When a person is old or immobile due to an injury or birth defect, it becomes impossible or difficult to use normal seating chairs. A specially designed chair becomes necessary depending on the demands your body has to face in your daily life.

Independent Living Specialists have specialized chairs taking your comfort, correct positioning and posture into consideration. You will be able to find a specialized chair to meet your needs perfectly at all stores of Independent Living Specialists Australia wide. They have a wide range of strong, comfortable and durable chairs sourced from some of the most reputed brand manufacturers.

Importance of posture

In order to carry out normal work efficiently it is necessary to adopt the required posture, as a person’s activity depends on good posture and if the movement is restricted or if it is difficult to adjust to proper posture, specialized seating becomes necessary to overcome this issue.

Specialized chairs

Utility Days Bariatric chair, Chair Bariatric Royale and Seatra Commode & Shower Chair Plus travel bag are 3 of the top new specialized chairs available at all stores of ILS Australia wide.

Utility Days Bariatric Chair

Priced at $595.99, Utility Days Bariatric Chair has a low back and a fine orthopaedic solution with additional features ideal for dining and daily household work of users. It is fitted with an adjustable seat height at an angle that gives the ideal hip support. The curved cushioned backrest of the chair is very comfortable and a good support for the posture.

Chair Bariatric Royale


The Chair Bariatric Royale is priced at $695.99. It is a high back chair with an orthopaedic solution that provides a broader seat width and strong frames suitable for users weighing 200kg and above. It is also fitted with an adjustable height and seat base along with a bowed backrest and steel frame coated with powder.

Seatara Wheelable Commode & Shower Chair plus Travel Bag


Priced at $3,295.99, this specialized chair is one of the most advanced level commode and shower chairs that could be wheeled and permits the user to easily use a normal toilet stall.

The commode is lightweight, self-propelled, water resistant and portable chair fitted with an operational wheel system.

Highlights of the Product

• It is sturdy, durable and strong with adjustable foot-rest and usual arm-rest.
• Due to its unique size, it can go through any narrow path and fit into the tiniest cubicle.
• It has a wheel lock fitted for safety and security.
• It is easy to be kept clean and does not need any special cleaning products.
• The transport bag is equipped with wheels and designed with the universal wheelchair symbol for trouble-free commercial transportation.
• It is usable on top of a normal toilet 47cm by 37cm.
• Foldable arm-rest can be pushed up for sitting comfortably for long period of time.
• Maximum weight capacity of 100 kgs.

Health Benefits

A proper comfortable seating decreases pain in the back, hips and neck and increases mobility and independence. However, it is important to choose the correct specialist seating device after the person’s need or requirement is properly assessed by a professional.

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A Guide to Bath and Shower Aids

Being independent enough to do your own work can be hard as you grow old. Most of us become too weak to even walk without support. However, that does not mean we need to depend on a family member or even a caregiver.

That is why the aged care equipment created by trusted manufacturers is useful for the elderly. They provide you the help you need to have when you are doing anything. There is equipment to help you walk, to sit and even to help you with baths and showers. Having this kind of assistance, especially with bath and shower aids, can be very important. However, that does not mean you should buy just any equipment. You should always be mindful of what you purchase.



The durability of the equipment matters a lot. As bath and shower aids they will be in contact with water. Water can harm a lot of material. If you are choosing a shower chair to make sure it is corrosion-resistant. If not it will start to corrode after several times of use.

3 in 1 - Premium Aluminium 160kg with Split Seat - Freedom HBA370

Help Offered

All the home health care equipment you buy should actually offer you help. For example, if you are using a toilet chair it should provide the help you need. The chair also requires being comfortable while you are on it. If it has wheels as in the Glideabout Commode chair, you will be able to easily transfer it to the toilet. Likewise, every piece of equipment you buy should offer you genuine help.



The shower and bath aids you choose have to be strong too. For example, there are bath lifts which can help you to get in and out of the bath safely. A product like Bathmaster Deltis even comes with a remote which helps to operate the aid. You just sit there and press button to get in. At the press of a button, you can come up to a normal sitting position and get out without difficulty. If you are buying an aid like this it has to be strong. If it is not, you can suffer injuries as it can break down. To avoid such negative results, only buy products created by reliable manufacturers.

Deltis Bath Lift


You have to think about the prices too. If an item with low quality is sold at a high price you should never buy it. All the reliable manufacturers will be fair with their prices. So, you just have to focus your attention on them. Always look for the best quality.

