scooters in the market. The differences can depend on the brand and the model of the particular scooter. The famous brands of mobility scooters include Pride, Shoprider, Invacare and Drive medical as the most famous.

Where to buy a mobility scooter in Australia

Independent Living Specialist offers thirty-seven quality mobility scooters of the four brands Shoprider, Invacare and Drive medical. You can pick up your favorite mobility scooter at any of their showrooms situated in Sydney, Port Macquarie, and Brisbane or order online on their delightful web page with free delivery guaranteed where ever in Australia you are situated. There are after sales support centers situated across the country and including Adelaide. So there is no need to worry about owning a mobility scooter of your own in Brisbane, Adelaide or any other city in Australia as support and friendly care is always close by.


Picking the correct mobility scooter

Although there are plenty of mobility scooters, picking the correct one for you needs some consideration and attention to detail. To begin with, you must resolve whether you need an outdoor mobility scooter or an indoor one. There are categories of mobility scooters designed to bear various amounts of weights. You must consider the suitability of the mobility scooter to bear your weight, especially if you plan on traveling on sloping land. There are light weight and portable mobility scooters that can facilitate you to travel. The Shoprider Rainrider is suitable to tolerate rough weather patterns. The Pride Sportsrider or the Easyrider mobility scooter with Gel batteries has the potential to release the sportsman in you. The Shoprider double seat rider even provides you the opportunity to ride alongside your loved ones making mobility thoroughly memorable. You must decide wisely when picking the best out of the best mobility solution to make sure complete satisfaction of yourself and your loved ones.

Shoprider Rainrider Scooter Door

Independent Living Specialists provides all information and cordial customer service at your hand to make this decision. They also offer roadside assistance for the first twelve months of your purchase.

How walking aids can change your life


Walking aids help those of who are affected by difficulties in walking to move around with more ease with an assurance of safety. There are different and multiple walking aids available in market today to suit the different needs of anyone looking to seek help of a walking aid. In fact owning a walking aid is a sign that you are independent and responsible for your own safety, which is a positive message to the whole society.

The walking aid to suit you

As mentioned earlier there are many walking aids available in the market now; including the simple walking stick, the walker frame, forearm support walker, knee walker and the seat walker. They also come in different sizes and weights to suit the customer. Multiple designs, color, and features also help you pick out the perfect choice of walking aid for yourself. Any of the following types of walking aids can be very helpful for someone to move around but by paying attention to your specific needs you can gain the ultimate satisfaction from your choice.

Walking Sticks

The walking sticks are preferable for a person who has minor walking difficulties to ensure balance and safety and to move at convenience. It is the first pick of many elderly people and gives a certain dignity to own one.

Airgo Quad Cane

Walker Frames

Walker frames are considered to be more balancing than the single walking stick because it is double sided and provides a protective cage around you as you walk indoors or outdoors. So you can hold it from either side and move it parallel to your leg movement. There are foldable walking frames available in many brands, which save space at home and are also easily portable in a vehicle to wherever you may want to travel.

Ball Walker Coopers Walking Frame – Folding

Seat Walkers

Seat walkers are the most convenient of the walkers. They are structured like the walker frame but with a seat for resting when one tires of walking. Some also carry a basket where you can store your personal items. There are sturdier seat walkers that are good for outdoor journeys and to support heavier weights.


How a walking aid can lift your mood and life

Buying a walking aid is a very good decision when you start experiencing walking difficulties. They will give you the courage you need to move as previously. They will return your freedom back to attend to your daily tasks, socialize and travel. Since you will be walking quite a lot you will automatically gain enough exercise to keep you healthy. It will help increase your appetite and get you better sleep in the night. You need not complicate the freedom you feel with a distancing from relationships, especially with your family. With a walking aid by your side, you will be able to keep up with your family, enjoy family occasions and even travel with them. Basically, a walking aid can help you feel younger and happier.