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Senior citizens of this era are enjoying life in comparison to their predecessors. Many elders over the age of 65 are now leading a more active life than their parents. Considering this current flow, it is apparent that mobility plays an important role among the aged population.

Eventually, most seniors in their 70s and 80s are bound to develop various types of disabilities or chronic medical conditions that will hinder their ability to stay active and mobile. Luckily, due to the advancement in the manufacture of mobility aids, various kinds of products are available to assist the elderly to live an independent and active life. Further, many resources from websites to funding programs are now helping the aged population towards a more fulfilling life.


A cane is one the most prominently used equipment that provides assistance. It can bear 25% of a person’s weight and prevent a patient from falling. Independent Living Specialists have a wide range of canes in their stores Australia wide.

Single-point cane and quad canes are the two types available and a single point cane gives the required support to walk and is ideal for those who are experiencing a slight imbalance, poor stamina or weakness in muscles.The quad cane has four points that contact the ground and is considered to be more durable than a single point cane. It is beneficial for those suffering from muscle weakness which may have occurred due to a stroke or brain injury.

Single point cane products

Wooden walking stick with crook handle priced $19.99. Heavy duty offset cane priced $79.99 and Cobra cane walking stick priced $45.99 are some of the popular single point cane products available at ILS stores.

Quad Cane products

Walking stick quad cane with small base priced $ 65.99, Walking stick quad cane with large base priced $55.99 and Argo quad cane priced $95.99 are some of the fast moving cane products available at ILS stores.

Walking Stick - Quad Cane


The elderly and those with limited mobility worldwide rely greatly on walkers for their mobility needs. Manufacture of the walker has productively changed over the years. This was initially designed as a temporary equipment to rehabilitate but currently, it has been modified to be used at homes with additional features such as wheels, brakes, seats including convenient accessories like walker bags, trays, and detachable baskets.

Seat walker rollator with four wheels priced $99.99, Auscare seat walker with basket priced $165.99 and travel lite portable outdoor seat walker priced $249.99 are some of the popular walkers available at ILS stores.

Seat Walker with Basket

Featuring a curved padded backrest for comfort and a cushioned seat, which lifts to allow access to the handy shopping basket. Six inch wheels for a small turning circle allowing ease of use for both indoors and outdoors.


A scooter is a three-wheeled mobility device which is gaining popularity among the elderly. It is ideal for those who are able to walk short distances but need assistance for long distances. Almost all scooters have rear wheel drive and front wheel steering. Although this device was discovered a long time back, it is believed to have withstood many major improvements. Current technology has played a major role in the most important changes like battery power which recharges speedily. Other special changes are power seats, flip back arms, adjustable bases, and gear drive systems.

Envoy 4 plus mobility scooter priced $2095.99, Scout portable scooter priced $1245.99 and Scout sport Quattro mobility scooter with all round suspension priced $1399.99 are some of the popular brands available at ILS stores.

The Scout sport quattro Mobility Scooter features deluxe cushioned seating with stitching and contoured wide armrests for a more relaxed ride, and in addition to its comfort, it provides the next generation Drive splitting mechanism for easy storage and transportation

The Scout sport quattro Mobility Scooter features deluxe cushioned seating with stitching and contoured wide armrests for a more relaxed ride, and in addition to its comfort, it provides the next generation Drive splitting mechanism for easy storage and transportation

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A Guide to Australia’s Best Riser Recliner Chairs


Riser recliner chairs play an important role if a person’s health and aging conditions are making their daily chores or even sitting and getting up from a chair difficult. Sometimes it could be difficulty in standing up from a chair or could be due to feeling tired soon and need to recline in the chair itself to feel comfortable. It is also helpful when you have blood circulation issues and have been advised to keep your feet elevated whenever seated.

Types of riser recliner chairs

Single motor chairs are regulated by one motor which makes the backrest and leg rest move simultaneously. These chairs also easy to operate due to minimum buttons on the hand control. It is ideal for small spaces and could be reclined even if it is placed near a wall.

Wall dual motor chairs are regulated by two motors which make the backrest and leg rest work separately. Since dual motor chairs have more buttons on the hand control, the operating part might be more difficult to some users.

Royale’s Signature Mayfair recliner lift chair  made from High Quality Custom Soft Angora Fabrics features class in any setting and home décor.

Royale’s Signature Mayfair recliner lift chair made from High Quality Custom Soft Angora Fabrics features class in any setting and home décor.


Upholstery could be chosen to suit your size, skin condition and color, and style to match your home décor. Using a fabric or vinyl should be considered according to what is best for you. Although fabric makes the seat comfortable, a vinyl cover is the best option if you have continence issues or perspire too much. Vinyl is also more durable and very easy when it comes to keeping it clean.

