Lift recliner chairs are suitable for people of all ages as these provide great comfort, independence, freedom and relaxation for the users. Sometimes the various names given to these type of chairs could get a person confused, but it all pertains to the same type of chair.

Independent Living Specialists are currently selling lift recliner chairs at discounted rates at all their stores Australia wide. Customers can get the product tailor-made to suit their needs. Depending on the brand, the chair could be covered in any material to enhance your interior décor.

An elderly person or someone with mobility issues will find these chairs useful to stay mobile and active throughout the day. A person using this chair can also easily sit or stand up with minimal support.


Products on Sale

Mayfair select recliner lift chair, Stella electric recliner lift chair and Pride C-101 electric recliner lift chair are some of the fast moving products on sale.


Mayfair select recliner lift chair, Pride C5 electric recliner lift chair, and Price C101 electric recliner lift chair are some of the lowest priced products on sale.

Sale Price of above products:

Product Usual price Sale price Saving
Mayfair Select Recliner Lift Chair $1395.99 $845.99 $550
Select Electric Recliner Lift Chair $2150.99 $1455.99 $695
Pride C101 Electric Recliner Lift Chair $1095.99 $935.99 $160
Pride C5 Electric Recliner Lift Chair $1595.99 $897.99 $700
The Pride C-101 is a 3-position electric recliner lift chair with classic style and exceptional quality and performance.

The Pride C-101 is a 3-position electric recliner lift chair with classic style and exceptional quality and performance.


All recliner chairs work the same way. A simple press of a button raises the chair upwards and enables the user to stand easily. If the user needs to sit reclined, the button has to be pressed by sitting on the chair and keeping the hands on the armrests.

Mayfair-Select-Electric-Recliner Lift-Chair-recline

Health benefits

People are often recommended to use recliner lift chairs by medical practitioners to beat ailments such as asthma, arthritis, poor circulation of blood in the leg or back pain. It also helps to improve some functions of the body by assisting to stand or sit and soothe shoulder fatigue.

This is a wonderful device that aids to maintain good posture support and as per medical research, it has been found that the chair plays a large role in supporting posture and toning muscles when the lower skeletal joints decline and deteriorate.


It is a helping hand to those with limited mobility. Usually the aged or those with limited mobility lose their balance when it comes to sitting down and standing up. In most instances assistance is required to make a person sit or stand safely. The recliner lift chair is the best option in this situation as it gives the user a whole new angle of independence.

In addition to providing a comfortable sitting surface, it could also function a safe sleeping area. Its ability to produce a zero gravity position assists in adjusting your spine, improve blood circulation and better breathing.

Recliner lift chairs are available in all stores of Independent Living Specialist Australia wide on hire or purchase and delivered free to the doorstep.


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A sick elderly staying at a hospital

Independent Living Specialists have some of the best walkers in all their stores Australia wide.  Use of a walker depends on a person’s height, weight, environment and mobility requirements. Although a simple and strong walking cane may provide minimum support for controlling your balance, it is preferable to use a walker or seat walker if you need more support while walking. Walkers available at ILS have been selected from a large range of reputed manufacturers for their varying features and benefits including safety with minimum risk of injury and excellent comfort.

A walker can be used to help reduce the stress on a painful joint or limb and also assist as a backup when there is a decline in your strength, stability in joints and limbs.

A walker comes in helpful when you need to start walking after a surgery or leg injury. It is the best source of support to start walking again while your leg is healing.

Types of Walkers

There are many types of walkers available at ILS and it is important to choose it according to your surgeon or physical therapist’s recommendation.

The Leia is lightweight (7.5kg ) and is very easy to manoeuvre  whilst also offering maximum stability and a SWL of 150kg

The Leia is lightweight (7.5kg ) and is very easy to manoeuvre whilst also offering maximum stability and a SWL of 150kg

Best Walkers at ILS

Rollator four-wheeled seat walker, seat walker with a basket, travel lite portable outdoor seat walker with bag and crutch holder and carbon fire nitro elite super lightweight seat walker are four of the most popular walkers.

This heavy duty quad seat walker comes with a max safe working limit 130kg, and is Australian standards certified.

This heavy duty quad seat walker comes with a max safe working limit 130kg, and is Australian standards certified.

Important Mechanics

  • A walker without wheels has to be lifted and placed in front in order to move forward and walker with wheels needs to be pushed forward.
  • Make sure all four wheels are on the ground before your place your weight on it.
  • Always look ahead when walking and not at your feet.
  • Adjust the walker to your height and ensure handles are on level with your hips and slightly bend elbows when holding the handles.

