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Independent Living Specialists has always been at the forefront when it comes to assisting the elderly and disabled people to live a normal and happy life. They have now introduced a new bathtub lift to their existing range of bath aids.

What is a Bath Lift?

A bath lift is a seat which could be fitted into the bath and should be in level with the top of the bath when it is lifted to an upright position. This is mainly to assure that the user taking a bath can safely sit on the bath lift. Thereafter, move the feet and legs into the bath filled with water and lower the seat into the bath to relax in the freedom of having a bath on your own.

Bellavita Auto Bathtub Chair Seat Lift

This is a modern product from Drive Medical. It is the lightest bath lift chair available in the market manufactured with aluminum and could be assembled without any tools. It’s manufactured in two pieces for easy assembling and disassembling during transportation. The back could be folded for space saving storage when not in use. The backrest could be reclined to 50-degrees at its lowest position and the padded seat and backrest give added comfort. The watertight hand control is floatable, equipped with quick charge lithium battery included in the hand control. However, the suction cups are usable only on a smooth surface.


Bath Lift-Deltis Standard

This is a product of AusMedic and manufactured specially for those who need to get in and out of the bathtub easily. It comes in two parts for easy assembling, disassembling and transportation. Maximum safety and comfort are guaranteed due to the high-quality material used in the manufacture with servicing not being a requirement.

Deltis Bath Lift


Gaining self-independence and convenience are the main benefits of having a bath lift installed in a home. Since it could be easily operated with a remote, the user could be moved in and out of the bath easily by a caregiver or individual. In addition to the comfortable seat, the main feature for safety is that if the power is inadequate, the lift will not start to move the person inside it.


Cost Effective

Investing in a bath lift is cost effective. The attachment of this device directly on to the bath eradicates the requirement of installing expensive bathroom aids. Further, due to the belt being reversible, it could be used for a regular bath by others too.


Safety is guaranteed as it securely and smoothly lowers the user in an out of the bathtub. Some models are attached with a non-slip transfer seat to ensure extra safety.



The feeling of soaking oneself in a tranquilizing bath to enjoy the full intensity of bathing cannot be fathomed. Generally, a walk in the bathtub may probably make you feel uncomfortable and cold as you have to sit and wait until the water has drained out, However, in a bath lift a user can lie back and soak in a warm bath and get out at leisure.

These products are available at all ILS stores Australia wide and at our online store

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Maintaining a person’s independence and privacy in the confinement of the bathroom is the most important fact of an elderly or disabled person and the availability of bath and shower aids have proven to be an important aspect of their lives.

The type of bath aid that will suit a person depends on the nature of the disability or age. Independent Living Specialist caters for many people with their large selection of bath and shower aids to meet anyone’s requirement. The equipment varies from simple grab rails to shower chairs and some priced below $500 to meet the budget of the customer. These products have been carefully selected from highly reputed brands for user’s comfort, safety and durability.



Myco Swivel Bath Seat, Royale portable shower tray, Premium Bariatric shower chair and heavy-duty transfer bench are some of the bath aids priced below $500 for customer’s benefit.

Myco Swivel Bath Seat

This product is priced at $445.99 enabling easy transition from standing to a bathing position. The seat is lockable while being transferred or bathing and the holes in the moulded plastic seat drain the water away from the seated area and the frame is kept firmly in position with the non-slip rubber feet. It is available mild or stainless steel completed in a powder coated finish.

Swivel Bath Seat - Myco

Royale Portable Shower Tray

This vinyl coated shower tray is priced at $349.99, making showering very easy and safe. It could be placed on top of an existing drain hole or over an open drain hole by connecting the hose to the side of the passage. It can also be used with a standing shower chair for those who are immobile. The device is foldable easily into a carry bag, permitting quick storage and trouble-free portability. Instructions are printed on the carry bag and hose is included with the product.

shower tray_04

Premium Bariatric Shower Chair

Priced at $349.99, this chair has been manufactured with aluminium pinched tubing. It is heavy duty and low maintenance bath aid. The modern “S” bend design gives extra space for the user to fit in between the armrest. The very light aluminium frame is also fitted with rubber suction tips for more strength and safety and is capable of safely accommodating a person up to 280kg. The seat is perforated for drainage and finished with a thicker durable powder coat to prevent being scratched.

Shower Chair Premium Bariatric

Heavy Duty Transfer Bench

This device is priced at $299.99 and equipped with a structured, comfortably moulded backrest and the surface of the seat is anti-slip with holes for water drainage. It is manufactured with an aluminium frame including an adjustable height with ½’ increments. The backrest of the bench could be adjusted easily and the side arm/seat handles give extra support in transition. This equipment helps people who find it difficult to step over bathtub walls. The backrest and armrest are equipped with detent knobs and stainless steel spring pins for easy assembling.

Transfer Bench - Premium Aluminium 200kg - Freedom

All products are available at ILS stores Australia wide and delivered free for online customers.