Choice of Equipment

If you take a shower chair there are multiple items in the market. Sometimes, the same manufacturer produces the same item with different features. By choosing a place which has a large collection of items you can choose what is best for you. A place like the ILS website is the best choice for that.

Choose your bath and shower aids keeping these in mind.


Best Mobility Scooters for the Outdoors

Pride Mobility GoGo Ultra

Regaining your independence in the event of an injury or due to old age can be done with the help of the mobility solutions. Choosing the one of the best mobility scooters that can be used both indoors and outdoors would be ideal. Various types of mobility scooters can be categorised based on their features making them ideal for use outdoors (as well as indoors). These can be classified as travel mobility scooters, mid-size scooters and outdoor mobility scooters.

Travel Mobility Scooters

Ideally, these mobility scooters can be either three wheel or four-wheel designs that are majorly used indoors due to its lightweight nature. However, they can be used outdoors too. It is important that when used outdoors, that it is on smooth and hard surfaces. These small mobility scooters are designed with smaller wheels that make it ideal for manoeuvrability especially in tight spaces. They are quite easy to dismantle and load into a vehicle, but most of these models are limited in battery power and speed therefore long distances outdoors is not recommended.

Pride S19 Folding Mobility Travel Scooter Pride GoGo Ultra X 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter Pride GoGo Elite Traveller Plus Mobility Scooter
Max Speed:  6km/h
Range: 20km
One step dismantling
Max Speed:  6km/h
Range: 13km
One step dismantling
Max Speed:  6km/h
Range: 23km
One step dismantling


Mid-Size Mobility Scooters

These mid-size or medium sized mobility scooters are three or four wheeled mobility solutions. These come with larger wheels that make it ideal for outdoor use but also offers manoeuvrability indoors such as with shopping malls, restaurants and more. These mobility scooters for outdoor come with features such as wheel suspension, turn signals, headlights and more. However, these models cannot be dismantled and will need accessories to lift them into a vehicle such as a ramp or lift.

Pride Pathrider ES10 Mobility Scooter Pride GoGo LX Mobility Scooter with CTS Suspension Pride Pathrider 130XL Mobility Scooter
Max Speed:  8.8km/h
Range : 18 km
Can be dismantled
No headlights/turn signals
Max Speed:  12km/h
Range : 34 km
Comfort-Trac Suspension
Can be dismantled
Max Speed:  12km/h
Range : 34 km
Front and Rear Suspension


Outdoor Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters made especially for outdoor use usually come as 4-wheel designs for added stability. These are accepted as the best mobility scooters for the outdoors with suspension features, lighting options, and ground clearance for rugged terrain. As they are made for outdoor use, they are equipped with high performance batteries ideal for long distances and higher ground clearance to withstand varied terrain.

Shoprider Rocky 4 Mobility Scooter Pride Pathrider 140XL Mobility Scooter Sunrise Medical S700 Mobility Scooter
Max Speed:  15km/h
Range : 50 km
Front and Rear Suspension
Pneumatic wheels
Max Speed:  15km/h
Range : 35 km
Full suspension
Hydraulic Sealed Brake
Powerful motor
Max Speed:  12km/h
Range : 55 km
All Round Suspension
Pneumatic wheels
High performance batteries

Showering and Bathing Aids

Getting to the shower and bathroom in later life can be a demanding task, and one that too often ends in injury. Slippery floors, low toilet seats and even the strain of standing for an extended time in the shower all contribute to the risk of hurting oneself. In fact, falls in the bathroom account for thousands of hospitalisations in Australia every year, especially among the elderly. If you, your client or a loved one could be at risk in the bathroom, don’t leave it too late to make your bathroom a safe, pain-free environment.


We know that the extensive list of bathroom products available can get a little bit overwhelming, so we’ve made it easy for you with this guide to a few of the most common products. Click for a full list of bathroom aids and accessories or call us on 1300 008 267


Shower Chairs

The shower chair helps you keep balance, reduces the risk of falling in the shower and allows you to reach the lower body with reduced strain on muscles and joints. It is ideal for sufferers of arthritis, people who have trouble standing for extended periods of time, people with poor balance and people who suffer from joint, muscle or back pain. Basic shower chairs are stationary chairs consisting of a steel or aluminium frame and plastic seat. They are available as folding chairs or standard moveable chairs. Extra wide and heavy duty chairs are also available.


