The elderly are prone to numerous physical difficulties which gradually develop with age, restricting their mobility and conducting their normal daily activities with much difficulty. Poor blood circulation and reduction in strength and adjust-ability are some issues that affect the living conditions. Using the correct furniture is very important to aid the specific needs to arrest this situation.

Benefits of a High Chair

A high chair provides good back and shoulder support. It is vital to use a high chair when the person is struck with a back injury and experiencing pain as it provides a good support for the back.

It supports the full spine and stimulates a good posture. The back is relaxed, prevents slouching ensuring less force on the spine. However, the best support is provided by chairs with backs that extend to the neck.

Independent Living Specialists has some of the best high chairs in all their stores Australia wide.


Chair Highback Royale,Hilite highback Chair,Euro Chair-Highback,height adjustable BC1 high back and height adjustable BC2 high back are some of the fast moving popular chairs available at ILS

Chair High back Royale

This is an adjustable high back chair with a shaped backrest and padded arm rests, vinyl cushioning and powder coated steel frame. Available at a special online price with free delivery.


Hilite High Back Chair

This chair has been built keeping the user’s comfort and aid in mind which also includes a reclining orthopaedic feature that can adjust the height according to user’s requirements. The reclining backrest is contoured for more comfort and back support. The angle of the seat can be altered to give maximum support for the hip and the convenient padded armrests aid when standing and transferring. This product is available at a special price for online customers with free delivery.


Euro Chair-Highback

This is an orthopaedic chair packed with a wide range of best features which includes a changeable seat depth and height according to the user’s requirements and a well-shaped backrest for comfort and support of the back. The angle of the seat can be adjusted to give maximum support to the hip and the comfortable padded armrests assists when standing and transferring from one place to another. The product is complete in a high quality powder coated steel frame and cushioned with foam and vinyl or other fabrics of choice. Available at a special price for online customers with free delivery.

Euro Chair – Highback

Height Adjustable BC1-Highback

This chair is a user-friendly product with fully welded frame and adjustable leg height. It also has an optional removable tray and wing-back neck support. A neck cushion is included for user’s comfort and rear transporter wheels to assist in chair portability as an option. Available at a special prices for online customers with free delivery.

183. Bc1 superkingsize

Height Adjustable BC2-Highback

The BC2 highback chair has a 3 section back cushion which can be adjusted to user’s requirement. The chair’s frame is fully welded with a 5 year warranty and the leg height is adjustable. This chair has been manufactured with its best quality in mind and equipped with a removable tray and wing-back support for the neck. A neck cushion is provided for user’s comfort and rear transport wheels to enable the chair to be moved around easily. Available in a variety of colours and at a special price for online customers with free delivery.

187. bc2 superkingsize


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Selecting a powered wheelchair in the event you need to make your life or the life of a dear one more comfortable is one of the best beginnings to independence. A power wheelchair is a comfortable, user-friendly and swift equipment suitable for users of all ages.

These power wheelchairs are designed with various benefits and features suitable to assist people with mobility issues. If a person is able to use the hands to control the chair with the joystick mindless of the other mobility issues, choosing a powered wheelchair is the best choice in comparison to a mobility scooter or a manual wheelchair, which requires more upper body strength to manoeuver.


Titan Power Chair, Travel Lite Electric Folding Power Chair, Cobalt Travel Power Chair and Pride Go-Chair New Generation-Power chair are some best power wheelchairs available this season at all stores of Independent Living Specialists Australia wide.


Titan Power Chair

This power chair is a comfortable and stylish device for those in need of transporting themselves indoors or outdoors. The front-wheel system places the drive wheel ahead of the user’s centre of gravity resulting in the chair being very stable and performing well over small obstacles. It is also good to be used indoors, moving on narrow, restricted spaces easily. Grab the special offer before the season ends.

The Titan Powerchair is perfect for users on the go as it can be disassembled, without tools, and loaded easily into a car for easy transportation. Its ultra-manoeuvrable and compact size makes it ideal for around the home and in busy shopping centres.

The Titan Powerchair is perfect for users on the go as it can be disassembled, without tools, and loaded easily into a car for easy transportation. Its ultra-manoeuvrable and compact size makes it ideal for around the home and in busy shopping centres.