Mobility bath aids play a great role when it comes to assisting the elderly and those with limited mobility to hold on to their independence and privacy in the bathroom. Various equipment has been invented to suit different people according to their requirement.

Independent Living Specialists has a great range of bath aids appropriate for any type of disability. All the products have been sourced from well-known brands such as Care Quip, Ausmedic, Sunrise Medical, K Care and many others especially chosen to keep the user’s comfort, safety and durability in mind.


The main concern when there is an elderly or immobile person around the house is when the bathroom floor is slippery when wet and it poses a threat to the users. With the introduction of many bath aids, the risks of injury or falls could be avoided to a great extent.


Grab Bars

This product gives the strength to hold on to when entering or exiting the bath area. It also gives additional support if you are in the shower and need some support to move.

Grab Rail - Suction

Adjustable Bath and Shower Chair

A shower chair is ideal for a person who prefers to sit while showering. A product with non-slip rubber feet is the best as it is safe and also protects the bath area from scratches and dents. The legs of the most shower chairs are adjustable and fit into most bathtubs.

Premium Heavy Duty Shower Chair


Bath Board, Bath Chair, Bath Rail-Tub Mount, Deltis Standard Bath Life and Cosby Bath Board are some of the fast-moving bath aids available in all stores of Independent Living Specialists Australia wide.

Bath Board Plastic

The bath seat is one of the most frequently used mobility aids and it is known to increase the safety and security of the user at the time of having a bath. It also provides many health benefits pertaining to alleviating sprained and sore muscles, and easing stress.

Bath Board Plastic

Shower Chair-Bariatric

This chair has suction-cup legs which secure the chair in the bath area. Manufactured with a strong aluminium frame to prevent rusting and fixed additional strength.

Bariatric Shower Chair

Bath Rail-Tub Mount

This bath rail is a steel powder coated product and fastens directly on to the side of most bathtubs and adjustable too. Users up to 100kg could use this and it helps a person to get in and out of the bath.

Bath Rail - Tub Mount

Bath Lift –Deltis Standard

This is a product that makes getting in and out of the bath easy. It comes in two separate parts for easy installation, dismantling and transporting. The best quality parts used in its manufacture guarantee the maximum safety and comfort without any servicing required.

Deltis Bath Lift

The Cosby Bath Board

This is another product that contributes towards a secure seating area for bathing and showering. The shapely guided exterior drains water away from the seating area. This bath board has 4 adjustable feet to suit most baths and moulded plastic used in the manufacture supports its comfort and durability.

Bath Board - Cosby

Above products are delivered free for online customers.



Transferring an invalid or elderly person from one place to another manually is a very risky task. It could pose an intense pressure on both patient and caregiver, often ending up with back pain and other injuries. The invention of portable hoists has made the transition of patients much easier and more comfortable for both parties.

Independent Living Specialists provides an array of portable hoists in various styles and sizes to meet the different needs of the user. These have been sourced from well-known brands in the market.

Portable Hoist

Portable hoists have been manufactured to be used indoors and on certain outdoor areas. It assists to safely lift a person into a seated or lying position and can be easily assembled or dismantled to be transported easily. Most of these hoists can be pushed by one person and dismantled for storage in a car boot or luggage storage of public transport.


The main benefit of this device is the comfort of the patient and caregivers being able to transfer patients from one place to another with ease.

Satisfaction, clarity, saving space, time management and best manufacture are some of the other benefits of these portable hoists.

Allegro Alto 200 Mobile Hoist


Portable hoists are quick, simple and easy to use with minimum chances of accidental falls. This equipment combines easily into a caregiver’s life to handle difficulties with regard to mobility issues.


Re-locating an immobile patient is simplified with a portable ceiling track hoist. This device decreases the risk of injuring the caregiver whilst transferring the patient. It can be generally be operated with ease by one caregiver.

Saving Space

Since portable hoists can be dismantled and assembled it does not take up much space and quite suitable for places that have limited space area and can be easily stored in a boot of a car while travelling.


Best Manufacture

The portable ceiling hoists are manufactured to the highest standards ensuring minimal chances of sudden movement while being transferred. The hoists that move patients with a controller give caregivers adequate time in their hands to interact and bond with the patient.

Time Management

This product is also a time-saving device when transferring the patient. Caregivers don’t have to manoeuver the unit strenuously around the patient’s room as the ceiling portable hoist is capable of transferring the patient easily and quickly.

Independent Living Specialists has introduced Altair Ceiling Hoist which is a lightweight portable overhead lift in a safe and modern style. Investing in this device is a bonus due to its portability and usability in multiple rooms. It has an advanced technology platform to monitor usage of the lift and visualization of collected data and available in 3 weight capacities ranging 150k, 220kg and 300kg.

The Oxford Advance® is a solid patient transfer device that assists caregivers to handle patients carefully. Immaterial of transferring from bed to floor or vice versa, this device needs minimal effort. Its narrow legs are designed to reach even the highest of hurdles. It comes in useful when stumbling upon bulky chairs, large commodes or large wheelchairs.


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