Shower Stools

Shower stools are similar to shower chairs, but they do not have a backrest. This makes cleaning the back easier but compromises stability. The shower stool is recommended for patients who can maintain balance but find it difficult to remain standing for the time it takes to shower. Side arms are standard to make lowering onto and rising from the stool easy. Available with cutaway front for personal cleaning. Heavy duty stools and corner stools are also available.


Bath Boards

The bath board gives you a secure platform to rest on while bathing. It is secured across the top of the bath, attaching to the sides, to create a stable seating platform for bathing or showering. Either a channeled surface or slatted design allows water to drain away while the board is in use. Most bath boards feature adjustable elements such as width and feet height. Bath boards are suitable for people who prefer to use a bath rather than a shower. But they are also a great alternative to shower chairs, stools or commodes for patients whose shower runs over a bathtub.


Shower Commodes

Shower commodes are multipurpose chairs that decrease the number of transfers required for bathroom activities. Think of it as an all-in-one shower chair, toilet commode and over toilet aid. The transit feature gives you greater independence as you manoeuvre yourself through your daily bathroom activities. A self-propelled kit can be attached to a regular transit chair so you can use the bathroom in privacy. Tilting chairs are available.


Using an appropriate bathroom product will help you enjoy the comfort of a hot shower in peace (and safety).

A Breakdown of Toilet Aids and Accessories

Bed Pan Frontal Opening

Over Toilet Aids and other bathroom accessories help make transferring on and off the toilet easy. We realise that for some patients, a trip to the bathroom can be difficult or even impossible. Accordingly, we do our best to offer an extensive range of aids to make life easier for patients, including toilet surround frames, bedside commodes with open- or closed-front padded seats, 3-in-1 over toilet aids, commodes and shower stools, as well as a number of accessories to suit diverse individual requirements.

This breakdown provides an overview of some of the aids available to patients and to help you with make the right purchasing decision. Patient requirements will vary depending on their condition. For those unable to stand or use the toilet, please see our range of urinals. For other patients, see below.

For patients who are bedridden or have trouble traveling to the bathroom, bedside commodes provide fast accessibility to toileting. Our commodes are designed for use with commode bowls and lids which either come with your purchase or are purchased as separate components. For a patient who is not able to take themselves to the bathroom during the night, a bedside commode will provide additional comfort and peace of mind.

A bedside commode is transportable and has a removable bowl for easy cleaning. For hygiene purposes, all commodes come with a fitted lid and many include splash-guards. Our commodes are available in a range of materials with various seat attachments to suit individual requirements. For easy storage when the commode is not in use, some commodes are also compactable.


When deciding which commode is right for the patient, consider whether the commode is to be frequently or occasionally used. This will help you to determine whether it will need to be compactable for storage. The Folding Bedside Commode’s collapsible design makes it perfect for patients who only use their commode occasionally and is ideal to store at relatives’ homes. If the commode will be frequently used and kept in the bedroom, a simple, height adjustable commode with a padded removable seat is a tasteful and subtle option and can second as a regular chair when not in use.

The standard Bedside Commode and the Bariatric Extra Wide Bedside Commode with padded seats to conceal the bowls are excellent for patients who will frequently use their commode. Subtle design, ease of use, hygiene and easy cleaning are at the forefront of the design of all of our bedside commodes.


For patients who need help lowering onto and rising from the toilet, our range of raised toilet seats, over toilet aids and grab make transferring to and from the toilet easy.

Raised toilet seats help to overcome height issues and provide comfort and support for patients with hip or knee injuries. For a simple, removable raised seat, the Savannah and the Prima raised seats are great value for money. Both are easily positioned, adjustable and can be removed for easy cleaning. For your comfort, they feature inbuilt stain and odour resistance.


Over toilet aids and toilet surrounds are designed to assist patient transfer on and off the toilet and are a great option if you are looking for a non-permanent fixture in the bathroom. Some feature compactable design for easy storage. The Aluminium, Steel, and Folding over toilet aids are all height adjustable, as are most of our toilet surrounds, to suit the patient’s changing needs. If an over toilet aid will be used frequently, consider an aid with a lifetime warranty against rust, such as the Aluminium and Folding aids. Some accessories are available for our over toilet aids and commodes, including splash guards, removable bowls and lids and hygienic bowl carriers.


For further assistance in the bathroom see our range of Goanna chairs, shower commodes, grab rails for extra assistance getting up and down and bottom wipers. And don’t forget to look out for the latest offers while browsing our website.