Travel Lite Electric Folding Power Chair

This is a new and exclusive product from ILS is a lightweight and easily foldable mobility solution, guaranteeing a comfortable ride. It is capable of carrying a load of 150kg with a longer travel mileage. The brushless hub motor and joystick controller is constructed out of untainted material and equipped with 50% battery power, designed to charge 1000 cycles.

Travel Lite Folding Power Chair

The Travel lite electric folding power wheelchair is a lightweight, easy folding mobility solution that will guarantee a comfortable ride

Cobalt Travel Power Chair

This power chair is ideal for those in need of a lightweight and easy to transport device. It could be disassembled into three parts for storage. The seat rotates with assurance and could be folded to adapt according to space during transportation. The height of the seat varies from 20” to 30” and the armrests could be flipped up to transfer the user to different locations and removable easily when needed. The device is equipped with height and weight adjustable armrests for better seating and modifying including a controller that alters in length, while it can also be fixed on to the left or right armrest, dispensing flexibility as an added bonus. This product is also currently sold on a special offer.


Pride Go Chair-New Generation-Power Chair

This powered wheelchair is easy to transport as it can be disassembled into four parts. It is a rear wheel drive mainly for indoor use. The strong 200 mm rear wheels plus the back end anti-tip wheels enable a safe ride and the plastic seat padded with synthetic cover with modifiable seat height is a great help when it comes to comfort.


All power chairs are available at a special price for online customers.



A person who is confined to a chair or bed due to an ailment will have to consider pressure care as a part of a treatment plan with importance given to prevent injuries from being in one position for a long time.

Areas where the bones are prominent or where it is closer to the area that is under some pressure are at more risk of developing ulcers. In addition to this the folds of the skin or parts where skin to skin contacts, could also form an injury resulting in an ulcer.

Independent Living Specialists provides a wide array of pressure care equipment specially manufactured to meet the demands of different needs and personal options. All the products have been sourced from well-known brands manufactured with user’s comfort and safety in mind.


Shear comfort medical sheepskin overlay, Heelift smooth suspension boot, Memory foam deluxe I-care seat high profile cushion, Obus forme back support, Equagel protector cushion and convoluted ring incontinence proof cover are some of the most popular pressure care products available in all stores of Independent Living Specialist Australia wide.

Shear Comfort Medical Sheepskin Overlay

This product gives the best pressure, heat and moisture bust for increased comfort and prevents pressure ulcer effectively. It also assists to prevent discomfort, health hazards and monetary difficulties that could be faced with pressure ulcers and skin tears. It is washable up to 80c temperatures for resultant infection control.


Heelift Smooth Suspension Boot

This device is capable of providing the most effective result for prevention and help in the healing of pressure ulcers at the heel along with bearing and adjusting of the lower leg. The inbuilt wedge of soft, firm medical grade foam ensures the heel does not contact any area with a good grip over the calf. Latex-free medical grade foam has been used to manufacture the boot and the size fits all and safe to wash by machine and dryer.

Heel Lift Smooth Suspension Boot

Memory Foam Deluxe I-Care Seat High Profile Cushion

This cushion is designed to provide relief from pressure and give support to relieve pain from the lumbar region soreness, lower backache and hemorrhoids.


Obus Forme Back Support

This product is a portable and lightweight back support system that changes any chair into a comfortable seating system. It can be used in the home, vehicle, office or any other place you intend to sit for a longer period of time.

ObusForme Back Support with Wide Back

EquaGel Protector Cushion

This is a medical grade gel seat and wheelchair cushion manufactured with a dry-polymer gel in a 2.5” deep columnar structure. It is long lasting, durable, extremely effective and very comfortable. Highly recommended for people who are at high risk of pressure sores and ideal for those who earnestly needs a pressure pain relieving cushion.

EquaGel Protector Cushion

Convulated Ring Incontinence Proof Cover

This product has been designed to reduce pain in the lower back, lumbar region and tailbone area and provides more comfort by the cushion conforming to body shape to reduce discomfort in pressure point areas.



A Quick Guide To Finding Ceiling Hoists In Australia

A Quick Guide To Finding Ceiling Hoists In Australia by ILS AUSTRALIA

Helping the elderly and disabled in the past was a difficult task and people with simple mobility issues such as getting in and out of bed or having a bath needed assistance from caregivers and this was quite a hazardous task for everyone concerned.

A ceiling hoist is a device that has now been introduced to move or transfer disabled or elderly people safely to the required location. It can be used anywhere to improve convenience for both patient and caregiver. Ceiling hoist or ceiling lift is generally fitted on to a track system which allows the ceiling hoist to move. These portable hoists can also be removed and used in another track.

