Weakness with the onset of old age is unavoidable and this stage can cause stress to your elderly family member. They may have to deal with further issues when shifting to another residence. Love and support is the least assistance that can be offered to them during this stressful period.

Organizing the shifting process

The whole procedure of shifting to a retirement home or another house of choice will definitely have a damaging impact on your elderly family member, therefore, lessen their burden of planning the move by yourself. It could be started by contacting the staff of the retirement home and plan ahead for your relative’s arrival or cleaning and making it livable if they have decided to shift to a new house. Ensuring the move is stress-free by contacting and arranging with the movers. In addition, determine that the people your family member is dealing with are polite and helpful.

Giving Preferences

Although most of the work related to shifting and transactions will be handled by you, the family member should be aware and make their own decision when it comes to choosing the place they wish to stay. Inquire directly where they wish to settle and if they don’t have a particular place in mind, a list of places that will suit their present interests could be created along with pictures and given to them for their scrutiny and final decision.

Regain independence and enjoy greater mobility with Australia's only full service aged-care equipment provider.

Regain independence and enjoy greater mobility with Australia’s only full service aged-care equipment provider.


Being present and close to your family member once they shift even for a little while is generally appreciated greatly by them. Being present physically is not a necessity at all times, but support can be shown through a nice long phone call, a letter or email if they are tech-savvy. If possible take some off your time to check on them and cheer them up. This is the best time to mend your bond if there are any cracks in your relationship.

Peace and Comfort

At this juncture, your family member is most likely to be going through very high stress and tension and your first priority are to help them feel at ease. It can be started by initiating to redecorate the new house to feel familiar with the surroundings such as putting up pictures and mementos according to their preference. Further, it is recommended to get them involved in this decision making. In the event they are having difficulty in their personal movement, aged care equipment such as a lift chair or mobility scooter could be provided to improve their independent living. This also provides a sense of emotional relief when they are aware that they’ll be able to get around on their own.


However, this is not the end of your task after they have settled in safely in their new place. They will have to be checked regularly and assisted wherever possible. A lot of patience is required as this is the time they need their loved ones close to them all the more.

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Portrait of happy daughter embracing senior woman

Independent Living Specialists is a forerunner in Australian aged care supplies and when it comes to mobility lift chairs, all their stores in Australia have a wide range of this aged care equipment.

Lift chairs in Australia are often referred in various names but the functions are all the same. Although it is generally termed as an adjustable lift aged care chair, age has no barrier for this device as people of all ages find it comfortable and relaxed when they use these electrically powered lift and recline chairs.

Customers have a choice of having a model of their choice tailor-made to suit their needs and depending on the brand, the chair could be covered in any fabric to blend with the room décor or match their preference.

Independent Living Specialists have some top branded lift chairs in Australia catering to a weight capacity of 100kg to above 200kg.



Days Healthcare, Drive Medical, K Care, Pride, Royale, SP Homecare and Top Form are the brands supplying lift chairs to Independent Living Specialists Australia to aid the elderly and disabled. Mayfair select recliner lift chair, Stella electric recliner lift chair and Pride C5 recliner lift chair are some of the popular fast moving lift chairs at Independent Living Specialists’ stores Australia wide.


Health Benefits

A lift chair is a very helpful device for those with limited mobility and aids the elderly when it is difficult to rise out of a chair from a sitting position or sitting from a standing position, due to back pain or lack of muscle strength. In addition, the optional heat and massage features provide therapeutic treatment to users who have arthritis, stiff and sore joints and other issues.

Further, these aged care equipment are used for various other purposes too. The several adaptable positions of the lift chair comfortably accommodate many uses and some people prefer to sleep in their lift chairs due to these changeable positions. Some models can be reclined to a flat position, modified to different angles and elevations to increase comfort.  It is also the best answer for people who need to keep their legs elevated while seated or asleep.

The Configura® Comfort 1 Chair is a configurable chair designed to provide comfortable seating to users with mild to moderate postural requirements and to help reduce the formation of pressure ulcers. The functions of the chair will help transfer a user in and out of the chair.

The Configura® Comfort 1 Chair is a configurable chair designed to provide comfortable seating to users with mild to moderate postural requirements and to help reduce the formation of pressure ulcers. The functions of the chair will help transfer a user in and out of the chair.

A person who uses a lift chair generally does not need a caregiver to assist when sitting or standing as it aids in gaining back your freedom and prevent the risk of injury.