Precautionary steps

  • Ensure your house is fall proof by making necessary changes to prevent falls.
  • Clear messy litter and always ensure floors are clean and dry.
  • To begin walking use the leg you had surgery or injured.
  • Use the good leg to start climbing a step or stairs and use the injured leg to start descending a step or stairs.
  • Keep a distance between the walker and you with the toes inside the walker. Getting too close to the tips, front or wheels might affect your balance.
  • Refrain from wearing shoes with heels or leather soles and wear rubber-soled shoes or slippers or other soles that are non-skid.
  • Ensure cords, loose rugs or corners of rugs that stick out are held down to the floor to avoid getting tangled or tripping over them.
  • Replace worn out tips and wheels of the walker.

Health and Social Benefits

Using a walker will definitely improve a person’s health as the main aim is to encourage the use of the injured leg to get back to normal. Further, being able to move independently in an upright position paves the way to interact socially leading to a higher sense of well-being. It also improves a person’s self-image and self-esteem with the ability to communicate and interact in a natural manner.




People ailing with COPD could get back their freedom and enjoy life in a normal manner if they start using the Inogen One G4 oxygen concentrator. This unit is incredibly small and lightweight with an extremely quiet operation manufactured to be used 24 hours.

Free Shipping

Independent Living Specialists offers free shipping Australia wide for purchase of the Inogen One. So, make use of this facility fast. This unit is very light and you need not worry about carrying a heavy oxygen tank.

Operation of the Inogen One

This unit continuously cleans the air from the atmosphere, takes off nitrogen to deliver air rich with oxygen, delivers the cleaned oxygen via nasal cannula and it is powered by rechargeable battery or any AC or DC power source.

Inogen One G4 Oxygen Concentrator

The Inogen One G4 is officially the smallest and lightest portable oxygen concentrator ever released by Inogen.


Priced at $4355.99, the Inogen One G4 oxygen concentrator is considered to be the smallest and lightest portable oxygen concentrator capable of providing oxygen 24/7 in an extraordinarily small package.

Despite the small size, the Inogen One G4 is unbelievably powerful. It has a pulse flow delivery system which means that it does not offer continuous flow. Instead, it is fitted with Inogen’s standard intelligent delivery technology to make sure the unit identifies your breath to deliver the oxygen with extreme preciseness.

Cost Conscious

Using an oxygen tank is costly as it involves buying a new one when the supply runs out.  But an oxygen concentrator does not have to be replaced as it will supply unlimited oxygen therapy on demand and the cost is only one payment when the device is purchased.

inogen free delivery oxygen solutions and ILS

Social and health benefits

A patient could significantly reduce risks of complications related to COPD such as pulmonary hypertension, heart failure by inhaling pure oxygen with the aid of a concentrator.

Many patients suffer from shortness of breath and best relief is by getting the correct amount of therapeutic oxygen into the bloodstream.

Quality of life can be improved. The proper oxygen treatment will help you to improve your mood and enjoy life. You will be able to sleep better and gradually symptoms of depression will disappear when all the organs get the correct amount of quality oxygen and on the whole, make you feel and look better.

Risk of hypoxemia can be reduced. Shortness of breath, wheezing, confusion and sometimes the skin turning blue are some of the symptoms of hypoxemia. Getting pure grade oxygen in the system reduces these symptoms.


Additional Benefits

  • It doesn’t need oxygen refills or heavy tanks
  • Manufactured to suit travel use, portable or stationary locations.
  • Easy to travel in a pack.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • In accordance with FAA requirements for airline travel


This unit is definitely much safer than an oxygen tank. Several decades back large oxygen tanks were used as the best option for oxygen therapy patients. However, today Imogen One G4 concentrator is considered the best choice. While oxygen tanks are exposed to the risk of leakage, oxygen concentrators do not have any risk of leakage. Leaks could probably trigger inflammability but this will never occur in a home oxygen concentrator as it generates oxygen only on demand and delivers it through a nasal cannula conveniently and safely.




First and foremost it is important to read the manual issued with the scooter and follow the instructions and recommendations mentioned by the manufacturer.

There are many things that can be done to ensure your mobility scooter remains in good condition and lasts as long as possible. Since all scooters are not the same, it is vital to follow the manufacturer’s advice as per the manual.

Washing and brushing your mobility scooter is essential for many reasons. Daily cleaning helps prevent dirt, dust, grime etc penetrating into parts of the scooter plus a clean outlook improves the appearance of the machine. However, it is also important to wipe and keep the scooter dry to keep the scooter rust free.

In order to prevent getting wet from rain and kept dry, many mobility scooters could be protected with protective covers. Keeping the seat and other fabrics on the mobility scooter dry are also very important.

12 AMP Battery


Another important element of the mobility scooter is the battery which is usually sealed lead acid or gel based and needs to be charged after considerable use.

Usually, all mobility scooters have a guideline regarding the usage range of the battery, but this is only if it is not kept properly charged.  If you need to get the best use of the battery, it is recommended to charge the battery at least 12 hours after you receive it and thereafter keep it fully charged throughout for long-lasting usage. However, someday the battery could get exhausted so it is advised to get it checked annually by a professional to ensure it is charging properly.

