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Aids for daily living becomes an important part of your life when everyday chores such as eating, gripping writing, walking, sitting, standing, turning or getting dressed become tedious with the strength and mobility of hands, arms and feet reducing at some stage of your life.

As always, Independent Living Specialists has a wide array of aids for daily living keeping your comfort and independence in mind.

Aid Products

Bath in bed wipes, Gripsox non-slip socks, Long handi easy reacher, and Car transfer bar are some of the popular aid products available in all stores of Independent Living Specialists Australia wide.

Bath in Bed Wipes

Priced at $8.99 these Reynard Bath in Bed Wipes are perfect for productive, quick and softly dry purification of the face and body. It is not perfumed to be very gentle on the skin and can be used cold or hot. Due to its effective purification and rinse free without sticky remnants it does not require any sprays or tubes of separate moisturizer and in addition, cross-contamination is reduced by using these wipes. It has been tested and approved dermatologically and comes in a pack of 8 cloths 33”x 23” each.

Bath in Bed Wipes

GripSox-Non-slip Socks

Priced at $22.99 this product is one of the leading types of independently and clinically trialed non-slip socks in the world.

This uncommon sock has been specially designed with an extra stretch top elastic band particularly for persons ailing with oedema which is a condition of swelling in the ankles and legs and also especially for those with larger legs. This is also perfect for those who need their non-slip socks to come little above the ankle for extra warmth and more comfort.


Long Handi Easy Reacher

This product is priced at $49.99 and it is a cost-effective and sturdy reacher manufactured with wire-driven jaws, ejecting a string that break and stretch. It elongates your arm length resulting in picking up objects without stretching or bending.

Activation could be operated with four fingers instead of the usual two and it is easy to hold and operate and the slip-resistant jaws can easily pick up even the smallest of items such as a magnet for picking up metal objects and a hook that helps with dressing. The lightweight frame could withstand bending and twisting when picking up heavier stuff.


Car Transfer Bar

Priced at $50.99, this product is ideal for people who are facing absolute trials in their life, those recovering from surgery or injuries and those with leg or back problems.  It gives a supportive and safe handhold for getting in and out of a car.

Car Transfer Bar


Aids for daily living have many benefits socially and physically. The assistance these aids provide enables a person to enjoy the day without depending on another person to do certain chores. Getting about out of the house and engaging in social activities with minimal supervision is another feat of these aids.

In addition to the above, there are various other support systems for daily use which will enhance your ability to move around and most importantly bring your mental and health stress levels back to normal.

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