The Top 5 Reasons You Need A Good Seat Walker

Walkers are a standard remedy for anyone who is affected by difficulty in walking or balancing oneself when in a standing position. Walkers generally comprise a supporting frame on which you can lean on with both your hands. It can help you get up and sit, balance while on your feet and to reduce the strain on your legs while walking. Certain walkers have wheels that you can conveniently push forward while walking. Seat walkers are a new invention in the field walkers that provide the user the facility of sitting down during a walk, once she or he gets tired.

Allows you complete independence

Seat walkers allow you the complete package of tools you need to be independent. It allows you the freedom to attend to your daily tasks without being a hindrance to anyone. Thick wheels can allow you to walk both indoors and outdoors. The locking mechanism on the wheels can allow you to sit and stand without help as well. In addition, seat walkers come with additional accessories such as a bag in which you can store any essential items when walking and backrests to make sitting more comfortable.


Keeps you safe from falling

Walkers provide you with the stability and strength to avoid falling while walking. Losing their sense of balance is very common among the elderly population. This can hinder their activities much. Walkers are very helpful in overcoming this situation and giving one the confidence to stroll freely.

Maintains the correct walking pattern

Walking safely is not the only benefit; walkers also help maintain the correct pattern of walking. There are walkers ergonomically designed to help the user walk correctly with the correct posture that allows your body to thrive rather than injure. Ergonomically designed walkers come with ergonomically shaped handles that allow the best grip that will not strain your hands, shoulders or back. Ample space between the handles can allow the user to step into the rollator and also allows one to step without hindrance. The Leia Lightweight Rollator by Human Care which enables a big walking space is an example of a rollator that is ergonomically designed to ease any back or shoulder strain when using. It is lightweight and thus easy to maneuver and comes in three different heights allowing you to pick the one best suited to maintain your body posture. It is important not to hunch while walking to allow good circulation.


Exercise keeps you healthy

A big perk of owning a walker is that it allows you to walk frequently giving your body an adequate supply of exercise. Exercise allows your blood supply to increase making your organs function with gusto. Owning a seat walker is an extra perk as you can sit whenever you tire. This can allow you to walk longer distances over your neighborhood and vicinity with no fear of burning up.

Acts as furniture

Lastly, seat walkers can substitute chairs whenever you need to sit down. It can even be used as a gardening chair when you need to attend to a bit of gardening outdoors.


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The Best Seat Walkers at Independent Living Specialists

As we grow old our bodies become weaker. As a result, most of the aging citizens suffer from difficulty to walk. Even though they are able to walk, they require an aid or support at most times. That is where walkers come into use. These walkers cover a person from the front and the sides. The person has to hold the walker, put their weight onto it and walk. With every step you lift the walker, set it down a short distance away and take another step. However, though these kinds of walkers are the traditional ones they may be cumbersome to most users. That is why we now have rollators or seat walkers.

With the seat walker, you have four wheels attached to the contraption. That means you do not have to lift the frame but rather push it forward as you walk. At the same time, as the name implies there is a seat too. This seat allows the person using the walker sit down and rest if he or she is tired while walking. At ILS there are several interesting options for good quality seat walkers.

Seat Walker with Basket – Auscare

This rollator is height adjustable. It also comes with well-functioning brakes. You have a comfortable seat with a comfortable backrest too. If you want to you can install a shopping basket to this. The small wheels allow you to use it with comfort both indoors and outdoors. There are also several color options available for you.

Seat Walker with Basket

Seat Walker – Rollator – Four Wheeled Walker

Made of heavy duty construction this seat walker is special because of the new lock brakes structure. It fits the Australian standards. The wheels are installed to prevent any wobbling. There is also a storage bag under the comfortable seat. This storage bag made of nylon allows you to keep your valuables there without visibility due to its cover.