How to choose the right size

• Riser recliner chairs are available in various sizes and it is very important to select a chair that fits you best with maximum support and comfort.
• Your bottom should fit the back of the seat and feet flat on the floor when you sit on the chair
• Check whether you could get two fingers between the back of your knees and the side front edge.
• Ensure the seat is wide enough to sit comfortably but not too wide to lose the support of the chair and not being able to use the armrest.

Maneuvering of a riser recliner chair

Operating a riser recliner chair will differ according to the chair chosen by the user. But nevertheless, all riser recliner chairs operate on a similar standard.
Rising from the chair
• Place your feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart and put your arms on the armrest.
• The chair will begin to rise and tilt forward when you press UP/riser button the hand control.
• When this happens take the weight on your feet and straighten your legs to come to a standing position.


• To get further back to the chair, place yourself in a way the back of your knees touches the front frame of the raised chair.
• Keep your hands on the armrest.
• Press the DOWN or lowering button on the hand control.
• When the chair begins to lower, bend your knees and get to a sitting position making sure your bottom is comfortable at the back of the seat.

Days Healthcare Serena

The riser action will help reduce the stress which would normally occur on your joints and knees when you get up and down. A battery backup also ensures you are able to retain mobility in the event of a power outage.

Tips on lowering and raising a reclining chair

• Leaving the chair in an upright position when not in use is recommended as it is easier to sit down.
• Ensure to feel the chair at the back of your thighs before lowering yourself down to a sitting position.
• Contact your healthcare professional and get advice on how to use your riser recliner safely.



Mobility scooters that are foldable are now very popular among those with limited mobility. Independent Living Specialists have a wide range of mobility solutions suitable for any type of handicap. Foldable mobility scooters are one of their specialties. Some of the top brands with a great range of mobility scooters suitable for your respective needs is readily available in all their stores and online store.


Foldable mobility scooters could be folded to fit into limited space in your home. It could also be transported compactly. It also comes in handy when traveling on vacation. When traveling by air or sea a foldable mobility scooter is considered as a wheelchair and allowed to be taken in free of charge.


Scout Portable Mobility Scooter, Genie Plus Travel Mobility Scooter Automatic Folding and S19 Quest Folding Mobility Travel Scooter are some of the products available at ILS stores.

Scout Portable Mobility Scooter

This scooter is a new product priced at $1,245.99 with many advanced features which include the first drive mini mobility scooter, delta bars as next-generation drive medical splitting mechanism. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. With a maximum weight capacity of 130kg, the most important factors of the scooter being style, performance, reliability, and comfort.


Genie Plus Travel Mobility Scooter Automatic Folding

This is a fully automated electronic device priced at $4475.99. It is also a rare mobility scooter manufactured to give the finest customer experience. It could be folded and unfolded easily whenever required and the special remote control operation assists users to navigate the device easily to their convenience. Maximum weight capacity is 136kg and could be stored to fit into a vehicle for transportation. It is airline friendly and could be taken along on overseas holidays without affecting your luggage allowance.

solax genie mobility scooter remote

S19 Quest Folding Mobility Travel Scooter

Priced at $2424.99, S19 Quest Folding Mobility Travel Scooter is an extreme light-weight folding mobility scooter. With a maximum weight capacity of 115kg, it is provided with a larger range of drive and folds up easily in a simple movement, transportable easily in your home or shopping malls. It is one of the most advanced ultra-light foldable mobility scooters available in the market.


Health and Social Benefits

Having a foldable mobility scooter is beneficial both medically and socially. Being able to participate in social gatherings and getting around without any issues keeps the patient or user happy and content and this, in turn, has a good impact on recuperating from the illness to favorable point. In addition to being comfortable and helping you to get around fast, these scooters are also able to give your independence back. It is also a good choice for those who need to remain mobile without the anxiety of finding space to store a big scooter in your home

Foldable mobility scooters are on offer for hire/rent or buy options at Independent Living Specialist stores Australia wide with free shipping to the door for online customers. They also offer a reliable service and free roadside assistance for the first 12 months.






Happy elderly couple with financial documents on sofa in home interior

The elderly and disabled population may find it more and more difficult or even unthinkable of using normal chairs. It is important to choose a chair that will support the difficulties faced by you. It could be a chair that is specially manufactured to give additional back support, more comfortable seating or a chair manufactured to aid while dining, reclining or moving in and out of the dining table without any difficulty.


Independent Living Specialists has a wide array of chairs to meet your special requirement. All chairs are comfortable, sturdy, and durable and manufactured by most reputed brands. These chairs are available in all stores of ILS across Australia.