In contrast to normal seats which can be harmful to the body and joints, this aged care equipment is cool and assists in posture support. Due to its credible functions and design, the lift chair can lessen bony joint weariness and deterioration thereby helping in maintaining muscle tone and prevention of injury.

The Pride LC107 is one of Pride’s most versatile recliner lift chairs. The chair features an infinite position system allowing for a variety of comfort levels, from watching TV to sleeping. The LC107 is also an affordable and high quality recliner lift chair.

The Pride LC107 is one of Pride’s most versatile recliner lift chairs. The chair features an infinite position system allowing for a variety of comfort levels, from watching TV to sleeping. The LC107 is also an affordable and high quality recliner lift chair.

In order to maintain your posture and health, selecting a high quality and contributory lift chair from Independent Living Specialists is highly beneficial and whether it is obtained on hire, rent or outright purchase, ILS will be with their customers every hour of comfort with the best prices and reliable, friendly delivery service.



Female caregiver and senior patient in a wheelchair looking at camera outside

A Mobility aid is a piece of equipment manufactured to assist people who have difficulty in moving themselves independently and enjoying freedom.

Incidentally, disability or mobility aids are used by the aged who are at risk of falling, those who have disabilities or injuries. These disability products provide many benefits to users in gaining their independence back, pain reduction and increasing their confidence and self-respect.

Mobility aid equipment is now available in the form of canes, walking aids, wheelchairs to lift chairs, and mobility scooters to meet the disability of the user.

Independent Living Specialists has affordable mobility aids in their stores Australia wide for the disabled and aged people.

Walking Aids

A walking stick or cane is an ideal disability aid for those who need less support to move around and conveniently priced from $19.99 to 99.99. Currently, this device is available in the market in a variety of material and designs to cater to various strengths. Independent Living Specialists provides an array of walking sticks and canes from heavy duty for the heavier persons to lightweight foldable canes/walking sticks for more support and walking sticks with wider bases for improved stability. In addition, the lightweight tripod stick with a seat has been specially designed to rest midway.

Independent Living Specialists assures that disability aids such as walking aids are available according to a person’s height, weight and environment, and mobility requirements. Although a simple but strong cane or walking stick is ideal for minimum support a walker frame or seat walker is favored by some users as it permits to move and stop to rest safely and independently. The most affordable mobility in this range is the folding walking frame with ball and rope priced at 99.99.

Ball and Rope Walker



A wide range of manual wheelchairs is now available at an affordable price for the disabled and aged people in all the stores of ILS. Those with limited mobility can easily get back their independence by using a wheelchair. ILS assures their best to select the correct wheelchair to suit the user’s physique, lifestyle, and budget ranging from lightweight to heavy duty. These disability products are procured from some of the well-known brands in the market. The most affordable wheelchair is the Ultra lightweight portable wheelchair priced at $239.99.


Lift Chair

A lift chair is a mobility aid that suits people of all ages in addition to the elderly, although, it is usually referred to as an adjustable lift aged care chair. It provides great comfort, freedom, and relaxation and the most affordable lift chair available at ILS is the Mayfair Select electric recliner lift chair at a price of $798.99.

Mayfair Select Lift Chairs

Mobility Scooter

This disability equipment has been manufactured especially for people with disabilities to travel on a footpath, turfs or any other place they wish to go. The Scout portable economy mobile scooter is the most affordable mobility scooter available at ILS at a price of $1249.99.

scout mobility scooters


cheerful middle aged woman embracing disabled senior mother outdoors

The availability of aged care equipment Australia wide in the stores of Independent Living Specialists has been a great help to the senior citizens. These aged care products manufactured to suit various disabilities encountered with aging can now be acquired on hire, rent or outright to suit a person’s budget.

All the aids for elderly are priced reasonably and some of the popular aged care products such as walking aids, wheelchairs, lift chairs, mobility scooters, and many others are now available at an affordable price.


Lowest priced Aged Care Products

Wooden Walking Stick with Crook Handle

This aged care aid is a traditional wooden walking stick priced at $19.99 and made out of solid timber which could be cut shorter according to user’s requirement. It is also equipped with an anti-slip rubber tip for a better grip.


Walking Aid- Folding Walking Frame

This disability aid is priced from $22.99 to $99.99 and manufactured with lightweight aluminum and an easy to fold method of pulling the ball at the front of the frame. It is rustproof and equipped with anti-slip tips on the front and back legs for extra strength and better hold.