Seat Walker - 6 inch Deluxe Adjustable Height 130kg - Freedom Healthcare Features

Seat Walker – Push Down Brakes and Curved Backrest

This particular seat walker comes with push down brakes. You also get rubber hand grips that are soft. This allows it to be cleaned quite easily. That is not a feature you can find with most walkers which are affordable.

Seat Walker Push Down Brakes

Trust Care Outdoor Seat Walker (With Backrest & Bag)

This was a creation specially made for the outdoor. With rather larger wheels it promises to keep you safe while using it. When not using you can easily fold it and it will stand on its own. You also have easy to use brake system. The seat on the walker is quite comfortable.

Trust Care Outdoor Seat Walker

Carbon Fibre Nitro Elite Super Light Weight Seat Walker

Here you have super lightweight seat walker which is perfectly designed for easy use. You have two large front wheels coupled with two small back wheels. The large front wheels and the perfect brake system make sure you are safe while using it. It also allows you to move swiftly and without effort. You also have a nice bag to put your belongings in while using the walker.


Deluxe Seat Walker with Adjustable Height

If you are looking for a height adjustable seat and handlebars this could be the one. You also have light touch brakes to ensure your safety. There is also a storage bag. You can fold the seat walker without removing the bag.

Seat Walker - 6 inch Deluxe Adjustable Height 130kg - Freedom Healthcare Adjustable Height

These are just few of the best seat walkers provided to you by Independent Living Specialists. All are manufactured by respectable brands. You can easily order any one of these by visiting the ILS website. You have the complete freedom to choose what you want


Top Things You Need To Know About The Ambiturn Sit to Stand Transfer Aid

You can face difficulties standing up from a seated position or sitting down from a standing position due to many conditions of mobility disabilities. It could occur due to aging, genetic conditions or while recovering from an injury. Changing your sitting positions is essential not only to complete tasks like attending to your toilet but also for your health so that you are not exposed to skin irritations that are caused by sitting for too long. But asking help all the time from family and friends can become a nuisance so you may wish to be able to do it on your own. Sit to stand transfer aids can help you manage standing up on your own.


What is the Ambiturn Sit to Stand Transfer Aid?

Ambiturn is a foremost brand providing sit to stand transfer aids. It is built with a height of 118 centimeters and a width of 57.5 centimeters, weighing up to 16.5 kilograms. It can support a maximum weight of up to hundred and fifty kilograms. It is a quite simple mechanism containing handles with multiple grip points that allow users of any height to use it comfortably. The handle is fixed onto a base to place your feet on when getting up. The base stands on wheels that allow the patient to be transported over a short distance. A rear bar placed suitably also allows the users to counterbalance. The substantial base area also provides stability making the Ambiturn safe for use.

How the Ambiturn Sit to Stand Transfer Aid works

When getting up using an Ambiturn sit to stand transfer aid one just has to hold the handles of the machine, place their feet on the base and pull oneself up. You can use the Ambiturn to transport yourself from one seat to another. The narrow recessed front fits between the wheels of the wheelchairs and toilets can be helpful for perfect positioning of the machine before using it. This simple mechanism can help you to attend to your toilet and change your seating from place to place in your house.

Ambiturn Sit To Stand Transfer Aid

How to purchase or hire?

You can purchase or hire your own patient transfer equipment now at Independent Living Specialists. Independent Living Specialists has showrooms around Sydney from where you can obtain your patient transfer equipment. You can purchase it more conveniently through Independent Living Specialists web page which is very safe and reliable. They provide free shipping for online purchases of over hundred and twenty-five dollars within Australia. Ambiturn sit to stand transfer aid is also available at a concessionary price of thousand two hundred and fifty dollars right now allowing you to save up to two hundred and twenty-five dollars. So hurry up and purchase your own today.



How ILS Can Help You with the National Disability Insurance Scheme


National disability insurance scheme or as it is known in the short from NDIS, is a way support is provided to suitable people who are suffering from permanent conditions, which requires them to have the assistance of others on a daily basis.  Anyone who is accepted as an Australian citizen or has a permanent visa to Australia can apply for this scheme. But you have to be also considered suitable to receive their help under the disability requirements too.

