The All New Predator 4-Wheel Drive Mobility Scooter


It is natural to look for walking aids when you have walking problems. There are times when having a walker is just enough. However, when the walking problem is more serious a mobility scooter becomes the best option. Since the market is full of these scooters you have a lot of options. However, we all know only the best can deliver the best results.

There are several ways to narrow down the best scooter. One such way is choosing the best supplier. Then, you can trust the supplier to show you the best options. ILS or Independent Living Specialists have always been one such reliable supplier. The all new Predator 4-Wheel Drive Mobility Scooter is accepted as one of the best mobility options in the current market.

Predator Mobility Scooter

Design and Accessories

The design of the Predator 4-Wheel Drive Mobility Scooter focuses on ease of control. Since this is a four wheel scooter you can use it to travel both on road and off road. That is an impressive feature. Most of the scooters only focus on driving on road. However, you should know the creators have not forgotten safety. That is why there are disk brakes in the scooter. Apart from these features you also have some additional accessory choices. This is an opportunity to buy waterproof covers for the scooter as well


Controlling this scooter is actually really easy. The 350W motor which accompanies every wheel helps to control the scooter smoothly. At the same time, you can operate it in two ways. You can operate the scooter manually. You can also control the scooter using your smartphone. First, you have to sync the scooter with your smartphone. Then, you can use the compatible application and control the scooter.


The scooter comes with the best comfort. It is important and essential because it can travel on and off road. Anyone sitting on the scooter will not feel any uneasiness due to this efficient factor. Therefore, you do not have to worry about getting hurt due to jolting.

Getting your hands on the Scooter

Owning this Predator 4-Wheel Drive Mobility Scooter is also quite easy. You can buy it from Independent Living Specialists by paying the full price. If you do not have the right amount to finance it you can always use the ZIP MONEY option. You can get the amount you need from this service. They allow you to pay it back in six months without interest. That is an amazing option if you really want the scooter and cannot find the right funding.

If you want the best mobility solution buying Predator 4-Wheel Drive Mobility Scooter is a good choice. However, when you are buying it make sure to buy it from a reliable supplier. At Independent Living Specialists you can enjoy a special deal and have it delivered to your doorstep free.

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The Best Selling New Scooters at Independent Living Specialists


Mobility scooters can be great help to anyone with mobility problems. You can be an elderly person or even a young person with difficulties in walking. These scooters are designed to help those with walking difficulties. They are not made according to age. They are made with the perfect structure to provide the best help and comfort.

You can find the best MOBILITY SOLUTIONS in the current market. However, when you are buying even a good brand you have to look at the supplier. If the supplier is someone like the Independent Living Specialists or ILS you will not have trouble with what you purchase. ILS currently has a wide collection of mobility scooters. Following are some of the best-selling new mobility scooters in the market.

Predator 4-Wheel Drive Mobility Scooter

The four wheel Predator mobility scooter can use the road as well as the pavement. With it, you do not have to limit where you are going. Since the four wheels are supported with the best technology, off road driving is possible. You can control Predator using your smartphone too. You have to just sync it to your smartphone first. Anyone who has used it will tell you what a good investment it is.

Predator Mobility Scooter

Envoy 4 Plus Mobility Scooter – 2017 New Model

Envoy is another mobility scooter which allows you to travel on any terrain. This mobility scooter has powerful LED headlights. Since the batteries last longer you do not have to worry about recharging often. Since it has pneumatic tires and sports wheels the ride is going to be comfortable. You will not be disappointed with the look too. You even have a chance to make a color choice.