How to choose a chair

Firstly, it is important to select a chair that meets your requirements. Thereafter, it becomes necessary to check durability and comfort according to your budget.

Importance of posture

Maintaining a person’s posture is very important as we get older. Poor posture while seated could lead to many adverse effects on a person’s health. It could even lead to building up of lung, chest and urinary tract infections. Poor appetite and breathing issues could also occur due to poor posture. An elderly person could probably slide and fall from a chair if the seated position is not comfortable or steady, causing fear, pain, and discomfort.

An adjustable high back chair featuring a contoured backrest and padded arm rests, vinyl upholstery and powder coated steel frame.

An adjustable high back chair featuring a contoured backrest and padded arm rests, vinyl upholstery and powder coated steel frame.


Once a person is seated supported upright their bodily functions will improve greatly. Selecting the correct chair and placing it in a good location could assist improve their posture considerably and as a result, have a positive impact on their overall health and well-being.


High back Days Chair, Utility Days Chair, and Bariatric Days Chair are some of the popular reputed branded chairs.

High back Days Chair

This chair has a weight capacity of 205kg and adjustable high back with a contoured backrest and padded arm-rests, powder coated steel frame and vinyl upholstery.

Currently available at $385.99


Utility Days Chair

This is a low back orthopedic chair ideal for dining or household chores while seated. The adjustable seat height and angle gives maximum hip support and the curved padded backrest gives postural comfort and support. This is affordably priced at $285.

Utility Days Bariatric

Health and Social Benefits

Using a day chair has many benefits. Health wise it could improve your mobility if you are facing any orthopedic issues on your posture. The ability to sit and dine or move around will quicken the healing process.  A patient or elderly need not be confined to a separate dining area as these chairs will help to dine at the table with friends and kin and also sit at social gatherings or meetings.

Professional Advice

It is always good to get professional advice on what type of chair will suit the buyer’s need. An occupational therapist or customer services at ILS would be able to guide you in this respect.



Independent Living Specialists is an establishment in Australia providing priceless assistance to all its customers by introducing classy mobility scooters to ring in the New Year healthily with the capability of continuous movability from one location to another. An estimated number of over 65 million persons are in need of assistance due to limited mobility and therefore, the mobility scooter is the best innovative device for this purpose. A mobility scooter has many advantages and most importantly it takes care of your limited mobility inflicted maybe due to an illness, obesity or age.

There are various well-known branded mobility scooters available at the Independent Living Specialists stores Australia-wide.

Mobility scooters have the ability to change your lifestyle and help you participate in social activities and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Four of the most popular brands available out of the wide array of over 40 types of mobility scooters at ILS are:
• Pride GoGo LX Mobility Scooter with CTS Suspension
• Scout Sports Quatro Mobility scooter with all round suspension
• Scout Portable Mobility Scooter
• Rocky4 Mobility Scooter

Several mobility scooters are on sale at a discount price for the forthcoming New Year.

Pride GoGO LX Mobility Scooter with CTS Suspension

This mobility scooter is an extraordinary and powerful device for traveling that gives great value for the money spent on the purchase. It is also considered to be one of the most advanced travel products available. With a weight capacity of 136kg, it is noted for its front and rear suspension, sleek style, feather touch dis-assembly. It is now being sold at a special price of $1590.99.


Scout Sports Quattro Mobility scooter with all round suspension

This is one of the most powerful 2017 model mobility scooters in the market considered to be as powerful as a medium sized scooter. It has a deluxe cushioned seat with wide arm-rests for a comfortable ride. Its specialty is the swirling seat for easy transportation. It is also installed with an electromagnetic braking system and long-lasting delta type handlebars for effortless control. It has a weight capacity of 130kg and priced at a special rate of $1,399.99.


The Scout portable mobility scooter

The Scout mobility scooter is ideal for indoor and outdoor use but not on a rough hilly area. This model is packed with comfort, style, reliability, and durability. With a weight-
capacity of 130kg, it has many new features including removable seat, foldable tiller, splitting easily for storage and transportation. Presently priced at a special rate of $1,165.99.


Rocky4 Shoprider Mobility Scooter

The Rocky Shoprider mobility scooter is capable of riding on both road and pavement without constraints. Priced at a rate of $4,995.99, this is a rear wheel drive, four-wheel scooter manufactured to suit rocky surface. The sliding seat with reclining backrest adjustable padded armrests gives a comfortable drive. With a speed of 15km/h, it has a weight capacity of 227kg. This is a unique investment for those looking for a perfect mobility scooter to go on an outdoor adventure or even on a shopping spree.

Shoprider Rocky 4 Scooter

ILS provides free delivery for all online customers and the best after-sale service and roadside assistance whenever necessary.