If you are someone who is interested in getting the help of NDIS you should learn a little bit more about the scheme.


Eligibility for NDIS

As we have mentioned earlier someone has to be an Australian citizen or a permanent visa holder to apply for this scheme. At the same time, you have to also live in an area where this scheme is implemented. Some areas will also carry an age requirement which means you have to be at a certain age to be able to apply for this scheme.

Then, you have to consider about the disability requirement as not all people suffering from all kinds of diseases are supported by this system. Your condition should be something that is considered permanent. This means the disease will most likely last as long as you live. It should also make you unable to take part in any social or economic work to support yourself on your own. The need to have people to help you out or special equipment that will aid in your daily activities, will also help qualify for this scheme.

How ILS Can Help

The Independent Living Specialists or ILS has been helping people like you who are in need of assistance to live a free life. ILS has been registered as a service provider for NDIS. ILS provides equipment and products that can help you take care of yourself and keep you safe. It also provides you with very special products that can help you do household tasks and even help you move around. The range of mobility scooters, lift chairs, wheelchairs are all part of these products which can help you.


When you are applying for NDIS you have to first come up with a plan for your care with an NDIS representative. Before going there you can do some pre-planning of your own. ILS can help you with that as this is something you should be doing with a registered service provider. ILS can help you take care of the assistive equipment portion of the plan by providing you with the cost for each of the assistive products. They will always make sure to provide you good recommendations for products which are actually effective and helpful. With all of the equipment provided by ILS you can actually be independent without depending on an aid or a personal caregiver.

In this way, ILS, as a registered service provider, can help you with your NDIS plan.




A Quick Guide To Selecting The Right Lift Chair


Once you reach the golden years of life you want to spend a happy and peaceful life. You have already fulfilled all your responsibilities to your loved ones and the society. You have worked so hard in life up to that point. Therefore, wanting to enjoy life and be at peace at that time is quite normal.

However, most of the time, when we are reaching the golden years of life, we are tired of all the work we have done. Because of all the work we have done up to that point, we can be physically weak. That means as elders we may have to get help to do our day to day work. We may also have to get some help to stay comfortable. That is where a lift chair becomes useful.

In your golden years, you will like to spend most of your time sitting and watching television or even reading. However, you may find sometimes, getting up from your chair, is rather difficult. With a recliner/ lift chair, you can get up easily, as the chair helps you to get back into a standing position. Therefore, having a lift chair can help you feel comfortable, right at home.


Making a Selection

With a renowned supplier such as Independent Living Specialists, you will be able to find a number of lift chairs. The Manor Electric Recliner Lift Chair, Pride C101 Electric Recliner Lift Chair, Pride C6 Electric Recliner Lift Chair – Twin Motors, Monarch Recliner Electric Recliner Lift Chair and Stella Electric Recliner Lift Chair are some of the top most popular lift chairs at ILS. Each of these recliners, are basically equipped to let you stay comfortable while seated and help you to get up when needed. However, each of these chairs have their own special qualities. For example, Manor Electric Recliner Lift Chair has a backrest which imitates a waterfall. It provides extra comfort for the one using the chair. Some come with additional head and lumbar support.


Purchasing a Lift Chair

Purchasing a lift chair is quite easy. You can visit any of the 9 showrooms located in Sydney Or you can simply visit the ILS website, go through the catalog, choose a lift chair and buy the lift chair online.

Hiring a Lift Chair

If you only want to have the lift chair with you for a short period you can hire the chair as well. Here again, you can first select the lift chair of your choice. Then, you can contact ILS and make arrangements to hire the chair for the period you need to have it.


If you are unable to visit any of the showrooms, free delivery is always available for online purchases. It’s as simple as that!