Genie Plus Travel Scooter Bundle

Genie is currently one of the most loved mobility scooters. With the beautiful and sleek design and the comfort it truly is one of the best. The easy fold and unfold capability allows you to store it quite easily. That same quality allows you to take it with you on your travels too. This mobility scooter is not bulky. Therefore, you will have no trouble in taking it anywhere. That will be important if you love to travel. Controlling Genie is also quite easy. There are some color choices to choose from. You also have the chance to choose a number of accessories. Genie also has quite a reasonable price.

solax genie mobility scooter remote

So there you have it! All the information about the top three best-selling new scooters on the ILS website right now. You should know you can buy any of these mobility scooters by visiting any ILS store in Sydney. You can also order them online. There are some amazing ONLINE DEALS at the ILS website for these amazing scooters. Most of them are provided at a lower price when ordered via the website. At the same time, you get delivered free when you order online.

You have the complete freedom to choose any mobility scooter. However, when you choose a supplier like ILS you can be sure of the quality, service and after care service. Browse online today!

All You Need To Know About the Protens EMS Machine

A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machine or a TENS machine is quite popular. It is popular because it provides a much-needed relief for pain. You can use this state of the art machine and receive pain relief to a targeted area of the body.

The Protens & EMS Machine Dual unit is well-accepted and loved by many users and those looking for a TENS machine, are often recommended to try the unit. If you are looking for some quality electrotherapy, selecting this is the best choice.

ILS Wireless TENS Machine

What It Has To Offer

This Protens EMS TENS machine is made using the latest technology. It takes into account the ability to “use it with ease”. That is why the machine is not bulky and cumbersome. Even with the batteries it only weights 60g. The machine also takes into account the ease of wearing it. For example, you could be having discomfort or pain, when you are heading out for an important meeting. You cannot cancel the meeting. At such a moment this machine offers you the chance to wear it discreetly. No one will know you are wearing it. So, you get to work and get your pain relief at the same time.

It also offers you the chance to get about 150 treatments with the same batteries. That means you do not have to worry about the cost of using it. It also comes with a remote control which makes it easier to use. You can easily take it wherever you go too.

The Reliability of the Machine

The Protens EMS TENS machine is approved by the TGA. At the same time, it is a product sold by the ILS or Independent Living Specialists. Independent Living Specialists has always provided the best of healthcare and home care equipment, keeping valuable consumers in mind. Therefore, you do not have to worry about using this machine. It is completely safe. As long as you follow the instructions given you will have a good experience with it.

Wireless Technology

The TENS electrotherapy practices electrical nerve stimulating pulses to deliver non-offensive, pain relief which is completely drug-free. It is also a wireless device with a remote control and a 20-minute timer.  With new wireless technology, the Protens EMS unit can help lessen complications with use and help assist with pain relief, with zero effort.

new tens machine_remote

How to Buy One

If you are looking for the best electrotherapy machine Protens EMS is the one. It comes with some amazing features. Since it is TGA approved there is no problem with the reliability. Buying the machine is not a problem too. You have to simply visit the Independent Living Specialists website and make an order. Once you have bought the machine you can easily use it to relieve pain. Just make sure to follow the instructions.


Shopping the Best Lift Chairs This Season


There are times in our life when we need assisted living equipment. Usually, as we grow older we need all the help we can get. One area of difficulty which comes with age is standing up after sitting. Often elders have to put a lot of effort to get back on their feet. That is where lift chairs come into play. You might know them from the name “adjustable lift aged care chairs.”

No matter where you live you have a chance to get lift chairs in Australia. Especially, buying one this season can be quite useful and profitable for you. To buy the right you have to go through several steps.

Finding a Reliable Supplier

As you know there are a lot of these products in the market. They come from various manufacturers. They also have various interesting features. This means choosing the right one can be a difficult task. However, if you first choose a reliable supplier you can easily select one. That kind of supplier is definitely going to help you. The Independent Living Specialists or ILS has proven time and time again their reliability. They have a large collection of chairs. At the same time, they make sure to only sell the best products. This means any adjustable lift aged care chair you choose is going to have high quality.