Another way of keeping the mobility scooter maintained is greasing the terminals of the battery. The battery has to be cleaned with a damp cloth and if the battery does get wet, ensure to wipe and dry it completely before using the mobility scooter.

Eventually, there will be a decrease in the battery’s capacity to hold a charge, which will result in the mobility scooter being charged constantly. Always check the charge on the scooter’s indicator before embarking on a journey. A fully charged scooter is also necessary to power external lights when traveling in darkness or in bad visibility conditions.

Scout Quattro_removing battery

Charging the battery depends on the model of the mobility scooter. Sometimes it will need charging after every journey or when the charge indicator shows low. A mobility scooter battery usually lasts between one to two years before being replaced depending on the usage. In order to work efficiently, a battery has to be charged frequently.

During the winter season, it is important to be cautious about keeping the scooter charged as when a scooter is not in use the battery loses its charge and eventually decay if it is not charged at all times.


Brakes have to be serviced annually by a professional to ensure safety. Most electric mobility scooters are fitted with an inertia system of braking which makes it halt when the power is eased off.


Every now and then the tires of the mobility scooter will wear off and a puncture is the biggest issue if you are a long way from home. Deep treat tires are the best, puncture proof tires available in the market.



Close-up of disabled female hand holding cane with her doctor walking near by

Senior citizens of this era are enjoying life in comparison to their predecessors. Many elders over the age of 65 are now leading a more active life than their parents. Considering this current flow, it is apparent that mobility plays an important role among the aged population.

Eventually, most seniors in their 70s and 80s are bound to develop various types of disabilities or chronic medical conditions that will hinder their ability to stay active and mobile. Luckily, due to the advancement in the manufacture of mobility aids, various kinds of products are available to assist the elderly to live an independent and active life. Further, many resources from websites to funding programs are now helping the aged population towards a more fulfilling life.


A cane is one the most prominently used equipment that provides assistance. It can bear 25% of a person’s weight and prevent a patient from falling. Independent Living Specialists have a wide range of canes in their stores Australia wide.

Single-point cane and quad canes are the two types available and a single point cane gives the required support to walk and is ideal for those who are experiencing a slight imbalance, poor stamina or weakness in muscles.The quad cane has four points that contact the ground and is considered to be more durable than a single point cane. It is beneficial for those suffering from muscle weakness which may have occurred due to a stroke or brain injury.

Single point cane products

Wooden walking stick with crook handle priced $19.99. Heavy duty offset cane priced $79.99 and Cobra cane walking stick priced $45.99 are some of the popular single point cane products available at ILS stores.

Quad Cane products

Walking stick quad cane with small base priced $ 65.99, Walking stick quad cane with large base priced $55.99 and Argo quad cane priced $95.99 are some of the fast moving cane products available at ILS stores.

Walking Stick - Quad Cane


The elderly and those with limited mobility worldwide rely greatly on walkers for their mobility needs. Manufacture of the walker has productively changed over the years. This was initially designed as a temporary equipment to rehabilitate but currently, it has been modified to be used at homes with additional features such as wheels, brakes, seats including convenient accessories like walker bags, trays, and detachable baskets.

Seat walker rollator with four wheels priced $99.99, Auscare seat walker with basket priced $165.99 and travel lite portable outdoor seat walker priced $249.99 are some of the popular walkers available at ILS stores.

Seat Walker with Basket

Featuring a curved padded backrest for comfort and a cushioned seat, which lifts to allow access to the handy shopping basket. Six inch wheels for a small turning circle allowing ease of use for both indoors and outdoors.


A scooter is a three-wheeled mobility device which is gaining popularity among the elderly. It is ideal for those who are able to walk short distances but need assistance for long distances. Almost all scooters have rear wheel drive and front wheel steering. Although this device was discovered a long time back, it is believed to have withstood many major improvements. Current technology has played a major role in the most important changes like battery power which recharges speedily. Other special changes are power seats, flip back arms, adjustable bases, and gear drive systems.

Envoy 4 plus mobility scooter priced $2095.99, Scout portable scooter priced $1245.99 and Scout sport Quattro mobility scooter with all round suspension priced $1399.99 are some of the popular brands available at ILS stores.

The Scout sport quattro Mobility Scooter features deluxe cushioned seating with stitching and contoured wide armrests for a more relaxed ride, and in addition to its comfort, it provides the next generation Drive splitting mechanism for easy storage and transportation

The Scout sport quattro Mobility Scooter features deluxe cushioned seating with stitching and contoured wide armrests for a more relaxed ride, and in addition to its comfort, it provides the next generation Drive splitting mechanism for easy storage and transportation