A Guide To Our Charity Program With Youth Off The Streets


Youth Off The Streets is an unbiased society institution founded in 1991 operating in favour of the underprivileged young generation who are either destitute, displaced, dependent on drugs or recovering from wrongdoing.

This institution is a pillar for these young people as it works to improve their lives and beat the endless private physical or mental pain such as indifference, bodily and/or impulsive misdeed.

Their main objective is to ensure these young people leave the institution free of drugs, with a sound school education, with an ability to do something for a living armed with a full-time or part-time job in hand.

Since its foundation, this institution has progressed from a single food van distributing meals to young destitute people on the streets of Kings Cross to a well-established large youth-related organization providing endless care nurtured through many types of services.

Some of their services include aboriginal programmes, accommodation at a critical situation, counselling alcohol and other drug-related issues, certified high schools, residential programs and supported by volunteers all the way.

Youth Off The Streets is officially recognized as an appropriate establishment for out of home care and sustains guidelines that abide by the benchmark standards as construed by the office of the children’s guardian.

Safe Environment

One of their goals is to ensure that the young generation is not denied the right for education, safe housing, rehabilitating drug and alcohol users, counselling and backing services directed at cracking the circle of deprivation, exploitation and neglect.

Growth Support

The youngsters who are involved in the programs and services are able to discover themselves, develop their skill, growth and education.


Youth Off The Streets enables the youngsters to change their future through the progress of their skills, confidence and liaison with each other, their families and relatives.


Hot Meal

The first program initiated by the Youth Off The Streets in 1991 was a food van that provided meals to destitute children in Kings Cross. Currently, there are 20- to 50 adult and young people who make use of this food van every night. No one is turned away and it is managed by a wonderful team of volunteers and drives in Sydney between Green Park and Darlinghurst feeding hungry people. A donation of $70 can provide 10 hot dinners from this food van.


In addition to providing food, donors could participate in other programs such as providing a personal kit, a bed for the night or a resource kit.

Personal Kit

With $20 a donor can provide the street walk program with a personal kit comprising of toothpaste, toothbrush and deodorant. The staff of this program and volunteers are on the Sydney streets from Sunday to Thursday every week at night. The young people in need are between the ages of 13 to 22 who are either destitute or at risk of being homeless.

Bed for the night

A donor could provide a bed for the night for $40 inclusive of tax to the crisis refuge which functions as part of the Inner West Youth Homelessness Services. This service support over 450 youngsters per year. The main focus is on early intervention and providing home support services for young people who are homeless or at risk of being destitute ranging from 16 to 25 years.

Resource Kit

A donor can provide a student with a resource kit for $50 inclusive of tax for a young person who is attending one of the accredited high schools and also provides these youngsters with an opportunity to achieve a sound education in a different background.

The young people enrolled in Youth Off The Streets schools study to change their lives and future. They are able to go back to school an achieve an education of their choice. The students are made meticulous with the skills required to continue their education, pursue vocational training or join the workplace.


Youth Off The Streets has helped more than 70,000 people with less than half of its funding coming from government sources. Independent Living Specialists is proud to be a part of this charity program. These images capture our representatives Romy Shorter & Jared Wilson handing over a cheque to the charity.

Youth Off The Streets has helped more than 70,000 people with less than half of its funding coming from government sources.
Independent Living Specialists is proud to be a part of this charity program. This image capture our representatives Romy Shorter & Jared Wilson handing over a cheque to the charity.

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OZ Harvest-1

Independent Living Specialists in collaboration with Cerebral Palsy Alliance supported a program on feeding hungry children in schools and homes Australia wide from April to June 2018.

In most instances, at least one child in every classroom sleeps hungry at night or goes to school hungry almost every day. Being hungry results further than the classroom and they are bound to fall ill through weakness and miss school often due to the poor mental and physical health issues.

Being hungry is not the only issue. Thousands of families do not have access to nourishing and healthy food in their day to day lives. Not having nutritious food in the early stages of a person’s life could result in permanent health problems for the entire lifetime.

Although OzHarvest is currently trying their best to supply fresh food regularly to schools and homes Australia wide, public assistance is also required to provide a million meals to feed these hungry children.

Monetary donations were channelled through every purchase made from ILS.

Donation details:

1. Purchase an item from Independent Living Specialists.
2. Add on the donation in your shopping cart.
3. Money raised were donated to the youth of the street.

• Donation of $15 enables a person to feed a mother and child breakfast for two weeks.
• Donation of $25 permits a person to provide breakfast for a class of children for two days.
• Donation of $50 enables a person to provide a family dinner for a month.
• A single $ provides 2 meals for kids in need. Therefore your generous donations will help feed thousands of hungry people.

Charity Program

Stepping forward to help people in need is an essential part of life, benefitting worthy causes and the community. However, the benefits can be greater for the person who volunteers. Volunteering on some project and helping the needy helps to reduce stress, combat depression, mentally stimulate and give a sense of purpose. Although, the more a person volunteers, the more they benefit, it doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment or take a large amount of time from your busy schedule. Simple things like giving and helping those in need can, in turn, improve one’s health and happiness.


Youth off the streets which was supported by ILS in the charity program this quarter is a non-exclusive community organization established in 1991, working for young people from 12 to 25 years facing challenges such as homeless, drug dependency, exclusion from school, neglect and abuse.

They have grown from a van delivering meals to young homeless people on the street to a major youth specific agency offering a fully-fledged care through a wide range of services. Supported by volunteers, their services include reaching out and residential treatment programs, counselling, crisis accommodation, alcohol and other drug control services.