Finding the Right Model for Your Use

Once you have your supplier you should start the selection process. At ILS too you will find an interesting lift chair sale. Some of the most popular lift chairs happen to be Manor Electric Recliner Lift Chair, Pride LC – 101 Electric Recliner Lift Chair and Portland Recliner Lift Chair. All of them are carefully designed and manufactured. They all come with comfortable and useful features such as leg rest and back support, backup batteries, remote-controlling capability, etc. If you look at ILS website you get to have a detailed description of each of these chairs. At this time of the year, they are all sold with considerable discounts.


Going through the Buying Process

Since with ILS, you can buy lift chairs online your work is going to be easy. First, go through the catalog and find the one you need. You can consider efficiency, comfort and personal taste to choose one. Once you have your ideal lift chair you can buy it using the website. Go through the simple buying process. Do not forget to choose additional accessories if you want to. Then, once you have made the payment, ILS will bring the item to your home.

If you have finally decided to buy a lift chair this season do that shopping with ILS. They will make your shopping experience a good one. Especially, shopping using ILS website is quite easy. You can do that from the comfort of your home. Always choose the best product from the best supplier. Enjoy the reliable and customer friendly service of ILS.


The Best Travel Mobility Scooters to Get Your Hands This Season


Are you having trouble walking? Then, you must have tried a walker. However, a walker is not often a good solution for long haul transportation. If you are looking for something to help transform your mobility, look for a mobility scooter. That is the best walking or moving aid anyone can have.

If you are worried about the price, do not be. There is a large collection of mobility scooters in the market. You can choose one from among them. When choosing a mobility scooter you can consider the price among other facts. At the moment, there are some amazing travel mobility scooters in the market.

Genie Plus Travel Mobility Scooter Automatic Folding

This is an electronic scooter which is fully automated. All you need to do its sit down and go wherever you want to. The Genie comes with a fully automated remote controller. Therefore, you can use it to operate the mobility scooter. Another admirable feature Genie has, is the ease of storing. You can fold it and store it where you want to. It does not take much space. It also does not weigh much. Therefore, this scooter is considered perfect for air travel.Genie-Plus-Auto-Folding-mobility-Scooter

Scout Style Plus Mobility Scooter with Quad Suspension

Scout Style Plus Mobility Scooter comes with a comfortable seat. That means every moment you spend on it is going to be comfy. Scout Style Plus also comes with an electromagnetic braking system. So, your safety is guaranteed . This is also quite easy to control as a ride.


S19 Quest Folding Mobility Travel Scooter

S19 Quest Mobility Travel Scooter is also one of the best there is. It is made with a really light frame. The Lithium battery used to power the device is also quite light. This light weight helps you to control the mobility scooter easily while using it. Since it is quite easy to fold the mobility scooter you will be able to store it easily and safely too. This lightweight mobility scooter will be acceptable for air travel too.


Invacare Colibri Mobility Scooter

Invacare Colibri is a mobility scooter of a special kind. This design has been recognized for its high design quality. If you buy one of these you will be investing in something which lasts a long time. Also, this design has taken an effort to make it as comfortable as possible for the user. You can dismantle the Colibri scooter without using any tools. Once dismantled, this can be put into the back of any car with ease. Also, right now, this mobility scooter is being sold at a special price by ILS. By deciding to buy it right now you can get a profitable deal.


GoGo LX Mobility Scooter with CTS Suspension

GoGO LX mobility scooter is also made to offer the highest comfort to the user. The CTS suspension of this little helper is something admired by everyone. It adds to the comfort level. Also, it allows you to use the travel mobility feature to its fullest. You can easily dismantle GoGo LX mobility scooter when you want to.

Pride GoGo Lx Mobility Scooter Accessories

These are the best travel mobility scooters in the market right now. If you are interested in buying one you can visit the ILS website anytime. They offer you each of these mobility scooters at attractive prices. Have a look at each of these mobility solutions and decide what you want to buy. If you order what you choose using the ILS website you will get free delivery too. Do not miss the opportunity to own one of the best travel mobility scooters in the market.