Independent Living Specialists has 3 renowned ceiling hoists viz; Alstair Ceiling Hoist, HelliQ ceiling hoist and Roomer S ceiling hoist, in their stores Australia wide at a special price for online customers.

Alstair Ceiling Hoist

This device is a lightweight portable lift which can be used in many rooms. Its features include a special telescoping hanger bar suitable to lift any patient and results in a relaxed sitting position and an advanced technology stage capable of tracking usage and determination of data collected. It is available from 150kg to 300 kg weight capacities.


HeliQ Ceiling Hoist

This product can be connected to a motorized sideways movement. It has dual speed, safe working load and capable of passing curtain gaps in rails.


Roomer S Ceiling Hoist

This device is capable of storing usage and performance data. With the aid of its data and service application and a smart electronic device, it allows the usage and condition of the lift to be checked. Full information could be viewed and transferred to other media sources for further investigations.
A Ceiling track hoist is a raising system from above which could be hung from the ceiling, wall to wall or attached to the ceiling itself for an orderly or neat appearance. It is also one of the aspects of a hoist.


Importance of a Ceiling Hoist

The most important factor of a ceiling hoist is the safety of the disabled or elderly person who is being transferred from one place to another with zero accidental injuries.

Reduction in Injuries

A major cause of injury to caregivers is the consequence of manual lifting, transferring and changing positions of patients and relocating in different locations. The frequent occurrence of occupational injuries brings about a significant cost to healthcare organizations. Installation of a ceiling hoist can significantly reduce exposure to the risk of injuries.


Getting the environment checked by an overhead hoist specialist is very important before anything is fixed. Only a specialist can recommend where the track can be mounted after carefully inspecting the ceiling, wall and floor structure. Thereafter the overhead specialist will concur with the user and maybe the caregiver and identify how many lifting pointed are required. This information is required by the specialist to determine the structure and route of the ceiling track.



Independent Living Specialists is having some exciting offers on some of their best scooters this December. Grab these offers by visiting any of their stores Australia wide during this festive season and make yourself comfortable and get about independently.

These scooters are available on hire/rent or buy options in a wide range of designs, size, and power. ILS is guaranteed to be with the customer with their best services, great prices, and free roadside assistance during the first 12 months of purchase.

Special Offers

Scout Sports Quattro mobility scooter with all round suspension, GoGo LX mobility scooter with CTS suspension, S19 Quest Folding Mobility Scooter and Scout portable mobility scooter are some of the most popular mobility scooters from their full range of scooters that are available on a special pricing.

Scout Sports Quattro Mobility Scooter

This scooter is on sale at a special price of $1459.99. Equipped with deluxe cushioned seating with wide armrests assuring a comfortable and relaxed ride coupled with next-generation drive splitting mechanism for easy transportation and storage. Its special features are the swivel seat for easy transmissions, standard off the board and in-house charging, electromagnetic braking system, and reliable delta type handlebars for easy controlling. 50% off the original price is offered on scooter covers and free express delivery to online customers Australia wide.

scout mobility scooter blue

GoGo LX Mobility Scooter with CTS Suspension

This product from the Pride brand is on a special offer of $1590.99. Fitted with CTS suspension to improve the performance and value to mobility traveling. Features include CTS reliant front and rear suspension, disassembling at feather-touch and normal lighting. This scooter is one of the most exceptional travel devices available. Online customers are offered free delivery Australia wide. 50% off promotion is also available on the scooter cover.


S19 Quest Deluxe Folding Mobility Scooter

This scooter is one of the most advanced mobility scooters of the Pride brand. It is an almost weightless and foldable mobility scooter fitted with a lithium battery that provides a greater range of drive and ultra-lightweight. It folds up easily in a smooth way and easily transportable in the house or shopping malls due to taking up very little space when it’s folded. Currently on a special offer of $2499.99 with free delivery for online customers Australia wide.


Scout Portable Mobility Scooter

This mobility scooter is from the Drive Medical brand being sold at a special offer of $1199.99. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use except in rough outdoor areas. It is equipped with many features which include the first Drive mini mobility scooter, delta bars as next-generation Drive Medical splitting mechanism and is the best when it comes to comfort, style, durability, and performance. 50% off is offered on the scooter cover and delivery free of charge for online customers Australia wide.

Scout Mobility Scooter