Folding Walking Frame - Ball and Rope

Wheelchair- Ultra lightweight Portable Wheelchair plus Carry Bag

This disability equipment is the least inexpensive wheelchair at a price of $239. This exceptionally strong and lightweight product is beneficial for many circumstances such as shopping, vacations to navigating inside the house. It could be folded to approximately 1/3 the size of a normally folded wheelchair to facilitate storage and easy transportation.

seatwalker_UltraLightGold_S14858_01 (1)

Lift Chair-Mayfair Select Electric Recline Lift Chair

This aged care equipment is the most popular and Mayfair electric chair of the Royale brand. It is equipped with a very comfortable 3 section waterfall backrest design to give utmost support to the upper, middle and lower back. Its color could also be customized to suit any room or home décor. It is currently being sold at a special low price of $798.99

Mayfair Select Lift Chairs

Scout Portable Economical Mobility Scooter

This aged care product is a scooter that has many new features including the first Drive mini mobility scooters, delta bars as next-generation drive medical splitting mechanism. It is the cheapest mobility scooter available at $1299.99 and best suited for both indoor and outdoor, except rough outdoor areas. This Scout mobility scooter is perfect for feeling good, stylish and a good performer.


In addition, there are many other simple aids that assist in caring for the elderly.

The pill splitter priced at $17.99 is equipped with a blade inside the holder which splits uncoated tablets into two and store in the front tray.

NEW Pill Cutter(HA-4128)-1

The stocking aid and flexible sock aid is priced at $26.99. It is made from nylon and terry cloth and securely holds the hosiery while it is pulled over the foot. The low friction inner surface makes sure the pull over the foot is smooth and the higher friction outer surface firmly locates the sock or stocking for comfortable dressing.

Stocking Aid and Flexible Sock Aid



Roho cushions are adjustable air seat cushion which usually prevents a person from pressure injuries, sores or skin rashes and ensures long-term comfort and safety. The Roho cushion includes an air pump and rubber nozzle.

There are high profile and low profile Roho cushions available in the market and these are available at all stores of Independent Living Specialists Australia wide.

Pressure Cushion –Roho Quadtro-High Profile

This Roho cushion is a high-profile pressure cushion featuring cells that are interconnected in a shape specially designed to promote blood circulation to ease pressure, recovery, and cure. Adjustable cells change according to the patient’s figure and lessen stress while transferring and repositioning. The ability to facilitate blood flow by adjusting, matching and capturing the shape of the body is an incomparable achievement. When the body is immersed in the cushion, a larger contact space is acquired for the dispersal of pressure, thereby, causing minimal pressure on one position. This cushion offers the best level of assurance never found in the past in air flotation cushions.

Pressure Cushion - Roho Quadtro - Low Profile


This cushion is beneficial for those living with progressive disabilities and requires maximum comfort. It is ideal for people who are at risk or have a history of skin breakdown issues, patients with any stage of ischemic ulcers and those who are unable to shift their weight independently.

Pressure Cushion-Roho-Low Profile

The Roho low profile pressure cushion has cells in a special shape designed to promote blood circulation to aid in the prevention of pressure build up, quick cure and healing. The adjustable cells change according to a patient’s shape and reduce stress while transferring and repositioning. Whenever the body comes in contact with the cushion, a greater contact space is acquired for the dispersal of pressure, thereby causing minimal pressure on one position. Low profile cells increase strength and make relocating easier for the patient. The air pressure is also flexible and can be personalized according to the user’s individual needs. The durable neoprene construction is soft to suit sensitive skin and easy to be cleaned.

Pressure Cushion - Roho - Low Profile

This low profile Roho cushion increases the strength of the user and protect from probable risk of skin tissue breakdown. With a 2inch cell height, it is beneficial for people who look for portability, lightweight and performance in the devices they select. This cushion could also be adjusted to fit the exact shape of the body, size or seating capacity. Manufactured with fireproof 2” profile black neoprene cells with an unlimited weight limit, it adapts to the shape of the body allowing absorption and progression to reduce skin tissue damage.


The low profile Roho pressure cushion is most beneficial to people who are moderately high risk to skin breakdown issues, those who are unable to sit for long hours due to discomfort and those living with a pediatric disability.

Roho cushions are available at a special price for online customers Australia wide with express delivery.

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